We Face a Marxist Insurgency 2-1-2021

I have been trying to figure out what has happened the last 18 months or so. And I have struggled to understand the true evil we face, and the vast numbers of TRAITORS at all levels of our political, economic, educational, media, military and legal systems. Where did so many traitors come from and why did such a large number of them gain power. I have concluded the only rational explanation is we have been subverted for well over a century now. The Marxists have chewed away, much like Termites, and gradually destroying the foundations of our Republic. After all, it was Franklin who said when asked, “What kind of government do we have?” He said, “A republic if you can keep it.” Well, we didn’t keep it and the Marxists have stolen it. They stole the election, and bideypoop, with his 42 Executive Orders is imposing, step by step, a Marxist dictatorship, in less than two weeks.

And here is how he is doing it; namely his methods.

Phase One is Demoralization of the dominant culture, and populace, which in this case means all the White Europeans that are all now racists and bigots, as dominant American culture is destroyed one statue, one cultural marker at at a time, all the while destroying the economy one step at a time. The Marxist goal is to make Americans ashamed of themselves, their culture, their values and their ideology. By doing so, the Marxists move on to Phase Two.

Phase Two is Destabilization of the entire culture and system. And they do this by unleashing Defund the Police, total chaos, endless riots, and calling anybody who differs from the Marxist agenda a racist, a bigot etc etc The fact defunding the police has nearly doubled the murder rate in 80 cities is ignored by the. The Destabilization is so bad in Portland, Oregon that it went from the 3rd most desirable real estate market, and place to move in 2017, to number 66 in 2020, after 6 months of rioting, and several hundred million in property damage. Goal gained by the Marxists.

Phase Three is the Crisis. The Crisis, and just pick any of about a dozen or so percolating around the USA today, ranging from economic chaos, vicious attacks on Trumpsters by these hard core Marxists. The crisis, which is designed for the final kill, or when the matador sticks that sword in the bull, is well underway, with the January 6 antifa designed and executed storming of the capital in DC, or the American version of the Reichstag fire, driving the demoncrats quite mad. You also will get, one or the other, or sometimes both, Military invasion and/or Civil War Two. The Marxists will just stand back, the Chinese licking their chops, until they can move in like vultures to pick America clean.

Phase 4 is Normalization, and this is where the new normal comes into play, with the new normal being the direct rule of our new Marxist tyrants. After all, the current crop of leaders in America, political, military or whomever, well all they have to look forward to is a bullet in the back of the head, and a trench with some lime in it. We have seen that in Russia, in China, in Afghanistan, and the civil war in Lebanon in 1975.

Clearly the one half of the American People, the demoncrats, the educated liberals etc have championed this Marxist agenda, as taught to them from grade school, and as such it is too late for them. They will die in the civil war, or the military invasion, or from the hands of their Marxist masters. Patriots will not fare much better, likely dying in a hail of bullets from the liberals, and whatever armies they create to kill us. Again, they will all be killed of, so China can clean up the scraps.

If it makes grim reading, well that is the story of how Marxist nations come into being. And if that was all I had to offer, I wouldn’t have bothered.

Still, we have two interesting aspects of this Marxist take over. The first being, and America really is the ONLY time this applies: the peasants are armed. Granted, they are going to come for our personal weapons, I am not going to tell you what to do, since you will make you own decisions. Further, the issue of secession is also in play. And finally, the Holy Spirit is in play, and we don’t only fight in the flesh, since if that was all we had, it is game over.

One is we have guns to defend ourselves.

Two is we have the option of seceding from this raving lunatic Marxist liberal, sexual fruitcake USA our masters are creating for us. And third is we can, if we understand these things move in the spirit and do stuff, and engage in what I like to call zones of reality, assorted spiritual and fleshy dimensions that our demon possessed enemies have no clue about. and since that is the case, we got a chance. And Trump, well he didn’t think America was important enough to invoke the insurrection act. He will likely crawl around the edges, but he is out of the game. It really is true we are on our own, and nobody is coming to save us.

Try praying the only prayer Jesus ever taught us, “The Our Father.” And when you do that say the words, “God’s will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.” Ponder what that means if you target God’s will to that Sodom n the Potomac DC. Next, there is always Ephesians 6 where we fight not flesh and blood but rulers, authorities and powers in the dark heavenly realms. Now heavenly realms is also a military terms we use down here called Battle Space. Well, just ponder these truths, and explore. The Holy Spirit will be quite happy to show you how to kick bideypoop’s ass. Enjoy!

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