The Neo-Cons are Back, with War not far behind them. 1-29-2021

Well, it sure didn’t take long for Bideypoop to let the Obama era neo con warmongers, along with a heavy dose of Bush era neo con warmongers, loose and starting to do mischief. In fact, it took exactly one week.

The link is below.

I am making several points here.

One is Russia considers, for all historical time frames, the Crimea to be a Russian occupation zone.

Two Russia considers the entire Black Sea to be their bathtub and will not tolerate American or NATO bs in what they consider an INNER DEFENSE ZONE.

Three is at the same time this Crimean, Black Sea :poop: is going on China executes a FREAKING COMBAT ATTACK DRILL ON OUR CARRIER GROUP.

Four: The US military is now going to be gutted and PC’d into a lump of crap like it was under Obama.

Five. Never interfere with an enemy when he his screwing up. So, China and Russia, will combat prep the EMP nukes, and just watch our Chief of Naval Operations drool over transgenders on combat ships, and destroy the careers of naval combat vets about an AK-47 plaque.

so here we are. China and Russia pushed us and made their statement. And now they will sit back, both of them, and watch Bideypoop destroy the US military, over an unspecified time frame, say at least one to three years, or whenever they judge the pc disease has rendered our military useless.


Here we will have economic collapse, military collapse, and social anarchy and THEN THEY WILL MOVE. KAPUT! You do realize this isn’t rocket science we are dealing with. the domestic Marxists have made no effort to hide their agenda, and neither have China or Russia either.

the only thing I find personally confusing is why our domestic Marxist traitors think both the Russians and the Chinese won’t kill them when they make their move? Are our domestic traitors so ignorant they don’t realize what inbound Marxists do once they take over a country? They kill off anybody who helped them do it, just ask Trotsky.

Bideypoop will move at flank speed, but China and Russia are on their own agenda and time frame.

Sheesh, I think I may rewatch the 2012 Red Dawn version. Nowhere near as good as the 1982 version, but even in 2012 China was able to get the bad guys changed from Chinese to North Korean. It is called clout, and China has apparently owned us for decades now, since 1980 at least.

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Russia Deploys Crimea Missile System As Three US Warships Enter Black Sea

Tyler Durden's PhotoBY TYLER DURDENSATURDAY, JAN 30, 2021 – 9:55

On Thursday a guided-missile destroyer, the USS Porter, was the third American naval vessel to have entered the Black Sea over the past week, with the other two – the USS Donald Cook and USNS Laramie – having been there since Sunday. It’s a significant build-up coming a mere week after Joe Biden entered the White House.

“The US Navy has three warships operating in the Black Sea, stepping up its presence in the region after a drop in overall NATO maritime activity there last year,” Stars and Stripes reports late this week. “The destroyer USS Porter began its transit into the sea Thursday in support of NATO efforts, joining two other Navy vessels conducting operations in the strategic waterway, the Naples, Italy-based 6th Fleet said.”Prior file image of USS Porter (DDG-78), via USNI

While a beefed up US warship presence in the Black Sea is nothing new, given that as Stars and Stripes has noted the US Navy spent over 80 days in the Black Sea last year, Russia has certainly taken notice.

As Russia’s state-backed TASS news describes, the defense ministry on the same day deployed a mobile coastal defense anti-ship system in Crimea.

A mobile coastal defense anti-ship system Bastion has carried out a march to a deployment site in Crimea within the framework of an exercise being held against the backdrop of the US destroyer Donald Cook’s visit to the Black Sea, the Black Sea Fleet’s information support office said on Thursday.

Crucially the Russian military press release noted that the mobile systems are armed with anti-ship missiles, and are currently prepping for joint drills with Russia Black Sea frigates. “Combat crews arrived in the designated area, readied the systems for combat and carried out preparations for virtual fire,” the TASS report continued.

Despite a bright spot in US-Russian relations coming this week with each side’s negotiators firming up an agreed upon 5-year extension of the landmark New Start strategic nuclear weapons reduction treaty, the White House has still made clear this week it intends to keep up significant pressure on Russia.

Here’s the former commanding general of US Army Europe hailing Biden’s actions to get tough with Russia over Ukrainian sovereignty


Yes! Presence of US Navy adds in the Black Sea illustrates President Biden’s commitment to NATO and underlines what he told President Putin…Ukrainian sovereignty is a priority.

Navy sends three ships into Black Sea as Russia takes notice— Ben Hodges (@general_ben) January 29, 2021

And further on Friday national security adviser Jake Sullivan said that things are going to be “difficult” with Russia. “On Russia, you know, President Biden takes a clear eyed hard edit practical approach to this relationship. It is going to be challenging and difficult because Russia poses threats across multiple dimensions and part of our inheritance,” Sullivan said.

“We will have to be able to impose costs and consequences for Russia’s aggressive behavior and threats to the United States and our allies and at the same time be able to have credible serious clear-eyed negations with them on hard strategic stability issues,” he added.

…So get ready for four years of Democrat-led “Russia, Russia, Russia!” foreign policy talking points and escalation, if this week is any sign of things to come.

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