As we celebrate Halloween, which is really a pagan religious holiday, I can’t make this stuff up. Yes, I am a freelance writer, with several fiction e-books for sale on Amazon-see links at the bottom of my posts, but I mean really! We have a Democratic Presidential candidate, Hellary the Shrew, being taken down by a sex pervert named Weiner, and yeah I know, being investigated for being a pedophile, by the NYPD, and now the FBI. We have an abused wife, Huma, and over 650,000 e-mails, and the FBI Director Comey being trashed by the same Democrats who praised him for destroying the rule of law in the USA by giving Hellary the Shrew a free pass on multiple FELONIES and TREASON. Now that he has decided he needed to expose the pervert Weiner’s emails, the Democrats and corporate media are after him.

My comments are here.

Comey DESTROYED THE RULE OF LAW when he gave Clinton a free pass for multiple felonies, so F#$$%% all this Patriot crap. The man was joined at the hip to the Clintons. The man is a globalist and the man didn’t have the same cajones Elliot Richardson did back when Nixon fired him on the “Saturday Night Massacre.” Comey has no honor. Comey is no patriot. And Adams “movie” is BS painting this CYA burrowcrat as some kind of hero.

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Scott Adams, of Dilbert the cartoon strip fame, is saying that Comey is a patriot and a hero, but I call BS.

The link is here.

3 Scott Adams: James Comey – As seen through the Persuasion Filter

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