We now know that Podesta’s lackey at the FBI is the one now in charge of the investigation into the Weiner emails, so the fix is on. Comey is going to do a repeat of what he did in July. If Comey did not indict Hellary in July, based on the email servers, then why do people think he will indict her over the Weiner emails, especially since it is Mr. Podesta who is controlling the investigation?

Gang, the Doomer Doug spidey sense BS meter is now fully engaged. What I think is really going on here is this. Wikileaks has been releasing a tidal wave of emails that strip bare the farce that is the Democratic Party, Hellary the Shrew and the Marxist elite behind closed doors.

As I understand it, one, or more, of the emails released by Wikileaks on Friday implicated/implied that Obama committed PERJURY when he said the first time he heard of Hellary the Shrew’s email server was in the first NYT media report. Well now, Wikileaks is saying they have emails, using fake names etc, of Obama DIRECTLY EMAILING WITH HELLARY THE SHREW USING THE ILLEGAL EMAIL SERVER.

Ergo, the spin control is now on. Comey decided that since that was the case, his REAR END was in the free fire zone if he didn’t get waaaaay ahead of this. So, in order to distract attention away from a true constitutional crisis, as in impeaching Obama, he unleashes the pedophile emails in order to save Obama’s ass.

Hellary has been weighed. Hellary has been judged. Hellary has been found wanting so she is going under the D-4 Dozer for rapid burial in the lime coated pit.

I have been trying to find any indication Wikileaks can PROVE Obama is actually linked to these emails using fake names, a separate email account etc, and while the smoke is there, the fire isn’t yet visible.

Yep, the real tactical nuclear explosion isn’t Weiner, his child porn, or even Huma: IT IS THE FACT THAT OBAMA LIED ABOUT NOT KNOWING ABOUT HELLARY THE SHREW’S EMAIL SERVERS.
THIS IS WHAT “THEY” ARE NOW TRYING TO COVER UP. The press conference was designed to dig a ditch, wider than the Grand Canyon, between Obama and Hellary the Shrew and Huma. Oh yeah.

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