This may be one of the last posts I make now that Obama’s three FCC traitors have muzzled the Internet. So be it, amigos.

This is a crosspost from forum I have been a member of since 1998. I left the header so you can have some idea of the type of topics covered. Today was a watershed for America in the bad way I think. The entire point of Net Neutrality is to prevent dissident thought from being aired in public. The censorship on Eboa and Fukushima in the mainstream media will now be moved to the Internet with devastating results.


    Doomer Doug thinks today will be remembered, much as the Ides of March were for Rome, as a definitive date in the final phase of the American Republic.

    It was on this day, Obama’s Marxist stooges at the FCC wiped out freedom for the Internet. Long have the scum who rule us hated and despised the Internet; long have the yearned to crush the one media not under their control; long have they sought to muzzle any criticism of their globalist plans; now they have done it. Further, they have done so in a manner so brazen in its contempt for the American people no one can have any doubt of what they have done.

    It was on this day Obama openly went after the armed militias by seeking to ban the common NATO 5.56mm ammo used in the AR-15 clone of the military rifle. Again, the tyrant Obama, like all tyrants before him, understands you can’t crush the freedom of the American people without disarming them first. Obama, a Marxist stooge par excellence, understands he must do this in small steps. The first step is to make ammo hard to get, and then to ban it completely. If you look at those two things, you can see what Obama has been doing since 2008.

    It was on this day the truly evil woman Lynch, Obama’s replacement for Holder, was voted out with RINO support by Orrin Hatch among others. It was on this day the scale of the Republican collapse towards Obama’s agenda became clear. It was on this day Obama brazenly threatened any government official who follows the legal opinion handed down by the Texas judge. It was on this day the total and complete failure of the Republican “victory” became clear. On many separate issues, especially relating to the horde of illegals Obama is granting citizenship, and government benefits as they pour over the border, the Republican sellout is clear.

    It was on this day Obama’s treason has borne fruit as our many enemies despise us for a long list of reasons.

    Future generations will remember this day as the day it become clear what Obama was, what Obama has done, and what gutless, spineless cowards our so called RINO opposition is.

    History will judge the Republicans as the ones who made peaceful change impossible. The result of that, as JFK put it, was to make violence inevitable. The choice for patriots is stark now. If there is no true patriot, political opposition to the tyrant Obama possible, and if Obama is brazenly imposing a Marxist dictatorship, then what choice do patriots really have? Obama knows this I think. I know he does since he is trying to ban NATO 5.56mm ammo. This is the action of a tyrant afraid of a popular uprising.

    Take some time off today to reflect on what has happened, what is happening, and what is likely to happen in the USA in the future. Obama the tyrant has thrown down the gauntlet in my opinion.

    Doomer Doug, a.k.a. Doug McIntosh now has a blog at
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  1. In a 2015, we took a little trip….
    Along with Real American’s, to take the country back,
    We took a little anger and lots-a-flu-stra-tion,
    And we caught the bloody communists beating on their drums.

    We fired our guns and the Marxist kept a’comin.
    There wasn’t quite as many as there was a while ago.
    We fired once more and they began to runnin’ on
    the d.c. highway to the Gates of in-fer-no.

    We looked down the river and we see’d Obama come.
    And there must have been a hundred Muslims beatin’ on the drums.
    They lied so much and they took the U.S. down,
    most people stood by, and didn’t make a sound.

    We fired our guns and U.N kept a’comin.
    There won’t be quite as many as there was a while ago.
    We fired all together and a- became-united.
    takin back our country, sayin never-again!

    Old men said ,we could take ‘em by surprise
    If we didn’t fire our AR’s ’til we looked ‘em in the eye
    We held our fire ’til we see’d their faces well.
    Then we opened up with all our guns and really gave ‘em … hell!

    We fired our guns and we took our country back.
    singin pledge of allegiance, and never lookin back!
    We fired once more, protecting… con-sta-tution,
    singin’ you’ll have-to-take-it….. from my cold dead hand!

    Yeah, they ran through the congress and ran through the senate,
    And they ran through the courts where Obama told them so.
    They ran so fast that the public never caught it,
    but three-per centers are here to make them go!!

    We fired our voices ’til Obama shut us down,
    So we grabbed all our weapons and fought another round.
    We filled the people with respect, and not to buy the change.
    All the people with closed eye’s , are really quite insane.

    we fired our guns and Obama kept running.
    he wasn’t quite as scary as he was a while ago.
    We fired once more and then became a new day,
    with all our freedom’s, and the prayers of the day.

    Yeah, they ran through the congress and ran through the senate,
    And they ran through the courts where Obama told them so.
    They ran so fast that the public never caught it,
    but three-percenters are here to make them go!!**


  2. You do NOT have to obey a treasonous, unlawful or immoral law. What is it with you guys. You act like the negro sodomite is some kind of god.

    It is YOUR FULL right not to obey TREASON, but to actually arrest and hang them!!


  3. if there is no internet freedom then why is there an internet at all…towers can be cut down, cables can be destroyed…the Corporations and the government can go back to the days of paper…We don’t need an internet…we need our freedom though.


  4. yea, we kept waiting for those who call themselves leaders to lead as always they did what they do, nothing! and you waited wanting to know when to clap. your country is gone, your way of life is next. it is no joke, you watched them do what hitler did, this time to your country. blame yourself, fat and lazy and worthless. the lot of you. sick of this place…pray for mercy and you will get what you gave…


  5. Nickname, You are correct.. It Is the full right of each and every legal citizen of the United States, such as that may be at this current moment, (but not likely for very much longer), to in fact peruse legal civil action against any treasonous elected official. However, with that said, nothing of the sort will materialize.
    There is no will in the people, and certainly no will in any elected official to act on the behalf of their respective constituents. But you do know that… right?
    The incredible amount of energy, it would take to put any such action together will never happen.
    And long before it could, we’ll be deeply submersed in this last phase of destruction, which he has worked feverishly to implement. In one single week, (illegally) he destroyed pipeline, internet and end run gamed your right to bear arms with his dirtly trick on bullets.. Oh.. but don’t fret.. there is more coming…waaaaaaaaaaaaay more! There is NOTHING you can do to stop this, it’s coming and it’s going to probably get incredibly worse very fast..this year.
    You should prepare yourself, your friends, your family..
    Come 2016, the one who is there now, will be there still..


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