Waiting for World War Three 4-6-2021

It hasn’t gotten much, hell virtually none, media coverage here in CONUS, but all hell is breaking out in the Ukraine. In fact, we may very well have a real, honest to goodness shooting war by about three weeks or so from now.

The brief version is the current, neo Nazi, biden aproved war monger, “Prez” of the Ukraine issued a statement a week or so ago. It said the Ukraine intended to take back the Crimea from Russia. Um, well that didn’t really go over too well with Putin. He responded to this “act of war,” by mobilizing his ENTIRE RUSSIAN MILITARY. Yes, you heard me correctly. As of right now, April 6th, the ENTIRE Russian military, every single tank, artillery piece, fighter jet, or naval ship is fully combat alerted.

Ah, hadn’t heard of that one have you? The whore media outdoes itself it truly does. Literally THOUSANDS OF RUSSIAN TANKS are now headed towards the border with the Ukraine and not a peep is to be heard in CONUS.

Here is my take from a thread over at


I think biden’s handlers are just bat :poop: crazy enough to blunder into a shoot um up war with Russia. I have to say, just my opinion here, for what it is worth, that MANY of the comments coming out of the west the last few days, especially junior trudeau the globalist little turd, sound an awful lot like the “guarantees,” given to Poland after the west let Hitler overwhelm the czechs in 1938, and the “guarantees” Chamberlain and Britain gave to the Slovaks, and then just sat back and watched the Wehrmacht roll into them in the spring of 1939. After they had sold out all of Czechoslovakia, THEN they guaranteed Poland, right up to the time Hitler rolled over the border.

And this is a BIGLY, HUGELY, SUPER BIGLY DOT HERE. Is NATO willing to make Ukraine a member of NATO on the eve of a Russian invasion? And if they are, does it mean they will respond to a Clause 5 call from the Ukraine, and if ANY of that happens, does it mean Putin just starts firing the tactical nukes and we go ourselves World War Three.

Whatever guarantees this pathetic loser of a uke prez thinks he has, it don’t mean squat unless he has NATO armor divisions, and infantry divisions and ships in the black sea, and airplanes flying CAP over Kiev and donesek, which would likely start a shooting war right there when Putin sent in his fighter jets.

We don’t have to have Russian tanks in Brussels for this to head south.

Seriously, if the NATO forces aren’t willing to forward deploy WHICH MEANS WAR WITH RUSSIA then the Ukraine is already gone and Trudeau junior should, like all of the other breathless announcement from NATO leaders should just STFU.

Putin is going to test us, and I, for one, don’t think we got the chops to do more than whine at him. The stupid ukes are going to pay dearly for listening to biden and nuland.

If you like, you can just think it is back in 2016 after the election, only Hellary the Shrew won. Trump, well he gave us four years to prepare, which was a gift from God, but like Jeff Goldblum says in Independance Day when the clock clicks down to zero, “Time’s Up.” It is. Whether we can avoid nukes, much less a shooting war is unclear. biden is a disaster indeed, but I sure didn’t expect to have him start a war in a little over 3 months.

The key political date is April 21st, which is Putin’s speech, and April 30th, which is when the “war games” start. The two dates are KNOWN. The unknown date is when the ground dries out enough for armor et al to drive around without sinking into a bog.

I see NO historical reason for anybody to do much of anything before Putin’s speech, since the ground will likely be mush till then also. This leaves us at April 30th, or the scheduled start of the “war games.” I am also thinking the finest minds in Russia are looking at that April 30th date, and concluded it is the one date that lines all three lemons/grenades up in the slot machine.

Under the guise of “war games,” Putin is going to POUR his Russian forces into the Eastern Ukraine and he is going to stomp those Nazi wantabes in Kiev, plus all their neo con warmonger, assorted sluts and whores, drooling to rape the ukraines resources even more than biden’s gang of looters and scum did, into the military version of the stone age.

The 30th is a little over 3 weeks away from the 7th, and it gives Putin time to assemble his forces properly. In case anybody was looking it takes TIME to deploy the kind of stomp the ukies into the mush force levels, and get all the P’s and Q’s together.

Back in the 1970’s I was in an armor battalion, and I can assure you even moving ONE battalion is a tremendous undertaking. The tanks go to the railhead for transport to Grafenwhohr, while the rest of us drove our trucks etc there. Sometimes I would load my APC, M113 on the rail cars, and sometimes I would drive it, if we were only going a short distance.

We had a budget for road damage, from the tank and APC tracks chewing up the roads, and when you went off road there was an honest to God damage measurement officer to see how badly you crushed some farmer’s wheat. 


3 weeks, Alfaman gives the Russians the time they need to deploy to the invasion lift off points. If any of you think things are tough oh now, just wait till Putin has 4,000 tanks ON THE ACTUAL BORDER with all of them being fueled and combat loaded. Again, it takes a vast logistic effort just to keep the stuff fueled and the men fed.

We is going to war, but the pieces aren’t in place quite yet. I think the 30th, but Putin may go on the 22nd, which would be the anniversary of Operation Barbarosa back in June of 1941.

Any way you slice it, NATO is going to get its ass kicked if it even twitches, which means it will HAVE TO GO AT LEAST TACTICAL NUKE level, which come to think of it, is exactly what my unit, 2nd Btn, 58th armor was told would happen when the Ruskies came pouring out of the Fulda gap with their 40, 000 tanks. Ain’t it amazing, gang that some 45 years later the military equation is still the same. 


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  1. Hi Doug, Was hoping to see something from you on Russia Ukraine. I pretty much see this going down similar to your thoughts. I spent 2 years active duty in the late 60’s in Berlin 287th Military Police Company with some time at Checkpoint Charlie. I think during that period read every book I could get my paws on Battle of Britian,, Bomber Command , the British night fighters & especially the Germans vs the Russian front. As you wrote 7000 artillery pieces wheel to wheel. Think something similar is being set up now where Putin has artillery to aid the separatists who are outnumbered 10-1. Believe he will short range to aid them & medium range pound the snot out of any resupply efforts ( the Ukraine’s can only carry so much ammo & food). Think he will stop short of Kiev, Ukraine is a failed state in all respects, leave it to Biden to support. As far a Crimea & Russian Black Sea Fleet entirely different story. Any move by Ukraine , against Crimea & Russian Fleet, Putin will completely destroy Ukraine navy & air force. See NATO/ Biden have three Arleigh class destroyers & two Spanish warships in Black Sea. Putin is dead serious if they fire one round in support of Ukraine they are sunk. Russia sees the handwriting on the wall & the line has been drawn in my opinion. Remember from my Berlin days the Soviet Union had 10 armored divisions surrounding the city , the U.S. had 3 infantry battalions, armored company,artillery battery & special troops, military police, signal & engineers. We had a battle plan to “ hold out” until help arrived lol. What boggles the mind while we have spent years hollowing out the military, developing flight suits for pregnant females, join the military get you sex reassignment surgery free, still in Afghanistan ( no one can tell you why). The perfumed princes at the Pentagon think the can roll over Russia when in fact the military & the nation are standing like a hollowed out tree waiting to be toppled. I even go over to TBTK to read you. Left years ago because of Dennis critical of any opinion other than his own with juvenile name calling. Anyway hope you will write more here as we head to where? These idiots greatly underestimate Putin if they think he is bluffing it’s game on shortly. Meanwhile going to enjoy the spring plant flowers& garden Cheers, from Arizona’s White Mountains Regards,

    John (J). Sgt ( station commander) New York State Troopers ( Ret)

    Have great respect for the Russians as they endure it may simply be in their DNA from WWII.

    Sent from my iPad



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