Civil War Two is about to start 8-16-2019

In case I didn’t make myself clear enough yesterday, I will confirm that anybody who attends the “events” on Saturday, August 17th, 2019 is a fool, and the blood, likely to include their own is on them.

The following link is to the Oath Keepers site, expresses my attitude very well, and was sent to me by friend, Steve Quayle. I will also state openly that I am not a White Racist, or Separatist or think the White Race is superior to any other race. It is true I detest MORONS, MARXISTS, AND ASSORTED ASS#$%%%, WHO MAY BE OF ANY RACE. I prefer the color of character, and can’t tolerate deviant behavior, from whatever source. Of course, if you are a black ass$%%%, or an hispanic ass%^^^^, or an Asian ass%^^^, or a white ass^^&& you won’t get a pass from me. LOL At any rate, read this if you are inclined to go to downtown Portland and get your rear end kicked violently. The bottom line for me is I really don’t suffer fools lightly. he he he And yes, DOOMER DOUG HATES OBAMA, BUT NOT BECAUSE HE IS BLACK: IT’S HE IS A MORON AND TRAITOR.

Oath Keepers Will NOT be Participating in the August 17 Rally in Portland, OR

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