Given all the evil McCain has been involved in over his lifetime, it is no surprise he is going out in full martyr/victim mode. McCain is about the have the one experience we all will have, and will all deal with alone; namely, death. McCain is finding out he can’t lobby it, bribe it, or scheme and scam it. Death simply doesn’t care. McCain is now dying. He may last a while longer, or he may die in a day or two. It no longer matters. All the power, fame, money etc he once had is now completely meaningless.

McCain is an evil man on so many levels. Only now he is finally being held accountable. McCain skated on his treason in Vietnam. He skated on abandoning his wife after he was released from being a POW. He skated on all the corruption, like the Keating Five, and he skated on how many times he damaged the USA, like with his open support for the illegal invasion over the last thirty or more years.

McCain is going to soon find out actions have both spiritual and physical consequences. This miserable excuse for a human being, a man who has bullied and abused, and cheated and lied his way to political power, is going to finally find out the spiritual results of all that.

Yeah, indeed he will.

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