It is certainly symbolic that an armed attack, by a Berniebot, happened on Flag Day. After all, the Marxist drones loathe and despise the American Flag. They think so little of it they routinely burn it during their riot/demonstrations. It is also no surprise that after they stoked the fire of hatred towards normal Americans, something like this happens. It was said, by Mann I think, that a society that burns books, will soon burn people. He was speaking about the Nazis, but the hatred now applies to the Marxists. It is a short step from decapitating Trump’s head as “performance art,” to a Shakespeare play featuring the death of the POTUS, to a Berniebot opening fire on the “enemy;” namely, Republicans. Further, the brazen sedition causer, George Soros, is currently funding open rebellion against the duly elected POTUS, and now advocating the murder of political dissidents. I will tell you all plainly we are now on the edge of the abyss called Civil War Two. Incident after incident, from the FBI murder in Oregon of the Bundy supporter, to the vicious attacks on Trump supporters, the stand down orders given to police by their Marxist masters, clearly shows “they” hate our guts, view us as the enemy, and have moved beyond saying we should all be killed, to actually starting to do so.

Granted, the shooting today emphasizes two key points. The first is the Marxist left has made the mental adjustment from talking about killing POTUS, the deplorables and “Republicans” to actually pulling the trigger. The second thing, is well, to put it bluntly, they are incompetent. I am a military veteran, although I never saw combat. I trained on the M-16 rifle in basic and during permanent party in Germany. The last time I fired an M-16 was in 1974 at a rifle range. I did not fire any rifle until 1998 when I went shooting with a friend. Even though I had not fired any rifle, and not one round, in decades when I shot his bolt action Remington in the 30:06 round, my first shot was left of dead center on the border of the next ring. My second shot was right of dead center of the next ring. My third shot was dead center. Of course, he had a scope, but my point is I would have put three shots into the head of anybody I shot at, even after not firing a rifle for 23 years. The Berniebot who opened fire today was a truly horrible shot. He fired 50 shots and hit five people, from a fixed position, with no return fire and several minutes to do so, at least until he was shot to death. It is a truly ironic thing about the Marxist drones that they are equally enraged, equally ignorant, and totally incompetent at so many levels. I have long told my liberal neighbors up here in Portland that they must never truly piss people like me, and you, off. If they do, they will find out the 30 plus million military veterans have not forgotten their training, have dealt with all the psychological issues required to actually pull the trigger with a live human being at the other end of the barrel. After today, I think a lot of deplorables have also taken the next step, entered the next phase needed for Civil War Two. The thing the Marxists have never understood, with their continual baiting of us, their mocking, sneering, brutal contempt of our cultural values, personal ideologies is they are baiting the bear. The Marxists would be wise to remember the bumper sticker that says: “The reason you aren’t dead is because I haven’t killed you.” Do the Marxists really believe that we won’t unleash total blitzkrieg on them if they really do threaten us personally, our families, our friends and our society? If they do, then they are even more ignorant than I thought.

Today will be remembered as a decisive day in the history of the decayed American Republic. It will mark the first real shot in the looming civil war between the Marxist morons and the rest of us deplorable types. It truly is the shot heard round the country. Unfortunately for the Marxist thugs, the response will not be what they think it will be. Instead of instilling fear in us conservative types, it will instill a savage and deep rooted determination, and even rage, against these Marxist punks with delusions of being Rambo.

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I will leave you with a poem from Kipling that the Marxists should not only read, but brand on their upturned noses. It is called “The Wrath of the Awakened Saxon.” It speaks for itself.

by Rudyard Kipling

It was not part of their blood,
It came to them very late,
With long arrears to make good,
When the Saxon began to hate.

They were not easily moved,
They were icy — willing to wait
Till every count should be proved,
Ere the Saxon began to hate.

Their voices were even and low.
Their eyes were level and straight.
There was neither sign nor show
When the Saxon began to hate.

It was not preached to the crowd.
It was not taught by the state.
No man spoke it aloud
When the Saxon began to hate.

It was not suddently bred.
It will not swiftly abate.
Through the chilled years ahead,
When Time shall count from the date
That the Saxon began to hate.



  1. Doug:
    I have read you for years, even back before your hard times which
    I am glad are gone. Keep bringing your great thoughts to the forefront.
    There are millions of us listening who can not communicate as you do,
    but we are indeed behind you.
    Thanks for all you have done and will do for I am certain the adversity
    is mainly ahead for us. I am certain you know this, but I will still say to you:
    Remember your pen is more powerful than the Sword or any Psychologist’s whispers.


    1. Well, I am not out of the hard times yet. LOL I really don’t think we have much longer, as soon as the end of 2017, before TSHTF. I am just ducking the falling debris, enjoying the decline and surfing the chaos of a collapsing global order. The violence involved in creating a global civilization is nothing compared to the violence unleashed when it collapses. If you want to support me financially, you can buy my e-books, or make a paypal donation. :;


  2. I agree with your comments to a point, it is what the Deep State and Satan need, to bring us down. Fear not, the Lord will deal with them and has already begun. The end days are here and as it states in Isaiah 13, and Psalm 91, we will see them fall to our left and to our right. Protect your family as it is written, though do not allow Satan to take your Salvation, Hell is not a place we want to go. Bless you.



  3. Looks like Scalise was getting the Georgia State Senator Nancy Schaefer

    Criminal Child Protective Services Profits on Destroying Children … Proxy Highlight

    Mar 27, 2010 … Child trafficking, pedophile rings, sexual exploitation, teenage pornography and even organ harvesting. Specifically in Georgia, former Senator Nancy Schaefe. … Profits on Destroying Children & Family – GA Sen Nancy Schaefer …. aware of CPS, a government organization that kidnaps children for money.

    From Darkmoon comment from Pat.
    “Steve Scalise (#3 man in the House) was “getting tough with gangster elite” and got shot this morning:

    He Tweeted…
    Rep. Steve Scalise @SteveScalise
    The House is taking strong action to protect victims of #HumanTrafficking and to bring child predators to justice.

    Supposedly, this author who just wrote this article was on field WITH Scalise at time of shooting.… Scalise investigating (?) human trafficking.??”


  4. I still remember years ago when people who called themselves Christians said, “Politics is a dirty word so Christians should stay out of it.” So if Christians stay out of politics, guess who the devil has arranged to take their place at the seat of justice? You got it, it’s the Devils servants who make, interpret and enforce the laws. And ancient Israel fell because of corrupt judges, lawyers and politicians which corrupted the system and led the people into captivity.

    Making yourself and others feel good that as a last resort you can always put metal on target is no substitute for raising your children in the nurture and admonition of The Lord and going door to door witnessing to your neighbors so that they will have enough wisdom to raise their children to recognize when a communist is trying to indoctrinate their children at school.

    Metal on target may well indeed end up being the last resort if the corruption continues any further, but it’s not a good option and it will certainly be the end of your way of life and that of your fellow Americans.

    How much better it would be if Christians had been actively pursuing Gods Will, witnessing to their neighbors and taking over the political spectrum instead of being lazy.

    I like guns just like all true Americans and the fact that Americans are armed has probably bought freedom a few extra days. But when your own children have been trained at school to support Bernie and Hillary, the communists have already infiltrated your own house and your church as well. The enemy is already in the gate.


    1. Then you have to un-train them. We did. My son is now a 4.0 student and in Honors, is a Senior in College. He knows American History though out, and is very aware and awake. Make sure they keep their critical thinking skills and train them on the proper use of firearm safe handling and storage. Lots of Target practice. Now get to it.
      Time is a wasting.


  5. I loved your most recent post and the Saxon poem. You are right and so was the poems author, we don’t make a show of it but it’s there and it wont be held back when the time comes 🙂 Stay fearless.


  6. A perfect article, very well stated. I too am a Veteran. 3rd Generation. I seved in the late 70’s. Between all of my siblings, my Father and Grandfather, combined we have served in all 5 branches (Coast Guard Included). We are Patriots. It is in our blood and DNA. I have tried explaining this dynamic to people in general whom have never served, just what it is that happens to the human mind when going through basic training. A profound shift takes place. At least it did for my family and I.

    So I will sum it up like this. The Oath which I and millions of other Vets took to protect the Constitution, is ingrained into our DNA. Unwavering, That sums it up. The Oath is In our DNA, forever. I myself take it seriously, and am willing to die for the Oath. That is the major difference between Veterans and Civilians whom have never served. These idiots have no idea who they are toying with. They are COWARDS. The only thing the Marxist/Socialist/Communist understand is the dreadful feeling of cold rolled, blue steal, pressed firmly against the left temple of the head..

    You losers out there that want to destroy our Constitution, freedoms and liberties, you had better watch out for the quite ones. They strike at night, with stealth, while you the enemy sleeps. They never tell anyone of their hunting trophies. These are not threats, they are the promise. Welcome to your future hell on earth. It will suck to be in your shoes..The day is coming. The one that you will soon regret is that you thought that burning of the American Flag, was somehow honorable. You are sick and twisted freaks. Tick Tock.


    1. It makes me Proud to know that the Oath So many of us Took STILL RUNS THROUGH OUR BLOOD PROUD TO BE A AMERICAN PROUD TO FLY THE FLAG EVERY DAY


  7. good piece thanks , my first reaction was what a bad shot maybe he was just shooting in the air , like the Mexicans and gangs.

    I used to practice by firing at and lighting matches at 30

    WHEN not IF it gets “WESTERN” these armed fools will not survive long , perhaps they need to bring the troops home to TRAIN the locals LOL


  8. Doomer! Great article! As a “Christian Pastor” I am not an advocate of passivity when our way of life, families, freedoms, etc. are under attack! I live not too far from Portland myself and it amazes me at how vitriolic and hateful the left has become, and yet they seem to have forgotten that prior to this election, one of their favorite topics was how many of us conservatives had guns and what should be done about it…You would think if one is poking the bear, you would first make sure he had been declawed! You have a friend here. I’m a recent transplant from the deep south, so, perhaps you’ll understand when I say: “holler” if you need me!


  9. Doug,
    After Vietnam, I didn’t have anything to do with guns for a long time. But you are correct, you do not forget your training. My nephew, a trained liberal, bought an Ak-47 ish Romanian cheap piece of crap. He wanted me to train him… I couldn’t turn him away (even I probably should have, but, a man who has a gun and can’t use it is a sin… isn’t it? ) Anyway… he cut loose at a target, at about 25 yds ‘zeroing’ range. Didn’t hit nuthin but dirt. So, I took it, and couldn’t hit anything but dirt… long story short, the weapon had a sight adjustment tool in the box and he didn’t know what it was… (this is a good thing… uh, hmm… maybe you should just keep this post between us? )
    Sadly, the sights were such a piece of crap, they bottomed out before it zero’ed. At the time I thought it was a travesty, now, I see it as a blessing from almighty God…
    Betcha, this VA turd had the same issue.


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