In 24 days the most decisive political act in the history of the American Republic will happen when Donald Trump is sworn in as POTUS. Despite the increasingly frantic efforts of the snowflakes, like the George Soros funded mall riots over the weekend, or the totally whacked Jill Stein to have DOJ Lynch investigate the 2016 election, we have won. The patriotic forces of truth, freedom, individual accountability and personal responsibility have crushed the Marxist ideology of hatred, racism and bigotry into mush. The Marxist reign of terror by Obama and his Clinton Crime Cabal is over. We had an election. The Marxists lost. Get over it. Once Trump is sworn in, despite any last minute mind games on January 6th, it is game over for the Marxist traitors who have tried to create a dictatorship the last 8 years.


One of the key reasons I voted for Trump, other than the fact he wasn’t Hellary the Shrew<G>, was he will have an unprecedented opportunity to nominate judges who understand the role of judges is to INTERPRET LAW AND NOT TO MAKE IT. Much of the fecal material now floating around the USA comes from “activist judges who make law.” The making of law is a function of the LEGISLATIVE BRANCH EITHER THE US SENATE OR THE US HOUSE. The founding fathers never foresaw a situation where Federal judges would usurp the legislative role and directly make law.

Further, in the kind of unintended consequences category the Democraps, ie Mr. Reid, changed the law to allow simple majority to confirm all judges below the Supreme Court. This means that Donald Trump can nominate 103 Federal judges, out of 856, and have a simple 51 majority, or if Graham and other RINOS mess with him, he can go to a 50/50 tie and have VP Pence cast the deciding vote.

Yep, while people have focused on the Supreme Court, it is the Federal District courts, like the 9th for example, where totally insane decisions are routinely made.

I will say that in my opinion the greatest single thing Trump will do is take back the court system from the liberal, Marxist FRUITCAKES.

The fact that the Democrats made it easier to do that is just icing on the cake.

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