Now that Donald Trump has won, he needs to start the political version of ethnic cleansing in the RINO TURD Party. Paul Ryan, a neo-con, warmongering, corrupt whore of a political sell out if there ever was one, just brazenly dissed Mr. Trump, and said he won’t support him. Ryan, the Republican Speaker for the House of Representatives, just said he won’t support the man the vast majority of Republican voters want to see elected. The level of contempt shown by the RINO WHORES is astounding.

Paul Ryan is being held accountable for his betrayal and self indulgent arrogance. The link is here.

Paul Ryan’s Betrayal –

Trump should not only send in as much money as he can to the primary challenger, he should campaign for him. The RINO turds no longer belong in the Republican Party. Trump needs to purge them and replace them with guys like this.

I am smelling Cantor’s primary loss all over again. If Ryan gets defeated in the primary, it will be a defining event in the creation of the New Populist Republican Party.

All the RINO’s need to go as soon as possible. The primary is August 8th I think. This gives plenty of time to make the case Ryan needs to go.

Seriously, I think Trump has to take it to the next level with Ryan. Ryan, whatever I think of him, and it isn’t much, is the House Speaker for the RINO Party. Ryan just brazenly, openly dissed the Donald, walked into this house and urinated on the rug. Trump can’t accept that level of open contempt. He simply can’t.

One thing I like about New York City residents, and there is much to dislike, is they take no fecal material off anybody for any reason.
Step One. Trump holds a press conference and says he is openly supporting the man running against Ryan in the Primary.
Step Two. Trump also says in that press conference he is sending as much money as he legally can to the primary challenger.
Step Three. Trump also says he will campaign against Ryan before the August.

I won’t deny that has some political risks if Ryan wins. On the other hand, why not; it isn’t like Ryan and the RINO TURDS are going to support Trump so BURN IT TO THE GROUND AND TAKE A LEAK ON THE ASHES!


Trump is going to have to come to terms with the RINO elite up to a point. Trump can’t accept the RINO status quo, nor can he sell out his followers or ideology to gain acceptance from SCUM LIKE RYAN. If he does, he will sell us out and let Civil War Two start.

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