We have a story about a woman who is going to be executed in Sudan. It is illegal in the Sudan; also in other Islamic countries to convert to Christianity. If you do so, the “Religion of Peace” will execute you. This is a copy of a post I made over at timebomb2000.com on the subject.

Sheesh. Yet another example of why Islam is the “Religion of Peace.” Islam is a philosophy that advocates rape, murder, deception, child abuse, domestic violence, theft and violence. Yep, sharia law is a law of the jungle for savages, by savages and enforced with brutality. Islam is not a religion. It is a blight on humanity.

There are certainly Muslims who don’t advocate the mindless violence of militant Islam. It is completely meaningless they do so. Until Islam comes to terms with the ingrained psychopathic behavior held up as holy and spiritual, all true and decent human beings will continue to despise Islam for the evil fraud it is.

#$%% Islam. It offers nothing except abuse, violence, and treachery!

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