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Doomer Doug has to hand it to our Marxist Obama in how he has played his hand since the election. Obama has used his veto threat to gut any potential Republican opposition to pretty much anything he proposes. Obama got a free pass on his use of the illegal, unconstitutional execuive order process to effectively create a permanent Democratic majority. This new majority will be based on hordes of illegals collecting government benefits.
After all, it was the ancient Greek writer Polybius who commented that Athens really fell once the politicians figured out they could take from one class of voters. They then gave the looted resources to another class in order to guarantee their own political power. American politicians, the Democratic version, have decided to buy off the incoming waves of illegals to make them vote Democrat forever. The Republican version is to loot the middle class in favor of the Wall Street, corporate, and banking elites.
Obama, a very cunning, ruthless Marxist has taken all this to the next level in my opinion. Obama is now creating a permanent Democratic political majority soley based on two things. The first is giving non citizens American citizenship via his amnesty program. The second is to then secure their political support using government benefits. You really didn’t actually think Obama’s new “two years of free communinty college education program,” was for native born Americans? It is part of a tidal wave of “government stuff,” Obama is planning to use to bribe illegals. The new Obama budget is seven percent higher for this reason alone.
Obama, in an even more cunning move, has moved in for the final kill phase of the American Republic. The Marxist female nominee to replace Eric Holder is even worse, as hard as that is to believe, than Holder was. The reason is Obama is now unleashing a one/two punch. The first punch is the illegals. The second punch is the use of Sharia Law to put the final nail in the US coffin. You also didn’t think the “visit” by the Muslim Brotherhood to the White House was a fluke? Obama nominating the multicultural wizard Mz. Lynch is also part of a the final phase of his Marxist dictatorship. The fact Obama is going to use Muslim Sharia Law, with Mz. Lynch riding shotgun, literally I might add, is the final phase. The reason Obama nominated Ms. Lynch is she is going to use the full power of the Justice Department to beat any city, country, or state, that dares to object to the creation of an alternative legal system in the USA to hamburger.
I make it a point to tell the truth in my blog entries. I am telling you all one thing right now. We are going to see over the course of 2015, if we don’t get a rising of the armed militas, the creation of Obama’s brownshirts, the deliberate creation of a new “protected class” of refugees, illegal immigrants grovelling at the feet of Obama and the Democrats. Finally, we are going to see the imposition of Sharia Law under the full protection of Ms. Lynch and the US Department of Justice. I will also add the “homosexual agenda” is now in full swing also. The bottom line is the final tidal wave of chaos is now fully in play.
In summary, the creation of a intensely loyal Democratic base of refugees and illegals to Obama personally. The second thing is the imposition of Sharia Law. The third will be the heavy use of the triad of freedom’s doom as I like to call them will come into full combat mode. Hate thought will be hunted down and exterminated. Hate speech will be brutally crushed. This is what the new “Net Neutrality Laws” are really about. And finally, hate crimes will be used to crush anything Obama and the PC crowd want to.
The “Republican opposition” will do nothing to stop Ms. Lynch from being confirmed. They will do nothing to seal our borders at all. They will do nothing to stop Sharia Law from being imposed in the USA. They will do nothing to defend freedom at all. Here are a few links related to our Marxist Ms. Lynch
Here is a link showing why Sharia Law is now on the table in the USA after the White House meeting with the Muslim Brotherhood

Doomer Doug was scheduled to appear with Rick at trunews last week. I am unsure exactly what happened to that interview. It is entirely possible, as hard as this is to believe, they found Doomer Doug to much to handle. It has happened before. LOL
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My gut is telling me a lot of stuff is starting to happen here in 2015. I think a starting gun was fired on January 1st, 2015.