As I watch the final slide of modern civilization, I am struck by just how much clinical insanity is out there posing as normal behavior. I am talking about things that, as recently as a decade ago, would cause more reaction to them than they do now. Of course, given the large number of people, especially Americans, who are doped up to gills on various drugs, maybe this tidal wave of raving lunacy is to be expected. At any rate, the list of “normal,” stuff that really isn’t normal is a long one.

First, we have my favorite North Korean Elvis admirer, Kim Jong. In addition to his liking of French Cognac; Swiss Cheese, Little Fat Boy has a real nuclear missile fetish. Kim Jong has just told the following countries to, in effect, piss off and leave him alone with his radioactive playthings: Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, the USA, Russia, and China. China and Russia are likely regretting keeping North Korea as their pet pit bull. They like to trot him out to mess with South Korea, Japan and the USA, as long as Kim doesn’t go too anal retentive. I think both Russia and China are starting to wonder if the leash has been chewed through. Kim Jong is like a dog that escapes the backyard and likes to leave little piles on the neighbor’s porch. The neighbors have had about as much Kim Jong’s antics as they can stand. At best, we will likely see a naval blockade, quarantine out of this. Whether that results in the North Korean version of Pearl Harbor remains to be seen. Still, Kim Jong has just used up his ninth cat life. I’m not sure exactly what will be done with him, but a consensus has been reached Jong needs to get some serious attitude adjustment treatment.

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“It Can Reach Washington, DC”: Latest North Korean ICBM Can Hit Anywhere In The Continental US

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Moving along, we come the DC antics over the “government shutdown.”

In the latest version of the ongoing Kabuki Dance between POTUS, Lying Ryan, Mitch the Bitch, and the two stooges, the increasingly demented Pelosi, and her official court jester, Senator Charlie from New York, we have another example of just how dysfunctional our Federal government really is. Again, a dysfunctional Federal Government isn’t a bad thing all by itself. Still, it shouldn’t be that dysfunctional. The potential “government shutdown” is something that many Americans won’t really care about. The military will continue to get paid. The Food Stamps will continue to be dispersed. The Social Security and Disability payments will continue to be made. Otherwise, the entire lot of them will be voted out next year.

The Democrat/Marxists will try to repeat their victory last spring when they forced Trump to eliminate funding for the border wall. This time around the Marxist/Democrats will try and force a de facto amnesty, 800,000 so called Dreamers, no border wall at all, and open the flood gates for yet another tidal wave of illegals and refugees.

And finally, it the category of “I can’t make this stuff up,” we have Hollyweird breaking wide open with criminal cases being filed against Weinstein, as well as that Sodom on the Gommarh, otherwise called Washington, D.C, coming unglued as leaks about just how venal and piggish our elected officials really are, continue to percolate along. It seems, if the sources are credible, there are several thousand “sealed Federal indictments,” waiting to be opened and send hordes of pedophiles, sexual predators and assorted scum into the buzz saw of grand jury indictments. The source of this pedophile outing bonanza is reputed to be none other than former Congressman Anthony Weiner, and yes, a sex pervert named Weiner is why I said I can’t make this stuff up. Again, if the stories are credible, my jury is still out on that, we are about to see the pedophile toilets in both DC and Los Angeles flushed at the same time. We shall see.


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    I have long said that the debt levels, consumer, corporate and government are not sustainable. We will eventually have a debt based economic collapse of near total destruction. I have also said the trigger event, the rock that falls and starts the avalanche, will be when foreigners begin to sell off toxic US debt. This is now what is starting to happen in 2016. 

The link below tells the story.

It is a fact that both China and Japan hold over one trillion dollars each in US Treasury debt. It is a fact that foreign holders of US debt have decided to begin reducing their exposure. The result of that will eventually mean the US Treasury will be unable to sell new debt. Once that happens the economic collapse will begin in earnest. The Federal Reserve, the private banking cartel that has reduced Americans to slaves, will be forced to buy up newly issued debt, much as a dog eats its own vomit to keep the game going.

The other thing the article mentioned was the amount of debt sold in April, some $78 billion in one month, was the highest amount since 1978. The Federal Reserve is now impaled on zero interest rate policy. Trump is correct in his belief we are going to see a massive economic disruption in 2016.

Doomer Doug, a.k.a. Doug McIntosh now has a blog at
My end of the world e book “Day of the Dogs” will soon be available for sale at smashwords. The url is It is also at the following url


Lawyer who represented the ‘DC Madam’ releases names of 174 groups – including the FBI, IRS and State Department – that ‘used escort service between 2000 and 2006’, but he still can’t reveal the individual clients

  • Montgomery Blair Sibley listed entities that he says used Deborah Jeane Palfrey’s services 
  • Among those named were Lockheed Martin and PriceWaterhouseCoopers
  • He said he obtained the information from a subpoena of phone numbers
  • They are believed to be contained in Palfrey’s black book of clients
  • She left the book in Sibley’s possession before she killed herself in 2008
  • Despite naming the companies, Sibley still cannot name individuals  

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The pressure to release all the NAMES on the phone list is becoming unstoppable. Ted Cruz’s name is on that list, blog readers. The fact Mr. Cruz is reduced to stealing delegates from Donald Trump shows just how venal a human being Ted Cruz is. I have said the current incarnation of the RINO WHORE Republican Party is finished whether Trump wins the nomination or not.

Here is a link to Lou Dobbs trashing the Stepford Wives Republican National Committee Drone sent to explain why denying one million Republican voters in Colorado is okay.


What Doomer Doug has feared would happen in Japan has now started. The Nikkei has dropped 5.51 percent and 733 points in the morning session. It was down nearly 6 percent and 800 points a few minutes ago. The Yen is now in free fall and underneath the 95 level. Again, this is a six point drop since June 7th. The pressure on Japan’s banks, and the global export market now resembles a depth charge going off next to the hull of a World War Two Gato class submarine. We are not quite at the stage where the hull is crushed, yet!

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing twice and expecting a different result. The idea the Bank of Japan can flood the markets with masses of fiat money and get a different result than what is going on now is insane. Some people were mislead by the market rally the other day. This “rally” was based on the belief the money gravy train would continue. It will not. The fiat money gravy train is derailed. The crash process is like the beginning of the movie “The Fugitive.” Now THAT was a train crash!

Will the Nikkei stay down 800 points today? Doomer Doug has no idea. Will Japan’s pump monkeys come to the rescue? Doomer Doug has no idea. The basic reality here is Japan is now beyond the scope of rational economic decisions and results. The central bankers, on a global basis, HAVE NO IDEA OF WHAT THEY ARE DOING! Of course, they haven’t had any idea since the Federal Reserve was created back in 1913. This ingrained stupidity is nothing new. What is new is the level of global economic chaos, as well as the likely result of this chaos.

Again, things are not going to get better in Japan. They will continue to lurch along until the excess is purged out of the markets. This global stock market excess will reflect what happened during the Great Depression. The stock markets lost 90 percent of their total 1929 value over a two decade period. Japan has lost 27,500 points since December 1989. This is a stunning decline of very close to 70 percent of value. The media shills with their bought and paid for advice on buying the dips are shown to be frauds. Assuming anybody in Japan bought the Nikkei 225 at 15,500 they would have lost 3000 points and nearly 20 percent of the value. This is in a time frame measured in days and not decades.

A Nikkei that has lost 90 percent of its value since 1989 will be in the 4000 point range. This means the Nikkei has another 8000 points to go from today. Some of you may think this is a fantasy valuation. It is not. It is the HISTORICAL NORM BASED ON THE ACTUAL BEHAVIOR OF THE GLOBAL STOCK MARKETS IN THE GREAT DEPRESSION. Those of you who say it can’t happen need to understand that it already happened once before.

The implications of all global stock markets losing 90 percent of their value from peak highs is too appalling for Doomer Doug to consider.

Lock and Load, gang. Today is the real beginning. Do not be mislead by daily pump monkey gyrations. The url is here.

By the way, in the time it took Doomer Doug to write this blog post the Nikkei has crashed through the 800 point and 6 percent level. The pump monkeys then flooded it with BOJ cash and now have it at 686 points down and 5.17 percent down. You can see right at 11 am Japan time where the BOJ money spigot opened. It will do them no good long term. You can never reinforce failure. You can never turn market sentiment. You can certainly pour enough money in to buy the powers that be some time. This is all they are doing.


The Nikkei 225 had a several hundred point increase due to “hopes” either the Bank of Japan or the Federal Reserve would keep the lighter fluid squirting. Today, reality set in. The US Markets closed down over 1 percent for the S and P and the NASDAQ. The Dow was down a mere three quarters of one percent. Japan followed up the smoke and mirrors rally yesterday with a sharp decline of nearly 200 points and 1.45 percent.

The key thing Doomer Doug has been keeping his four eyes on is the Yen to dollar rate. You will all recall that less than 2 weeks ago the Yen was at 101. It is now in the 96 range. The speed and amount of the currency swings is truly stunning both in terms or scale and implications. This is a 5 percent swing in currency value in less than two weeks. The global bond markets are clearly seeing the handwriting on the wall related to the collapse of the yen carry trade.

At any rate, the Nikkei will no doubt show its further displeasure in a few hours when it opens. It seems the “hope” from yesterday has now turned into the reality of no further BOJ easing. It isn’t like the BOJ has any options left at this point. If they don’t pour more money in, the Nikkei will continue to go down. If they do, the Yen will continue its wild currency value swings. This will impact on domestic interest rates and we all know where that will lead. The so called “Abegeddon” is now in full swing. It will have profound results on a global basis.

We Americans are very much a sound bite and thirty second result type of people. The idea consequences can continue for days, weeks, months and years into the future is something we tend to overlook. The global economic collapse will not be instant. It will not happen in the next 72 hours. It will be an ongoing process. It will be a process that unrolls itself in a logical progression that is now beyond the control of the central banks. The central banks have squandered TRILLIONS of dollars of taxpayer funds bailing out a degenerate, oligarchy of bankers and financial whores who have taken the money and run.

The money is gone. The debt levels have increased to the point that it is no longer possible for the central banks to flood the markets with more money. Yes, they can create more fiat money. The reality is the bond markets will no longer allow them to do so. The domestic political realities of the USA make it impossible for the federal debt to increase much more. We are now nearly  17 TRILLION in official US government debt. Do people think we will increase it to 20 TRILLION? How about 25 TRILLION? It is over, gang. The bond markets will no longer allow the ongoing increase in national debt in either Japan, Europe or the USA needed to continue the stock market rallies. Braying Bernie has spent his wad. It is over.


The close on the Nikkei was 519 points down. The close was 3.83 percent down. The close was 13, 015. Where shall Doomer Doug start? From December of 2012 to early May 2013, the Nikkei went from 9000 to nearly 16,000 points. This was solely based on the Bank of Japan pouring money into the economy. In the last week the Nikkei has gone from 15,600 or so, to 13,000. This is a loss of nearly 2600 points. 2600 points is getting within shooting range of a 20 percent drop. The official 20 percent drop would be around 3200 points. This is one or two more days of trading at this point. Gang, a 20 percent drop is the official definition of a MARKET CRASH. 10 percent is a market correction. 20 percent is a market crash. Assuming the Nikkei doesn’t recover, we could be looking at a global stock market crash by Friday.

Japan’s press is reporting, again with a straight face, that today’s afternoon sell off was due to investors not being satisfied with the press conference Mr. Abe held. Oh, that is rich!
Doomer Doug has wondered at what point the US markets would start to notice Japan’s Nikkei has lost nearly 20 percent of its value in the last week.
US stocks fell about one half percent in response to yesterday’s chaos in Japan. Europe actually went up for whatever reason. This mornings futures in the US show no indication anybody has looked at the Nikkei close.
Japan is going to have more bad days. One more 3 percent decline and even the media stock shills will start to notice.
Never underestimate the pump monkeys is something Doomer Doug has learned the hard way over the years. Still, unless Doomer Doug is missing something, there is no upside here.
Keep your eyes peeled. Top up on your preps. Keep your powder dry.


Doomer Doug has to wonder if Japan’s stock investors are starting to suffer brain damage from the Fukushima toxic radiation releases. The Nikkei 225 has lost some 15 percent of its value in the last seven days. The hysterical rally yesterday is a sign of mental illness in my opinion. The news media is telling us, with a straight face mind you, that the rally happened due to investor confidence on further easing by the Bank of Japan. Financial stocks led the upward surge on this more easing fantasy. Exactly why further easing would happen, much less ignite a second wave of stock rallying is ignored.
For the record, the BOJ has fully endorsed of policy of destroying the value of yen. The BOJ is dumping some $85 billion dollars into the economy of Japan daily since January. The US Federal Reserve has followed the exact same policy for the last several years. The result has been a massive increase in debt. The result has been an induced stock market rally.
There is no free lunch. Actions have consequences. The BOJ is now embarked on a policy that will eventually lead to the destruction of Japan’s currency.

Global stock markets currently have no relation with economic reality at this late stage of the game. The powers that be have decided to milk the sheeple down to the last cent. They have been doing this for many years now.

Japan has concluded it needs to do a Federal Reserve style TARP fund direct injection of money into the stock and bond markets. Japan is playing a very dangerous game here.
The time frame for all this has been compressed significantly due to Japan’s wild gyrations in the Nikkei 225. One thing is clear to Doomer Doug. This is not sustainable. The reason it is not sustainable is the global debt is UNPAYABLE. It always has been unpayable. The only thing holding the global economic system up is the denial of this one simple fact.

At any rate, Japan has made a decision that will have global implications in the near future.


It is really pretty simple to understand the global stock market situation. If the markets and investors think the US Federal Reserve will continue to buy up vast amounts of US Treasuries and stocks, the markets will go up. The second the markets think, suspect, or realize Braying Bernie is going to put away his can of lighter fluid, the markets will crash and burn. The global stock markets are drug addicts using fiat money from central banks instead of crack cocaine.

It took Doomer Doug many years to realize this central feature of the modern economy. Pity poor Doomer Doug, who once thought, many years ago in my days, that stock markets actually reflected economic reality.

Sheesh, it is hard for Doomer Doug to remember when he was THAT NAIVE!

So gang, we will see a rally in Japan. The reason for the rally is the investment community is convinced that Braying Bernie still has a flamethrower to squirt on the stock barbeque.
Deficit? Don’t worry. Unpayable debt? Don’t worry.
Doomer Doug is not sure at what precise point in time the knowledge there is no more money will sink in. The exact point the fiat dollar collapses, or gold resumes its historical role in protecting value, is unknown to Doomer Doug.

The only thing Doomer Doug knows is the current system is not going to last. The timing is up to the pump monkeys. Speaking of pump monkeys, their standard operating procedure is quite simple. They take the 30 stocks in the Dow Jones Index and they spray vast amounts of lighter fluid at them. See how simple that is. The FED prints worthless fiat money in vast amounts. It then spews them out like confetti at a parade. This is what all the stock market rallies are caused by. Profit? Who cares. Economic growth based on actual production increases? Who cares. Nope, all the FED does is print up fiat money and then throw it around all over the world. Who do you think has bought up all of Obama’s MULTITRILLION DOLLARS IN DEBT THE LAST 4 YEARS?
Well, enjoy things while you can. Even Braying Bernie is starting to realize the game is up.


Well, just wow, gang. All Doomer Doug can say is wow. The Nikkei is now down over 510 points and 3.55 percent with two hours left in trading. The pump monkeys will no doubt make their fiat money known. They may even claw the market close up to near starting levels. But, you know what? It doesn’t really matter at this point. The level of chaos and volatility in the Nikkei in the last 4 trading sessions has done permanent damage to it. No sane investor is going to stay in a stock market that has 1000 point swings in one session. They will not stay in a market that loses 7 percent of its value in one day. Wall Street may even start to notice that things are not well in the land of Fukushima.
At any rate, tens of billions of dollars in market equity have been vaporized into cyberspace this last week.

One final thing, Bank of Japan leader Kuroda issued a statement saying that Japan’s banks are in great shape. The thing is Doomer Doug has come to understand these kind of statements. They are what John Kenneth Galbraith called “organized reassurance” in his book on the 1929 stock market crash. The fact that Mr. Kuroda feels compelled to say this means the opposite. When government officials tell you the banks are sound, the reality is the opposite.

It is clear that the stock market volatility in Japan is damaging the BOJ and all of Japan’s banks. This is the 1200 pound gorilla that nobody wants to talk about.

Japan’s chaos goes on 5-28-13

The level of chaos in Japan’s Nikkei Stock Market is astounding. Today’s session saw a rise of 400 points, from 13,950 to 14,350. It then saw a 300 point drop, from 14,350 to 14,050. It is currently wandering around the 14,150 range.
One trading session had a swing of 1,000 points. Several others have had 300 to 500 point swings in a matter of minutes. Doomer Doug has watched the graph go up or down 50 points a minute. This level of chaos, what the experts call market volatility is not sustainable.
Japan is in trouble. This means the world is in trouble. If Braying Bernie and his plunge protection team weren’t pouring billions in TARP money into the 30 stock Dow Jones Index, the USA markets would be down thousands of points by now.
It will take some time for all this to play out. The FED is now buying virtually all US government debt. This is also not sustainable for much longer. It was Braying Bernies admission of this that lit the fuse that is now burning in Japan.