I have been following what may very well turn out to be the first global pandemic since 1918’s so called “Spanish Flu.” It is clear to me the powers that be are trying to balance preventing panic and hysteria breaking out, with protecting their hides when one does and the enraged survivors turn on the elite. It is a dangerous game our elites are now playing. As I read what they are saying, especially between the lines, and what they are not saying; more importantly, how they are saying things it becomes clear the situation in Madagascar is much worse than the elite are admitting. They have adopted a pattern of two steps forward, and one step back. The result is after the usual spin control, media manipulation, and mind games, day by day, and week by week, the situation, again if you ponder deeply, is worse than it was the week before. When analyzing how a disease spreads, you need to focus on three things: geographic spread, numbers of dead and infected, and finally: whether this Black Plague bacteria is becoming, or even potentially becoming, resistant to modern antibiotics.

Like I have said before, the powers that be are revealing, much like a strip tease, one bit of info after another. If you track the sequences, which is basically what I do here on my blog, you will find they are preparing for a global pandemic, even as they deny one is now underway. It is nothing less than a dance of death, much like the fools on Madagascar who dig up rotting corpses, infected with the plague bacteria and “dance with them.” The result is I have been waiting for what I call the “trigger event.” The trigger event, in terms of the Black Death was not the fact two out of every three cases is now airborne vector spread: IT WAS THE POINT WHERE THE MASS MEDIA INDICATED “HEALTH EXPERTS” ARE CONCERNED AT THE MUTATION/CREATION OF AN ANTIBIOTIC RESISTANT FORM OF THE BLACK DEATH BACTERIA. Once that happens, it is Katy bar the door time.

The following link is the trigger event I have been waiting for.

Black death plague ravaging Madagascar will ‘get WORSE’ as antibiotics AREN’T working

THE dreaded Black Death plague blighting Madagascar will “get worse before it gets better” if antibiotics aren’t handed out quickly, a scientist has told Daily Star Online.

At least 165 people have been killed by the devastating outbreak of an airborne disease spreading like wildfire in Madagascar.Around another 2,000 people have been struck down by the – called pneumonic plague – by the lethal “medieval disease”.

Infection and immunity expert Dr Matthew Avison, of University of Bristol, has revealed the outbreak in east Africa is likely to become more serious before the “crisis” ends.

Speaking exclusively to Daily Star Online, Dr Avison said because the disease is “extremely rare” it has been “resilient” to antibiotics.

Here is another link.

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Here are some links indicating we may be facing yet another regional war in the near future.


According to the Baghdad Post Saudi Arabia is now mobilizing its Air Force for combat strikes on Hezzbollah missile positions in Southern Lebanon. It is also possible Israel will bomb Hezzbollah also. In addition, the Arab League is holding an emergency meeting, at the request of Saudi Arabia, to discuss the Iranian Threat.

The story and video are at the following link.…5-fighter-jets

Arab League To Hold Urgent Meeting On Iran As Saudis Reportedly Mobilize Fighter Jets

The Arab League is set to hold an emergency meeting on Iran at Saudi Arabia’s request, this according to Reuters and various regional sources, at a moment when Saudi fighter jets may be mobilizing for war in an attempted show of force. Egypt-based Ahram Online also reports further that the meeting will discuss “Iranian interference” in the region at League headquarters in Cairo, and other early unconfirmed reports indicate the meeting could come as early as next Sunday.

News of the Arab League extraordinary session comes as tensions are at breaking point as regional powers – especially Saudi Arabia and Israel – talk war against perceived Iranian expansion and domination in the Middle East.

Meanwhile, The Daily Star, citing the Baghdad Post, claims that Saudi Arabia has scrambled its air force for strikes in Lebanon: “Reports now state the Royal Saudi Air Force has placed its warplanes on alert to launch strikes as the region sits on a knife edge.” The report accompanies undated footage of Saudi F-15’s in aerial maneuvers over what is presumably a Saudi airfield.

The Daily Star adds the following accompanying the video:

The kingdom has mobilized its F-15 fighter jet fleet to launch a military operation against the Iranian-backed terrorist militia of Hezbollah in Lebanon, regional news website The Baghdad Post reports.

Saudi Arabia previously accused both Lebanon and Iran of committing an act of wars against it after rebels fired a missile at the King Khalid International Airport in the kingdom’s capital…

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Today’s massacre at the Texas church is going to redefine the gun control debate here in the USA. I have long felt there are two, and only two, methods for gun control. The first is to ban everybody from carrying anything at all. Obviously, this doesn’t float my boat. I am a big Second Amendment kind go guy. In fact, the only problem I have with the Second Amendment is it isn’t the First Amendment! The usual Marxist/Democrat/Media Shills are already whining for more gun control to protect us. Sorry, but that ship has sailed today. The other gun control technique refers to the pressure your fingers exert on the trigger. So, when I talk about gun control, I am talking about trigger pressure and target selection.                              Here are some links to the story.  Obviously Matt Drudge has a lot of info also.

Mass shooting at Texas baptist church in Sutherland Springs ‘leaves up to 27 dead after gunman opens fire at Sunday service’

Reports suggest that multiple children are victims in the shooting which wiped out almost half the church’s congregation

Here are some thoughts I posted at another forum.

We know the modus operandi of the powers that be is to not name the perp if they are protected class, ie a minority, or a Muslim. We have seen this time after time. The fact “they” haven’t officially named the shooter means it is likely to be a protected class person.
The second thing is I am more than surprised that nobody in that church was carrying a weapon. I am also surprised they didn’t engage the shooter and take him out before he killed 27 people. Further, if/when this is confirmed as a Muzzie, then the usual Democrat/Media shills are going to be rendered totally ineffective in their usual “ban all the guns” rants and raves. If this was a Muzzie or protected class, reasonable people will conclude they need to CARRY THEIR PERSONAL WEAPONS EVERYWHERE THEY GO, INCLUDING CHURCH.

If it was that Muzzie looking guy, the tidal wave of firestorm coming down on the pro-Muzzie immigration cabal, especially after the New York City, ISIS/Muzzie Diversity Visa guy is going to turn most of the American people hard against the Muzzies and their mainstream media and Democrat/Marxist supporters.

Yep, It was said the Middle Ages was polite because everybody carried a sword or a big knife. Trump just won the Muzzie immigration debate from the New York City Muzzie/ISIS attack. Trump just won the gun control debate due to this shooting in Texas. Whatever the Marxist/Democrats think about gun control, and using this incident to push gun control, well they just lost that more gun control debate. The national mood is going to be to carry personal weapons everywhere they go and to hell with anybody who tries to prevent that.

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The terror attack in New York City, by the Muslim immigrant from Ubekistan, ie the one who came in on Schumer’s “Diversity Visa,” has completely changed the political equation related to illegal immigration in general, and Muslim immigration in particular. Trump has now overwhelmed all the pro-Muslim immigration cabal. The reason he has done so, and I am talking about the famous 100 monkey syndrome here, is that one terror attack has shifted the entire debate. It is like that Star Trek episode where Q gets annoyed at Picard and sends the Enterprise several thousand light years away, where they meet the Borg one hundred years early.

Now, you can make an intellectual and moral case for open borders, unlimited illegal immigration, and allowing hordes of Muslims to come into the USA. I think this will be a bad case, an unwise one; indeed, a very dangerous one. What you can’t do, as New York City and State politicians are now finding out, is accept Muslim immigrants coming into the USA and launching terror attacks and murdering innocent people. This means the entire Muslim debate has shifted in the last 24 hours. The Diversity Visa Program will be repealed within days. The issue of Trump’s travel ban, extreme vetting, profiling are no longer part of the political debate. Trump won and showed the Federal Judges who ruled against were not only wrong, but dangerous. As such, the entire Federal Court System has lost all credibility in ruling against Trump. The Marxist pro illegal immigration, and pro Muslim immigration, are now off the table. No politician who values his hide will now say Trump was wrong in his insistence on vetting Muslim immigrants. If Obama, who now has even more blood on his hands, had properly vetted this terrorist back in 2010, 8 innocent people wouldn’t have died in New York City. Game over. Trump won.…MDc0SW1WIn0%3D


By S.A. Miller – The Washington Times – Wednesday, November 1, 2017

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said Wednesday that he backs extreme vetting of foreigners visiting the U.S. — as long is it doesn’t target people based on religion or nationality.

“We support vetting of individuals. We support very thorough vetting — not of groups of people just because they belong to a group. I think this is a very crucial distinction,” the Democrat mayor said at a press conference addressing the deadly terror attack in the city.

“There should be very, very careful vetting of anyone where there is an indication of concern, but not because of their religion or not because of their country of origin,” he said.

Mr. de Blasio did not say how authorities should screen visitors for possible ties to radical Islamic terrorism.

President Trump called for stepping up his extreme vetting program after the attack Tuesday. The program has been controversial since its inception, with critics saying it is bigoted. NOTE: THIS DEBATE IS NOW OVER. TRUMP WON

In the recent terror attack, A man drove a rented pickup truck into pedestrians and bicyclists in lower Manhattan, killing at least eight people.

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Saudi Arabia and Quatar are at each other’s throats right now. There is no possibility that Saudi Arabia and Quatar can take any kind of unified action against Iran. The other thing is Russia has now guaranteed the 2005 Kurdistan borders already agreed to by the Shia Baghdad Central government. Further, Russia has now guaranteed the Kurds access to a pipeline that goes north into Russia, and not west into Turkey. The Shia Central government has just moved to within striking distance of a key pipeline facility from Kurdistan into Turkey.

As for Iran, gang, well Tillerson and Trump can shoot their mouths off all they want to, but it makes no difference on the ground in Iraq. Possession is nine tenths of the law. Iran now controls Iraq everywhere except the 2005 Kurdistan, which again is now guaranteed by Russia.

The “deal” is pretty clear to me, Housecarl. Iran “gets Iraq” either directly under control of the Shia PMU militia, or the Shia “national military,” or the Shia Central government. Russia is telling Iran to back off from trying to take Kurdistan itself.

This is all “spheres of influence” and “buffer zone” level of diplomacy. The Russians are HUGE on buffer zones, which is why they are so enraged that NATO moved east to the Russian borders after Reagan and Bush Senior conned Gorbachev.

Russia is now moving south into Kurdistan in Iraq to counter the NATO move east into the Baltic States, Poland and Romania. Russia has also moved west into the former Uraine.

The “great game” has been going on between Russia and the West for several centuries now, involving the Crimea” ie “charge of the light brigade” in the 1850’s to fighting over Afghanistan with the British. Russia is looking to get a warm water port on either the Indian Ocean, or the Persian Gulf, which they have now done.

Trump and Tillerson have been outplayed by both Russia and Iran.

Finally, looking at naval bang you now have Russia with a naval base in the Black Sea on Crimea, as well as a naval base in Syria, and the deal they made to take over the former British naval base on Cyprus. In addition to all that, Russia now has full access to Basra in Southern Iraq. Russia cut a deal with Iran. Iran cut a deal with Russia.


It hurts when you get your ass kicked. Trump the deal maker simply doesn’t understand the “Great Game” in the Middle East, as played by both Russia and Iran.

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CIVIL WAR IN IRAQ 10-20-2017

Gee, what a surprise the Kurds are going to fight to keep the original 2003/2005 borders of Kurdistan from being overrun by Iran’s PMU and the Shia Iraqi Army. I imagine the puddles under the office chairs in the Coaliton conference room are getting rather large by now. So, both the Kurds, the PMU and the Iraqi Army are now using the “heavy stuff” given to them by both NATO and the Americans to fight ISIS on each other.

Hmm, I seem to remember somebody here, oh it was Doomer Doug, saying that when TSHTF it would involve open combat, ie CIVIL WAR, between the PMU, the Iraqi Army and the Peshmerga. Oh my,  I didn’t listen to the Bachelor show but anybody with an IQ above single digits could figure out the PMU, the Iraqi Army and the Kurdish Peshmerga were going to light each other up the first chance they got.

So, who wins now?

First, ISIS is now back in the game big time. The “destruction of ISIS” Trump et al were crowing about now resembles Bush juniors famous Aircraft Carrier speech “Mission Accomplished.” Hmm, that was before the decade long insurgency, followed by the US running away with its tali between its legs, and that was followed by Iran taking near total control of Iraq.

What is happening now is the second phase of the IRANIAN INVASION OF NORTHERN IRAQ INCLUDING KURDISTAN.

Yep, nobody is going to put the toothpaste back in the tube now. And ISIS is just sitting along the Syrian/Iraq border, all 7,000 of them, as in ONE FULL COMBAT BRIGADE. Now where did the destroyed ISIS come up with 7,000 fighters?

ISIS is likely already moving into Northern Iraq to exploit the open warfare between the three elements of the “anti-ISIS coalition” who are no longer fighting ISIS, but now fighting each other, and using all the big boom boom toys we gave them.

There is no going back now. It is full on Civil War now in Iraq. One more thing. Iran now has to stop cutting up bait and start fishing. This means the PMU will now go FULL ON and move into the 2005 border defined Kurdistan. They really have no choice at this point. At a minimum the PMU and Iraqi Army will try to encircle the original Kurdistan and blockade it. OF course when Iran’s proxy forces do that, all hell is going to break out in Northern Iraq. Whatever differences the two Kurdish Pershmerga groups have, both of them agree that the original Kurdistan’s borders, as defined by the Central government in Baghdad in 2005, are sacrosanct and IRAN’S PROXY FORCES OR THE IRAQI ARMY WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO BREACH THEM, OR OCCUPY EITHER ERBIL OR THAT OTHER KURDISH CITY FURTHER SOUTH.

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Iraqi army, Shiite militia and Peshmerga exchange heavy fire north of Kirkuk

By Rudaw 26 minutes ago

9:54 p.m.

Peshmerga claims high casualties among Iraqi forces

The western command of the Peshmerga, formerly stationed in western Kirkuk, stated that six Peshmerga were killed among their forces in Friday’s clashes and a number were injured.

The command said they destroyed two tanks, including one Abrams tank, one armored vehicle, and more than 12 Humvees.

They also claim more than 150 casualties among the Iraqi forces, consisting of the Iraqi army, Hashd al-Shaabi, Iranian Revolutionary Guards, and mercenaries, they reported.

Iraq’s Joint Operations Command said the Peshmerga used the MILAN anti-tank system against its forces in Friday’s clashes in Pirde (Altun Kupri). The defense system was given by Germany to the Peshmerga “exclusively” for the war against ISIS, the statement read.
It said the MILAN weapons caused material and human losses among the Iraqi forces, calling it a violation.
It did not provide details of the number of casualties.

Iraqi forces stated that Altun Kupri is under their full control, also confirmed by Rudaw’s reporters.


7:24 pm

Two journalists injured in Iraq-Peshmerga clashes

A Rudaw cameraman and a Belgian freelance reporter were injured while covering Friday’s clashes in Pirde, also known as Altun Kupri. Their injuries are not life threatening.

Rudaw cameraman Saman Ghani was covering the clashes, where he said the Peshmerga were putting up “a lot of resistance” when a mortar landed near him.

“I was standing by the reporter, Hiwa Husamadin. A mortar shell landed suddenly next to us by the Humvee. [Shrapnel] hit my hand and neck. But thank God I feel very good now,” said Ghani.

Freelance Belgian photojournalist Jonathan Raa was also injured. He told Rudaw he was feeling fine and his thoughts were with the Peshmerga fighting on the frontline.


Barzini overplayed his hand and set up the conditions where Iran, Iraq and Turkey unified against the Kurds to prevent chunks of their countries from being included in Barzini’s “new Kurdistan.” Trump, well Iran has concluded Trump is a loud mouthed, con artist and carnival barker who is all mouth and no action. It is clear to anybody in the region that Iran is the real winner here.

Iran has now achieved ALL of its original goals.

One: The creation of a secure land supply route from Iran, through Iraq, through Syria and into Lebanon’s Bekka Valley. The result of that is ongoing, sustained resupply for Hezzbollah in Southern Lebanon. Of course, that brings Northern Israel into a free fire zone for Hezzbollah/Iranian missiles. And that is a HUGE ADVANTAGE for Iran in any potential conflict with Israel. If Israel ever directly attacks Israel, well Iran will open a northern front, from Southern Lebanon and Hezzbollah’s missile batteries into Israel.

Two. Iran is now in full operational control of most of Iraq, using the Shia dominated central government in Baghdad and backed up the Armed Shia Militias, or PMU combined with the predominantly Shia central military.

Three: Iran has made Trump, NATO and Israel look like incompetent fools on the world stage.

Four: Iran has now neutralized any Kurdish attempt to liberate the areas inside of Iran known as Kurdistan. This means Iran now faces no threat of armed resistance from inside its country from the Kurds. Iran still faces a potential threat from Kurdish groups inside of Iraqi Kurdistan. However, they have just neutralized, mostly anyway, because Iraq Kurds are now under threat from Iraq, Turkey and Iran.

Five: Barzini is now a gutted, castrated political enuch who may or may not get whacked in the looming Kurdish Civil War between the two major Peshmerga groups.

Six. The Coalition “War against ISIS’ has now totally collapsed and ISIS will emerge, more lethal, stronger and become a factor in Iraq, at least northern Iraq now.

Seven. Trump is now shown on the global stage to have been outplayed by Iran. The results of that will be CATASTROPHIC as Iraq becomes a part of Greater Iran.

Yep, the USA is a fading empire, run by fools, neo con warmongers, globalists and with a military withered away into impotence by North Korea, China, Russia and Iran.

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