CIVIL WAR IN IRAQ 10-20-2017

Gee, what a surprise the Kurds are going to fight to keep the original 2003/2005 borders of Kurdistan from being overrun by Iran’s PMU and the Shia Iraqi Army. I imagine the puddles under the office chairs in the Coaliton conference room are getting rather large by now. So, both the Kurds, the PMU and the Iraqi Army are now using the “heavy stuff” given to them by both NATO and the Americans to fight ISIS on each other.

Hmm, I seem to remember somebody here, oh it was Doomer Doug, saying that when TSHTF it would involve open combat, ie CIVIL WAR, between the PMU, the Iraqi Army and the Peshmerga. Oh my,  I didn’t listen to the Bachelor show but anybody with an IQ above single digits could figure out the PMU, the Iraqi Army and the Kurdish Peshmerga were going to light each other up the first chance they got.

So, who wins now?

First, ISIS is now back in the game big time. The “destruction of ISIS” Trump et al were crowing about now resembles Bush juniors famous Aircraft Carrier speech “Mission Accomplished.” Hmm, that was before the decade long insurgency, followed by the US running away with its tali between its legs, and that was followed by Iran taking near total control of Iraq.

What is happening now is the second phase of the IRANIAN INVASION OF NORTHERN IRAQ INCLUDING KURDISTAN.

Yep, nobody is going to put the toothpaste back in the tube now. And ISIS is just sitting along the Syrian/Iraq border, all 7,000 of them, as in ONE FULL COMBAT BRIGADE. Now where did the destroyed ISIS come up with 7,000 fighters?

ISIS is likely already moving into Northern Iraq to exploit the open warfare between the three elements of the “anti-ISIS coalition” who are no longer fighting ISIS, but now fighting each other, and using all the big boom boom toys we gave them.

There is no going back now. It is full on Civil War now in Iraq. One more thing. Iran now has to stop cutting up bait and start fishing. This means the PMU will now go FULL ON and move into the 2005 border defined Kurdistan. They really have no choice at this point. At a minimum the PMU and Iraqi Army will try to encircle the original Kurdistan and blockade it. OF course when Iran’s proxy forces do that, all hell is going to break out in Northern Iraq. Whatever differences the two Kurdish Pershmerga groups have, both of them agree that the original Kurdistan’s borders, as defined by the Central government in Baghdad in 2005, are sacrosanct and IRAN’S PROXY FORCES OR THE IRAQI ARMY WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO BREACH THEM, OR OCCUPY EITHER ERBIL OR THAT OTHER KURDISH CITY FURTHER SOUTH.

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Iraqi army, Shiite militia and Peshmerga exchange heavy fire north of Kirkuk

By Rudaw 26 minutes ago

9:54 p.m.

Peshmerga claims high casualties among Iraqi forces

The western command of the Peshmerga, formerly stationed in western Kirkuk, stated that six Peshmerga were killed among their forces in Friday’s clashes and a number were injured.

The command said they destroyed two tanks, including one Abrams tank, one armored vehicle, and more than 12 Humvees.

They also claim more than 150 casualties among the Iraqi forces, consisting of the Iraqi army, Hashd al-Shaabi, Iranian Revolutionary Guards, and mercenaries, they reported.

Iraq’s Joint Operations Command said the Peshmerga used the MILAN anti-tank system against its forces in Friday’s clashes in Pirde (Altun Kupri). The defense system was given by Germany to the Peshmerga “exclusively” for the war against ISIS, the statement read.
It said the MILAN weapons caused material and human losses among the Iraqi forces, calling it a violation.
It did not provide details of the number of casualties.

Iraqi forces stated that Altun Kupri is under their full control, also confirmed by Rudaw’s reporters.


7:24 pm

Two journalists injured in Iraq-Peshmerga clashes

A Rudaw cameraman and a Belgian freelance reporter were injured while covering Friday’s clashes in Pirde, also known as Altun Kupri. Their injuries are not life threatening.

Rudaw cameraman Saman Ghani was covering the clashes, where he said the Peshmerga were putting up “a lot of resistance” when a mortar landed near him.

“I was standing by the reporter, Hiwa Husamadin. A mortar shell landed suddenly next to us by the Humvee. [Shrapnel] hit my hand and neck. But thank God I feel very good now,” said Ghani.

Freelance Belgian photojournalist Jonathan Raa was also injured. He told Rudaw he was feeling fine and his thoughts were with the Peshmerga fighting on the frontline.



Barzini overplayed his hand and set up the conditions where Iran, Iraq and Turkey unified against the Kurds to prevent chunks of their countries from being included in Barzini’s “new Kurdistan.” Trump, well Iran has concluded Trump is a loud mouthed, con artist and carnival barker who is all mouth and no action. It is clear to anybody in the region that Iran is the real winner here.

Iran has now achieved ALL of its original goals.

One: The creation of a secure land supply route from Iran, through Iraq, through Syria and into Lebanon’s Bekka Valley. The result of that is ongoing, sustained resupply for Hezzbollah in Southern Lebanon. Of course, that brings Northern Israel into a free fire zone for Hezzbollah/Iranian missiles. And that is a HUGE ADVANTAGE for Iran in any potential conflict with Israel. If Israel ever directly attacks Israel, well Iran will open a northern front, from Southern Lebanon and Hezzbollah’s missile batteries into Israel.

Two. Iran is now in full operational control of most of Iraq, using the Shia dominated central government in Baghdad and backed up the Armed Shia Militias, or PMU combined with the predominantly Shia central military.

Three: Iran has made Trump, NATO and Israel look like incompetent fools on the world stage.

Four: Iran has now neutralized any Kurdish attempt to liberate the areas inside of Iran known as Kurdistan. This means Iran now faces no threat of armed resistance from inside its country from the Kurds. Iran still faces a potential threat from Kurdish groups inside of Iraqi Kurdistan. However, they have just neutralized, mostly anyway, because Iraq Kurds are now under threat from Iraq, Turkey and Iran.

Five: Barzini is now a gutted, castrated political enuch who may or may not get whacked in the looming Kurdish Civil War between the two major Peshmerga groups.

Six. The Coalition “War against ISIS’ has now totally collapsed and ISIS will emerge, more lethal, stronger and become a factor in Iraq, at least northern Iraq now.

Seven. Trump is now shown on the global stage to have been outplayed by Iran. The results of that will be CATASTROPHIC as Iraq becomes a part of Greater Iran.

Yep, the USA is a fading empire, run by fools, neo con warmongers, globalists and with a military withered away into impotence by North Korea, China, Russia and Iran.

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The events in Kirkuk, which is really the Iranian invasion of Northern Iraq using Shia Militias, Hezzbollah and the Shia dominated Iraqi Army, is nothing less than a war crime. The Shia Militias are now sacking Kirkuk, as well as executing POW’s by beheading them. Again, it is the US supported “Iranian Shia Militias” supported by the US Coalition in its fight against ISIS.


Well, it is clear to me that Iran is the big winner here. This was an IRANIAN INVASION OF NORTHERN IRAQ. Further, as I predicted, things are now getting very nasty. Below is the link to a Rudlaw reporter who CONFIRMS that the Iranian backed Shia militias are EXECUTING PESHMERGA POWS BY BEHEADING THEM. THIS WAR CRIME IS ON THE CENTRAL GOVERNMENT AND IRAN. The Kurds will NEVER FORGIVE OR FORGET WHAT IRAN BACKED SHIA MILITIAS HAVE DONE TO THEM IN KIRKUK. THIS IS A BLOOD FEUD NOW FOR THE KURDS.

Yep, the Coalition is now an accessory to WAR CRIMES BY IRANIAN BACKED SHIA MILITIAS. This isn’t over by any means. It has only begun in my opinion. The Iraqi TERRORIST GOVERNMENT TROOPS AND MILITIA NOW FIND THEMSELVES IN A TRAP. It is one thing for them to conquer Kirkuk and the immediate area, but an entirely different thing to go into the rest of Kurdistan with tens of thousands of enraged, well armed Kurdish Peshmerga. Further, I expect summary executions and an internal civil war between the “traitor Kurds” and the vast majority of the Peshmerga and enraged civilians. I also expect a widespread campaign of terror by the Kurds against Iraq, Iran and Turkey. Iran in particular should expect domestic terror attacks inside of Iran by the Kurds that live inside of Iran. The hornet’s nest has been kicked over big time.

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8:40 p.m.

Peshmerga commander says Peshmerga withdrawal from Kirkuk was no ‘mistake’


Jaafar Sheikh Mustafa, commander of the Peshmerga’s 70 force, told Rudaw the decision to withdraw from Kirkuk was not a “mistake” as they wanted to protect the lives of Peshmerga soldiers.

Mustafa added Iranians led the fight against the Peshmerga in Kirkuk.

“I bear all the responsibilities – in success and failure,” said Mustafa, who led a large number of Peshmerga forces in south Kirkuk.

He dismissed claims that there was “an agreement” between the Peshmerga and the Iraqi army to allow them to enter the city without a fight.

“The Iraqi forces outnumbered the Peshmerga,” he said.




8:15 p.m.


Hashd al-Shaabi beheaded Peshmerga in Kirkuk: Rudaw reporter

A number of Peshmerga were beheaded by Shiite Hashd al-Shaabi militia during confrontations to capture the city of Kirkuk on Monday, according to a Rudaw reporter who witnessed the events.

Rudaw’s Hevidar Ahmed reporting from the scene revealed that, among the Peshmerga killed by Hashd al-Shaabi, some were beheaded.

Ahmed, who reported on the course of clashes between the Peshmerga and Iraqi forces, said that in the beginning the Peshmerga put up a fierce defense. But the Hashd al-Shaabi widened their advance, at which point many Peshmerga were wounded and killed.

He saw the bodies of as many as 10 Peshmerga piled into the back of a pick-up truck. They had all been beheaded.

Wounded Peshmerga were put into another vehicle.

He said the Peshmerga were beheaded by a group of Hashd al-Shaabi trained after the Mosul operation started last year.

Inside Kirkuk, Hashd al-Shaabi have set up security checkpoints inspecting civilians.

Ahmed said he saw instances of supporters of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) being permitted to pass, but others linked with the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) were disarmed and insulted.

Ahmed also said there were looting and burning of Kurdish homes in Tuz Khurmatu by the Hashd al-Shaabi. He reported that 150 Kurdish houses were looted and 15 burned.

He added the bulk of Kurdish families from Khurmatu had fled to Erbil and Sulaimani.

As an eyewitness, Ahmed said much of the frontline was abandoned by the Peshmerga without a fight.




7:39 pm

US Congressman warns could pull funding if Baghdad does not end attacks on Kurds




One thing you can say about Turkey’s Erdogan is he is playing the Restored Ottoman Empire card to its logical conclusion. Besides having his bodyguard/thugs pound peaceful Kurdish demonstrators badly enough they needed to go to the ER, he has shown he is quite willing to seize as much of Northern Syria as he can get away with. Turkey, besides being a known supporter of ISIS, has engaged in routine military actions against Kurds inside of Syria. Turkey has shelled them with artillery, sent troops in to kill them, and bombed them with its F-16’s. Turkey is a NATO member, which means NATO has been directly engaged in attacking Kurdish forces that have been fighting ISIS. Erdogan has now been voted in as dictator, if not for life, at least until 2026 or so. The man really does think he is the new leader of a restored Ottoman Empire, and he really is willing to take any actions he can to make that happen.

Erdogan is now rolling the dice and moving in for the final kill of any Kurds in Syria who dare to not knuckle under to his military and political goals. The link below shows just how far Erdogan is willing to go to occupy Northern Syria and annex it to Turkey itself.

Turkey to Form 10,000-Fighter Army to Battle Kurdish Forces in Northern Syria

TEHRAN (FNA)- Sources in the Free Syrian Army (FSA) militant group disclosed that Ankara is about to form a new army of 10,000 FSA fighters to take part in battles against the Kurdish forces in Northern Syria.

The sources were quoted by the Arabic desk of Sputnik as saying that Turkey has a plan to form a new 10,000-member army from the Ankara-backed FSA militants to use them in battles against the Kurdish forces in a vast region staring from Jarabulus in Northern Aleppo to Idlib.

The sources added that the FSA militants are due to go under a 3-month training course and a further 45-day training by the Turkish Special Forces.

Sputnik went on to say that the FSA members that are to go under training will receive $300 as their monthly salary, while the Turkish side will also provide the FSA fighters with food and housing.

The sources told Sputnik that the operations in the towns of Afrin, Manbij and Tal Abyadh is the main objective of this new army.

Meantime, the people in al-Bab city in the Northern parts of Aleppo rallied to protest at the Turkish army and its allies’ deployment in the region.

Local sources in al-Bab reported on Monday that people held protest rallies in Sheikh Aqil district of al-Bab which was occupied by the Turkish army and Ankara-backed militants.

They added that tens of people in the region carried placards to protest at Ankara and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s policies.

They also chanted slogans including “Erdogan listen! We don’t obey your cruel army. This place belongs to us”.

The rally was held after Turkey’s Deputy Prime Minister Veysi Kaynak said the country was considering establishing a base near the Syrian city of al-Bab.

Kaynak said location of the base currently being considered by the Turkish General Staff was Aqil Hill, West of al-Bab.

The Turkish military established a temporary base at the strategic site after capturing it in February and was considering turning it into something more permanent since.

Speaking after a trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kaynak added that Turkish military presence in the area was reduced from 8,000 at the peak of the Operation Euphrates Shield to 1,500.

Turkey sent its military into Syria in August last year to prop up local militias allied with Ankara against ISIL and Kurdish forces. The confrontation with Syrian Kurd militias, which Turkey considers an off-shoot of the Turkish-based militant movement Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), put Ankara at odds with the US.    

The next link indicate the level of US support for the Kurds who will likely be fighting this new Turkish force in a few months.

Over 100 trucks loaded with US arms, ammo arrive in Syria’s Rojava – Turkish media

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region— A new batch of US arms and ammunition has arrived in the Kurdish controlled city of Hasaka, second such shipment in two months, Turkish media reported Tuesday.

The shipment, loaded on trucks and military vehicles, consisted of anti tank weapons, MK19, M4 Cabrine, M16 and Humwees and crossed the Semelka border into Syria from the Kurdistan Region on two separate occasions, May 15 and May 20, the media reports said. The US-led coaltion and the SDF haven’t yet announced the delivery.


According to multiple Turkish media outlets, the shipments were delivered to the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), an umbrella group which also includes the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG).


US President Donald Trump has approved a plan to arm the Syrian Kurdish fighters — an important U.S. ally in Syria in the fight against ISIS.

The Pentagon has said the move is significant because it supports the notion that the SDF is the fighting force that will eventually go in to Raqqa city in Syria’s center which has been under ISIS control since 2014.

The move reinforces the idea that the entire Syrian Democratic Force, Syrian Kurds (YPG) and the Syrian Arab Coalition, has the backing of the U.S. 

“The (Syrian Democratic Force), partnered with enabling support from U.S. and coalition forces, are the only force on the ground that can successfully seize Raqqa in the near future,” chief Pentagon spokesperson Dana White said in a statement on May 8 after signing the deal to arm the SDF.

No final dates have been set for the Raqqa offensive yet.

Turkey, a key US ally, sees YPG as a “terrorist” organisation and has vehemently opposed Washington’s intentions to include the Kurdish group in the operation. Ankara has instead proposed using the formation of Syrian rebel factions under the umbrella of its Euphrates Shield operation to launch the offensive.

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I have so much to write about today it is overwhelming. This blog, now called Doomism, had nearly 2,000 people view it yesterday. Most of them came from my mentor Steve Quayle’s webpage, and most of them came from the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, or the United Kingdom. I have never cared for the name United Kingdom since it sounds like somebody has died and gone to heaven. Anyway, I also had views from over 30 other countries, which makes this truly an international blog. I won’t deny many of those countries had between one to four viewers, but I will, or at least my writer’s ego will, take what I can get.


The so called Syrian Cease Fire planned to take effect this Saturday is somewhere between a farce and a fantasy. Putin’s speech was funny in a morbid, black humor kind of way, especially since he said it with a straight face. Any ceasefire agreement that leaves out two of the major combatants, ISIS and Al Qaida, allows unrestricted combat by all other combatants, and makes no effort to deny any of this, is not a ceasefire. The objective military reality in Syria is those forces supported by Turkey and Saudi Arabia are getting their rear ends kicked up to the level of their shoulder. In response to that, Turkey has been engaged in active combat operations for the last week or so. I may not have had my morning coffee yet, but even I can see that a ceasefire that has Turkey still shelling the Kurds, and the Kurds still fighting ISIS, and Syria, and Iran, and Hezzbollah still fighting, along with Russia bombing the crap out of everybody they don’t like, well, you can see my point! My blog readers can rest assured that on Monday we will see frantic diplomats, making even more frantic press releases that the violence hasn’t stopped in Syria. The only thing that will interest me is they will say all this with straight faces, and like the cease fire was ever intended to be a cease fire.


Next, we come to the “do they, or don’t they, “nuclear question for Saudi Arabia. I have to say even Doomer Doug was a bit on the stunned side yesterday. Having slept on the matter, I have come to several conclusions about the video. The original source was a Saudi “political analyst” giving an interview played on Russian television. The so called analyst has ties to Saudi Arabian intelligence agencies, moves in the highest circles of the House of Saud and the government. So, he is not some fruitcake, spewing nonsense for the entertainment of fools. He is a senior level Saudi who gives plausible deniability if needed. He also gives a level of credibility that I find interesting. We have this man who, in the course of an interview, calmly states that Saudi Arabia has had two nuclear weapons for the last two years. He is telling, again this is Russian television, about this in the context of Putin making direct threats to use tactical nukes against any advancing Turkish forces. He makes this statement, or warning, in a calm, sober minded way. He does not go North Korea on us. He does not start foaming at the mouth, howling at the top of his lungs about “Lakes of Fire,” or any other theatrical manure North Korea likes to throw out.


What we have here, in my opinion, is the House of Saud telling Russia to back off. The House of Saud is telling Putin that any use of nuclear weapons against its Turkish ally will result in the use of nuclear weapons, at least two, by Saudi Arabia. Further, the House of Saud did this in such a way that they can, if Putin openly responded to the Saudi threat, by shrugging their shoulders and saying, “Oh, yes that guy. You see he escaped from the mental institution, so thanks for hunting him down for us.” The fact they have not done that, or even responded to what I would think, especially if it wasn’t true, with a press release carried all over the world. Saudi Arabia hasn’t done that at all. I went to their Embassy home web page and found nothing about any nukes. I did find a statement, dated the 12th, where a senior level Saudi General said that sending ground troops into Syria was “irreversible.” In the context of that statement from 10 days ago, you can see how casually throwing out you have nukes fits the plan.


I see absolutely no reason at all to think this Saudi gentleman doesn’t know what he is talking about, or more importantly, been given clearance to make these kind of public states on such a sensitive issue. Let me be blunt here: the idea a Saudi citizen would wake up, go to an interview and then casually say that Saudi Arabia has nukes, and then make a direct threat to both Russia and Iran. Um, Saudi Arabia has the death penalty. Saudi Arabia recently displayed the corpse, openly displayed, of one of the people they executed. So, this tells me there is no way this guy did this without clearance from the highest levels of both the House of Saud and the Saudi Arabian government. The fact he hasn’t been arrested, with news cameras rolling, followed by a very fast trial, with an even faster public execution, tells me my instincts are correct.




You may believe that if you want, or deny it if you want to. You may think I need to up my psych meds, or even decrease the dosage. One thing you do not get to is ignore the very plain, very clear, and very blunt message from the House of Saud that they not only have nuclear weapons, but they intend to use them against either Iran or Russia if they have to. Obviously, the implications for Israel are even more profound.

ODDS AND ENDS 1-12-2016

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First,  my blog readers will not be surprised that Iran is now in full  mess with Obama mode. You will not be surprised my statements that they are going all out, will brook no fecal material, and are not going to back off have proved correct again. We should also realize Iran has a non Islamic history going back to 500 BC. Iran is the Empire that was ruled by Cyrus, Xerxes and Darius. It is the empire that attacked Greece twice. It is the empire that stretched from Sinai to Pakistan, from the Indian Ocean to the Onzx River in Central Russia. It is an empire that was well advanced in law, culture and human rights. Cyrus banned slavery. Cyrus has wall murals showing his “conquered” people as friends, being led by hand into his presence. Exactly where this idea Iran is full of cretins, with no sense of Iranian and Persian history, is beyond me. After Alexander the Great crushed Persia, and in an act of Greek barbarism burned several cities of unmatched beauty to the ground, the second Iranian Empire called the Parthians smacked Imperial Rome around. The Parthians captured three Roman Emperors, killed one, put a second on display in the palace,  and in general pushed Rome out of Mesopotamia around 25o AD.

They were followed by a resurgent Persian Empire based on their fire religion that again recreated most of the original Persian Empire under Cyrus. This empire finally converted to Islam, was shattered by the Arabs pouring out of the Arabian Peninsula, and eventually formed the Shia branch of Islam. This is the one that hates the Sunni Muslims, like Saudi Arabia and ISIS, and has now pretty much declared war on the USA.

I knew the total failure of our Cretin in Chief Obama to deal with an offensive missile launch, 1500 yards from a US Aircraft carrier would embolden Iran. Well, duh!

We now have a second hostage crisis with Iran. If Iran decides to not release the captives, we will have a bona fide crisis. Of course, Iran may settle for a dog and pony show and be satisfied with humiliating the USA. Gee, Iran has just stolen the thunder of Obama’s “State of the Farce Speech.” The US Navy is claiming the small boats and engine problems, but I call BS. If you are a crew in hostile waters, even under the gutted Obama US Navy, you would think you would at least make sure you could make it back to your ship. Oh, well Obama strikes again.

The link is here.

Next, we have example number 62 of exactly why Obama the fool has been a disaster for the USA. Obama insults our allies, panders to our enemies and makes both China and Russia increasingly brazen. The following link merely confirms the ongoing Chinese economic and military offensive to effectively take over Africa. When George Clooney whines about Darfur in the Sudan, he fails to mention the planes killing are made in China, flown by Chinese trained pilots; all to get at the oil Sudan has.

Here is the link to the end of US power in Africa.


If you read the Terry Brooks fantasy book series about Elves, Magic Trees, and hordes of really bad creatures trying to kill off both men and elves, then this link may be of use to you. Granted, I am not sure what MTV will do with the book, but we shall see. I enjoyed all of them at least.


Doomer Doug does not believe in what is called the “big person” type of history. This style of historical analysis concentrates on Napoleon and ignores what the French people were doing between 1790 and 1815. I believe today, February 10th, 2015 will be long remembered as the date the US Empire entered the final collapse phase. I will add this is not the final collapse; it is “the end of the beginning,” to quote Winston.

This link describes a date, like 476 AD for Rome, future historians will use when talking about the “end of the American Republic.” I think the mere fact Iran has taken down a global superpower, kicked it out of a key Middle Eastern country; then taken over that country says it all. The USA, much less our Marxist Cretin in Chief Obama, should have no illusions of US power at this point. Doomer Doug looks in all directions and sees an United States in free fall on so many levels.

Here is what I will now openly call ‘THE LOSS OF YEMEN,” means in real terms.

One: Iran now has FULL OPERATIONAL CONTROL OF YEMEN’S NORTH AND CENTRAL AREAS. We may now see a raging civil war break out between the Sunni Al Qaeda of the Arabian Peninsula, and the Shia Iranian proxy force The Houthi Tribesmen. The USA will be completely unable to do anything in terms of drone strikes related to either group. It is a fact the Paris attack was plotted in Yemen by Al Qaeda. We may now safely assume unrestricted attacks from Southern Yemen. Yemen will turn into a failed state. We may also safely assume the Houthi may ignore Southern Yemen and use the Sunni to unleash on the infidels. The Houthi may ignore all this Sunni stuff, openly attack them, or reach an understanding with the local Sunni to kill Jews and Infidels.

Two: Iran can now use Yemen as a forward military base to harass Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States. Iran can  make it clear it can seal both the Suez Canal and the Strait of Hormuz at the same time. The military, economic and political implications of that are profound.

Three: Iran is clearly in the mood to restore the ancient, pre-Islamic Persian Empire. Egypt is now also clearly attempting to restore the ancient Egyptian Empire circa 1500 BC. In fact, we also have Turkey attempting to restore the Ottoman Empire finally crushed in 1918. The blunt truth is the USA is now entering senility at precisely the point we have a minimum of three nations attempting to take full Islamic control of the Middle East.

Four: Israel, well Israel is going to have to use its 200 nukes just to keep clinging to the edge of the cliff.

At any rate, today is historic in my opinion. History also shows us it may take decades before people realize what really happened on February 10th, 2015. It is not Vietnam we are talking about here. The USA just lost control of the Suez Canal. When, not if, Iran seals it, or at least threatens to seal it, all ships will have to divert around Africa. The Med will be worthless. Russia will control the Suez Canal from the North. Iran will control it from the South. Russia will likely make advances to Egypt and isolate Israel completely, except for the Straits of Gibraltar. Iran and Russia are going to play the “good cop/bad cop” game to perfection in my opinion. While the West is now obsessed with arming the Ukraine, they have failed to notice Russia and Iran just took control of the Black Sea, the Med, and the Red Sea. This is not bad for an “isolated Putin,” and a “rogue regime” like Iran.

Yep, it will take some, not much, time for the clueless West to understand what has just happened. We should remember the reason Christopher Columbus found America was he was looking for India. The reason he was looking for India was Islam had all but sealed off the shipping routes to both India and China. We aren’t quite there, yet, but Iran and Russia have just offered a very good down payment on kicking the USA out of the Middle East. I keep thinking there is a point where the stupidity and arrogance of Kerry and Obama will reach their conclusion. Unfortunately, the level of blind, raging stupidity in what passes for a foreign policy under Obama keeps rising.

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The Coup Is Complete: US Embassy In Yemen Shutting Down, Ambassador To Leave By Wednesday

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Another US-friendly regime has folded completely, and after bumbling US foreign intervention in Libya and Egypt made the countries into terrorist breeding grounds where Americans are kidnapped on sight or worse, it is now Yemen’s turn: another country in the Middle East whose president until recently was backed by the US government, and which will now be nothing more than civilian casualty fodder for remote-controlled US drones.


For those Americans who are still on location, fear not: you are in good hands:


And now it’s time for Obama to discuss just how “isolated” Putin really is.