Flu Pandemic 4-21-2013

China has always been where the great disease epidemics begin. The “Asian Soup” is composed of water, pig, human, chicken, duck and other animals fecal material. It is from this we get the bacteria and viruses needed to lay the foundation for pandemics.

There are several facts related to China and disease. The epicenter for the current flu is Shanghai. Shanghai is where several thousand dead pigs were found floating in the river Shanghai uses for fresh water. The Chinese government assures us there is no connection. ROTFLMAO Let me just say people have died, and will continue to die due to Chinese health authorities covering up the truth.

We now have a flu outbreak that has gone from a total of 3 cases to 103 in the last 3 weeks. The death total is now 20. This is a 20 per cent kill rate. The thing people need to understand about how diseases work is this. A bacteria or virus doesn’t want to kill off the infected animal or human. Diseases, like Ebola, with a high 90 percent kill rate, will burn out quickly. A flu virus that has a 20 percent kill rate will continue mutating, infecting merrily along. My point being the fact that only 20 percent of people infected are dying is an extremely bad sign. The fact that nearly 80 percent of the total deaths are people over 50 years old tells me the flu virus is mutating to increase lethality. The get well and leave patients are currently young people and young children. The virus is mutating to be able to kill them. It just hasn’t perfected the ability to overwhelm young and healthy responsive immune systems.

I am seeing three things here in terms of a global pandemic.

One: The disease is mutating. The disease is killing 20 percent of the people it is infecting. It is using the other 80 percent as a fabrication factory to increase effectiveness. We are seeing people with no symptoms.

Two: We are seeing the start of the mutation process needed for sustained human to human flu virus transmission. We are also seeing the mutation process for vector change to either contact or airborne.

Three: We are seeing the rapid spread of the flu virus in China. This is very bad since it means the virus has been mutating, changing and spreading for quite a while. Do not focus on the numbers of cases. Focus on the percentage of increase. 3 cases to 103 cases in three weeks is a MASSIVE rate of increase. It is a rate of increase of  OVER THREE THOUSAND PERCENT. Now if that rate of increase is sustained for another month or two, well you get the idea.

We are on the edge here, gang.