The news is now reporting there are cases of possible Middle Eastern flu in a New York City hospital. There are also reports of an unknown disease in Alabama killing two people. Chinese authorities continue to insist there have been NO new cases for the last week. The warm weather in China may have delayed the spread of flu, but it is more likely Chinese authorities have stopped testing for the flu virus.
At any rate, we now have several diseases showing up all over the world. We have the ongoing mutant SARS virus in the Mid East. We have the same virus in Europe. We have several cases of an unknown virus in Texas, the upper Mid West, and now presumably in Alabama. The disease in New York City is presumed to the be same one from Saudi Arabia. If that is really the case, then the disease spread is just beginning.


The disease news from the Middle East keeps getting worse. China has quieted down due to the ongoing data suppression effort by the Chinese government. If you don’t test for the mutant bird flu, then you don’t have a problem. The vector for China’s flu may very well be rats. If this is the case, it will continue to spread unchecked all through China.

The news from the Middle East continues to show ongoing disease spread. Tunisia has now reported the first fatal case of the mutant SARS virus that began in Jordan 14 months ago. The other thing is the cases in England, France, Germany, and now Tunisia confirm human to human transmission from being in an airplane with an infected person. The majority of cases have been in Saudi Arabia, primarily eastern Saudi Arabia. The disease is likely to be in the Gulf States. Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and Quatar also. Saudi Arabia is doing most of the testing which is why they are confirming the disease. Several of the Saudi Arabian, as well as the German case were of people living in the Gulf States. They ended up in either German or Saudi Arabia which is where they actually died. They were infected in the Gulf States. One Egyptian citizen also died after returning from Egypt to Saudi Arabia for treatment. Saudi Arabia makes the point that several of the cases are linked to Egypt, Quatar, Dubai and the UAE even if those countries are not reporting any cases. This lack of cases is due to the lack of testing besides the infected people being treated elsewhere.
The disease spread during March and April until on May 2nd Saudi Arabia reported 7 cases. 5 of the 7 cases were already dead which meant they got infected in April at the latest. Again, the level of transparency leaves a lot to be desired.
The status as of today is there have been dozens of cases, as well as many fatalities. Obviously, the SARS Middle Eastern mutant strain is gathering steam, spreading widely and shows no sign of slowing down at this point. It has also shown the ability to spread human to human. We know this from not only the airline passenger cases, but the family clusters and the hospital employees getting infected.
At any rate, we now have confirmed human to human transmission. We now have family clusters and infected hospital workers. Finally, we have people getting infected from being exposed to infected people during airline travel. The incubation period for the Corona Virus is between 7 to 10 days. Flu takes between 2 and 4 days to show symptoms. There have been cases of infected people being discharged and then showing symptoms several days later. This is not good.


Doomer Doug wrote his last blog entry less than twenty-four hours ago. Several very disturbing things have happened since then.

The general global disease context is there are three separate lethal diseases happening at the same time. The first is the killer flu virus in China. The second is the lethal virus/bacteria killing teenagers in Texas. The third is the ongoing spread of a lethal SARS type virus both in the MidEast and Europe.

The number of official flu cases in China is 131. This is four new cases in the last two weeks. The number of fatalities has gone from 21 two weeks ago to 35 today. Assuming there are no new cases, this means a kill rate percentage increase from 20 percent to over 30 percent. This is not logical. The kill rate shows the real and true number of flu cases is now 175. You get that number by maintaining the 20 percent kill rate. This is logical.

China is also now admitting a wave of “atypical pneumonia” in the area just north of Shanghai. This is ground zero of the lethal flu epidemic. This area has had flu cases since back in March. The Chinese admit the hospitals are being overwhelmed. They admit they are dealing with many cases. They just refuse to test for the lethal flu virus. No test means no disease. The Chinese government can then deny the spread of the lethal flu virus. If you don’t test for it, then it doesn’t exist.

France is now admitting two separate cases of the lethal SARS Mid East virus. They are also admitting human to human transmission. The second case was staying in the same room with the first case. The only way he could get sick is for human to human transmission. The SARS virus is in Jordan, Saudi Arabia, England, and now France.

The lethal virus in Texas has spread to the upper Mid West. Several teenagers have died from it over the last few weeks. The CDC and the WHO are using their patented spin control techniques in all three cases.

In summary, China is now experiencing the logical disease spread consistent with the mass travel earlier this month. The official version is ALL the cases in China are due to smog. Yes, gang, smog! This is not worthy of comment. Bejing has massive smog on a routine basis. They do not report overwhelmed hospitals. They do not report hundreds of cases of “atypical pneumonia.” Atypical pneumonia is a code word for the lethal flu that started in Shanghai back in February.

Doomer Doug has no idea how all this will play out. The Chinese reports are full consistent with the ongoing spread of the killer flu. The fact the Chinese government doesn’t admit this no longer matters. The real situation in China is there are overwhelmed hospitals in several areas of the east coast. The real situation is there are hundreds of cases of reported respiratory illness. We are told all of this has NOTHING to do with the killer flu. This is ridiculous. If you see a pile of bear poop, you can be sure the bear is not far away.

There will be bodies stacked like cordwood on the streets of China before the powers that be admit anything is going on.


Despite the best spin control efforts of Chinese authorities, the WHO, and the CDC a few things are becoming clearer regarding China’s Killer Flu.

The first is we are not dealing with a bird flu anymore. Many of the infected people had NO exposure to poultry, farms, or live poultry markets. Most of the birds tested weren’t infected with the flu virus. This means we are NOT dealing with a bird flu. We are dealing with a mutated virus that may have started out as a bird flu. It has now mutated into one that infects mammals and is no longer only in poultry. Why the authorities continue to say it is a bird flu, when exposure to birds is not required to be infected is beyond me. Why they persist in calling it a bird flu when few of the tested poultry are infected with it is beyond me.

The second issue is the disease vector now clearly includes the ability to transfer human to human. This has been true for several weeks now. Again, why the authorities continue to say exposure to poultry is required is not clear. We have had numerous examples of human to human transmission in family clusters. This is no longer in doubt.

The powers that be are still saying with a straight face that over the last two weeks there have been exactly four new cases. This is delusional. We KNOW there have been dozens to hundreds of cases of school children coming down with what we are told is the “flu.” We know the official flu season is over in China. We are being told that the school closures, and the many infected children have NOTHING to do with the lethal strain. This is no doubt because the Chinese health authorities are no longer testing these children. Assuming they have, it is clear they would deny positive results.

It is also clear that the reports of overwhelmed hospitals, school closures and sick students are fully consistent with the spread of the flu as a direct result of the mass travel earlier in May.
The process is slowly gaining speed. The true numbers of infected people is likely in the thousands by now. We shall see what happens over the next two week to six week time frame.
The deliberate and intentional denial of reality will have no impact on what the real reality is.
The powers that be can deny all they want. Something bad is happening in China related to the lethal flu virus. We can be sure of this.


Urban planners have a phrase they use called infill. Infill is where a developed city takes all the empty lots, abandoned fast food places and gas stations and razes them to the ground. Developers then build apartments on the vacant lot. This infill process means that now all space available is developed.

Doomer Doug thinks the Chinese flu is using the same process. One of the key things people need to understand is that this particular flu is an urban flu. It has struck almost completely in cities. The process of infill means that the flu will now gradually fill in all the areas where cases have been reported.

The Chinese government has clearly decided to suppress the actual total number of cases for political reasons. The Chinese government has not taken any steps to restrict travel during the May Day holiday period. The result will be the continued spread of the flu virus into areas that currently do not have any cases.

Dr. Niman reports that several Shanghai hospitals are closed to new patients due to being overwhelmed with flu victims. Again, this is officially unconfirmed due to the ongoing fact suppression campaign by the Chinese government. We will find out no later than May 15 if the unrestricted travel has led to new cases. The Chinese government will no doubt try to suppress this information. At some point in the near future, these fact suppression efforts will be overwhelmed by the reality.

Today saw the further spread of the flu virus in Hunan towards the southwest. The flu virus is now on the move along with all the traveling people. Further, the issue of human to human transmission is in my opinion absolutely confirmed. Dr. Niman thinks human to human is happening, and that is good enough for me. Doomer Doug’s analysis of the reported flu cases indicates clearly that human to human transmission is now happening.

The real issue is sustained human to human transmission. Doomer Doug does not think we are at that point, yet. The emphasis is on the word yet. The example of the spinning three lemons on a one-armed-bandit slot machine is a good metaphor. Doomer Doug thinks the first two lemons are now lined up. They are geographic progression and geometric progression. The reality of geometric progression is being covered up by the Chinese government, the WHO and other health agencies. This cover-up will not last much longer.

The third lemon is sustained human to human transmission. The lemon is slowing its rotation as more cases of human to human happen. Eventually, it will stop and line up with the first two. When that happens, we will be entering the pandemic phase, at least in China.

Doomer Doug is keeping his four eyes on Hong Kong and Tawian. If Doomer Doug’s theory is correct we will see cases in Hong Kong and more cases in Taiwan. We will also see the continued infill process in all the areas that have reported cases.

At any rate, the Chinese Killer Flu is showing a truly amazing mutation ability. Several other Asian countries are now scanning flight crew and passengers for signs of fever. This so called fever test won’t be of much help. There are many documented cases of people being infected and failing to show any symptoms for several days. The case in Taiwan is a prime example of that.


Doomer Doug has noticed a certain phrase being used by Chinese health authorities when talking about the people exposed to the 125 confirmed cases of flu. April 23rd had a total of 108 documented flu cases. April 25th had a total of 120. Today the 28th we are assured there were only five additional cases in a three day period. This is when the average increase has been in the three to five per day range. Perhaps the Chinese government is under counting documented cases.

Today also saw the admission of a second case in Hunan deep in central China. The flu will continue to spread.

The phrase “abnormal symptoms” Doomer Doug finds very interesting. We know hundreds of people were exposed to infected flu carriers. This is a fact. Doomer Doug simply notes the official Chinese government response is not to say there have been no symptoms in the hundreds of people exposed to infected people. They are instead saying that there have been no “abnormal symptoms.” Doomer Doug has no idea of what criteria Chinese health officials use to determine the difference between a normal symptom and one that is abnormal.

This is yet another example of the systematic coverup of the flu epidemic by Chinese officials. It should be clear to anybody with a brain that this means these exposed people are clearly suffering from normal symptoms of their flu exposure. We are also being assured that there is no human to human transmission. Okay! At any rate, Doomer Doug finds the admission these exposed people are suffering normal symptoms disturbing. One would assume normal symptoms to flu exposure would be high fever, coughing and things like that. The Chinese government has as usual decided the policy of the cover up, misdirection and withholding of the actual data to be the way to go. The Chinese government routinely uses these methods when dealing with unpleasant facts.

Doomer Doug will only say these exposed people are now obviously exhibiting “normal symptoms” in response to their flu exposure. While Doomer Doug is not sure what that means, it doesn’t sound very good.


Since I wrote the blog entry two days ago, China’s flu epidemic has gone critical.

People need to understand this flu had its epicenter in the eastern coastal city of Shanghai in late February and March. There have now been a total of 120 cases in China as of today. Further, the geographic progression has now taken a very disturbing trend as of today. The flu started in Shanghai. It has spread north along the coast in the last three weeks. It has spread to Bejing several hundred miles inland from the East Coast of China. It has spread south from Shanghai to the Fujan area. Finally, it is now confirmed in the CENTRAL CHINESE AREA OF HUNAN. This is a HUGE dot. The flu virus has now spread over much of the east coast of China. It has now spread inland to Bejing. It has now spread inland, towards the west, into Hunan. We are talking hundreds of miles here.

If Shanghai is compared to Washington, D.C. Bejing is New York City. Fujan is Georgia. Hunan is Saint Louis. You see my point here. Don’t be misled by “only” 120 cases. It is very clear the actual number of cases are being under-counted by Chinese authorities. If you place a pin on the map showing Hunan in the west, and you place a pin on Taiwan in the east you will get a clearer view of why the flu battle is now lost in China. China has a big holiday coming up on May 1st. This holiday means TENS OF MILLIONS OF CHINESE will travel all over their country. This will spread the bird flu into all areas of China.

One more thing. It is appalling to see the Chinese health officials STILL DENYING the reality of human to human flu transmission at this late date. You cannot get the kind of geometric progression of cases without human to human transmission. You can’t get the kind of geographic progression from Shanghai to Bejing, to Hunan in the west and Taiwan in the east without human to human transmission. It is IMPOSSIBLE for the flu virus to have spread over such a wide area in less than one month without human to human airborne vector transmission.

At any rate, Doomer Doug expects the flu virus to spread all over China by June 1st at the absolute latest.