I am somewhat annoyed at the semi-hysteria over “Trump losing the debate” among some people online. I think these people don’t understand what Trump needed to do in the first debate, the hurdles he had to deal with, and the final result. What Trump really had to do, absolutely do, was convince people he wasn’t a crazy. Trump had the same problem as Ronald Reagan had in his debate with Carter back in 1980. Reagan had to convince people, who wanted change from Carter, that it was safe to vote for Reagan. They wanted to be convinced Reagan wouldn’t launch a nuclear first strike on Moscow five minutes after he was sworn in. The debate did that, and Reagan won.

Trump’s “performance” in the debate is a technical issue in my view. I debated in high school. I know the drill. Yes, on a points basis, Trump had some issues. So what? My main point is what people saw during the debate in relation to Trump and Hellary. If the whole point of the debate was to convince people Trump isn’t a raving lunatic, which Trump did, so he won. The other point was for Hellary the BITCH to convince people she was a human being. She failed utterly, dismally and fatally in that.

Trump came across as a guy who got ambushed about 15 minutes into the debate. Trump suffered a two sided attack from that clown moderator, along with Hellary the Shrew. He reacted like a normal human being would. He got defensive, yada, yada, yada. Well now, out there in the real world that played well. The final reason Trump won both the debate and the election is he did what he needed to do, prove he wasn’t a monster, and Hellary the Shrew didn’t do what she needed to do; namely, make people think she was a human being. She failed to do that, and Trump achieved his goal. It really is that simple, blog readers.

I will not join those now in mourning over “Trump’s debate defeat.” I will only say the sloppy, somewhat choppy, Trump victory was a strategic one, and not a tactical one. The bottom line is the whore media was outed yet again with Holt the clown and Hellary the Shrew. The bottom line is Hellary the Shrew, a whining, bitching, repulsive woman, yet again called Trump a racist, yada, yada, yada, And you know what, the attacks all failed, just like they failed in the past. So, Hellary the Shrew is that all you got? Is that the best you can do, by which I mean be a repulsive, obnoxious, SHREW AND BITCH and launch vicious personal attacks on Trump and his family? Hellary the Shrew did that live on national television, with over 100 million people watching, and doesn’t even realize how badly she messed up.

It is really a very simple equation here, blog readers. Trump came across as a human being, perhaps a bit more messy that we would like, but Hellary came across as a shrew, a BITCH, a hack politician with no new ideas, and no ideas at all. Trump played to his strengths, which are empathy with the “little people,” a clear vision of what he wants to do when elected, and a fundamental decency and humanity. Hellary had nothing to offer. Hellary the Shrew had no plans, no vision and offered nothing but the ongoing spewing of her venom and hate towards Trump supporters.

People saw that Hellary the Shrew in action is a vile, mean spirited, brutal, vindictive BITCH. They will remember that because they remember her deplorable comments, and they remember she plans to kill them if she can. While Trump played to his strengths, Hellary the SHREW played to her faults. She thinks being a vile, obnoxious person is a sign of power, but it is a revealing of weakness and arrogance. I am saying that both Trump and Hellary the SHREW were revealed in the debate. I am saying people liked what they saw of Trump, and hated what they saw of Hellary the SHREW. People will remember how Hellary made them feel, with the sneering and smirking smile, the smug looks and the aristocrat walking through the peasant village attitude. Oh, yes they will remember that far more than they will focus on “Trump’s debate point loss,” or did he interrupt Hellary, when she was attacking him, mocking him, etc too many times.

The thing people don’t get about political debates, versus idea debates, is political debates are about feelings, while idea debates are about facts. Hellary lost the debate because people think she is a venal, corrupt, amoral, shrewish BITCH. She did not convince anybody she wasn’t that list of character traits. What she did do was convince undecideds that she not only has those character traits, but she likes them and enjoys being a SHREW.…e-first-debate


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I am reposting this essay since people who say I have no idea of what I am talking about need to understand the Obama reign of Marxist terror is something I predicted from Day one. The headline today is that sleazy bitch Lynch, Obama’s chief legal minion, will scrub all mention of the Orlando shooter mentioning ISIS in his 911 calls. Now, read that and then read what I wrote below about hate thought, hate speech and hate crimes. It is a crime for a baker to not bake a cake for a gay couple. It is a crime to say climate change doesn’t exist. Again, I wrote this over eight years ago.

This was originally written for Steve Quayle’s website. He told me one of the reasons he could no longer publish my essays was he was getting attacked by the hordes of Obamabots who flooded him with spam email and other denial of service attacks. At any rate, prepare yourself for Civil War Two. It is coming sooner than many think. I may repost two or three other classics that were also written years ago. Most of the things I have been writing about for the last 20 years or so are now either fully implemented or in the final phase of NWO globalist plans.

by Doug McIntosh 11-5-08
It is now necessary to destroy the United States in order to resurrect America; the reason for that is the New World Order has destroyed America to create the banking oligarchy called the United States. The extent of that banking oligarchy is now apparent; first, with the so called bailout, and second, with the coronation of our very own Marxist demagogue. Athens had Alcibades, who led them to disaster in Sicily during the War with Sparta in 415BC. Rome had its scheming generals in the final years of its Republic; now, the NWO vultures feasting on the rotting corpse of the American Republic have unleashed their own version called Barack Obama. The result will be the same as for both Athens and Rome: namely, the final disaster.
I will now dispense with the usual first objection to this line of reasoning. I will no doubt be lectured by some to “respect the office, if not the man.” How quaint such sentiments are as the stench of the murdered American Republic wafts through the countryside. So, let me be clear here: I respect neither. The office of the President died with the Republic on October 3rd, 2008. The oath breakers in both the Senate and House murdered it. The $700 billion bailout, which now has swelled to $2.6 TRILLION, and includes tens of billions of bonuses for Wall Street Executives, was the fell deed. Gee, what a surprise the bailout isn’t $700 Billion and includes bonuses. It is enough to make one, to use a word our new messiah, with a small m, Obama has solemnly warned us against being, cynical. Now, why would anyone be cynical about the NWO whores running Ubangastan?


Since the office of the president is dead, and since the demagogue holding it, Barack Obama, is a Marxist traitor don’t expect any respect from me. Ubanga, which is my official name for Barack Obama, will get only the contempt he deserves from me. The Ubangabots, my name for his remote controlled, glazed eyed, legions of cult followers will also get no respect from me. They are the enemy. We are at war now. They intend to declare my belief system illegal and then they intend to kill me if I object. Well, I object and the killing time is not far off. While I watched the pathetic, pandering whining of the old man McCain in his “concession speech” the thought hit me that McCain was really conceding the last vestiges of freedom, truth and justice. No doubt the NWO whore McCain will work closely with our new demagogue Ubanga. So what?
Without dwelling too long on Ubanga our new messiah, I do think the British writer Melanie Phillips described him best when she wrote in the “Spectator: You have to pinch yourself- a Marxist radical who has all his life been mentored by, sat at the feet of, worshipped with, befriended, endorsed the philosophy of, funded and been in turn funded by, politically promoted and supported a nexus comprising black power anti-white racists, Jew haters, revolutionary Marxists, unrepentant former terrorists, and Chicago mobsters, is on the verge of becoming President of the United States. And apparently, it is considered impolite to say so.” If there is a better description of what the American people have just done, I can’t find it.
As to what the results of all this will be, here is another blog entry from “Chris: Interesting! If King Obama gets into office( a.k.a. Marxist traitor) It will energize the right to be organized, ruthless and driven to draw millions to their cause. Indeed, after all who are the gun owners: most big and small business owners, the military and veterans; Christians. I’d say if this country does turn Marxist, I have no doubt a new civil war will start between big government and the people they try to silence. Dark days ahead indeed if a Marxist takes office.”
Well, a Marxist has taken office and dark days are indeed ahead. I will spend time in the brief amount we have left, before the Marxist agenda is implemented, and the armed response begins to that agenda, in explaining what I think is going on. My personal opinion is the Marxists will move quickly to pass the free speech muzzling trio of hate thought, hate speech and hate crime. We have seen in France Brigot Bardot fined for “anti muslim statements.” We have seen what is happening in England, Canada and Australia regarding “hate speech.” This will happen in the USA as early as February 2009. It will happen in tandem with the second phase of the NWO economic collapse to get Ubanga and his “New Deal” going. I said last month that the point of the whole stock market collapse was to get Ubanga elected. I was spot on. In 77 days, at Ubanga’s coronation, the second phase will begin. You have about 90 days to prepare for the civil war which will break out in the next 3 to 18 months. < IT LOOKS LIKE IT TOOK LONGER FOR THE RESPONSE TO OBAMA’S TREASON TO GEL. The military “homeland defense” deployments are martial law and dissident suppression tactics. They are designed to intimidate and bully domestic freedom fighters. I am neither intimidated or bullied. I am a walking dead man, as will become clear when the reign of Ubanga terror starts early next year. Marxists always use terror as a state instrument: always. Ubanga will not be the first Marxist dictator to unleash a reign of terror against a populace: Stalin against the Ukrainian Kulaks; Mao against the landowners come to mind. The single difference is these Marxist reign of terrors were against unarmed people. The Founding Fathers in their wisdom have at least guaranteed all these Imperial Legionnaires running around on homeland security duty will get the fight of their lives. I do not say Patriots will win. I do say we will try. And then most of us will die. So be it. It is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees. Ubanga and his bots are going to find that out soon enough. Enjoy your final Christmas. There will be no Happy New Year for 2009. < AGAIN IT TOOK LONGER FOR THE FINAL OBAMA GUN GRAB TO START>When Ubanga makes his Marxist move to ban dissident speech and behavior, let each person make their own decision as to what that means. Let the spark be lit and freedom be restored.


    I have long said that the debt levels, consumer, corporate and government are not sustainable. We will eventually have a debt based economic collapse of near total destruction. I have also said the trigger event, the rock that falls and starts the avalanche, will be when foreigners begin to sell off toxic US debt. This is now what is starting to happen in 2016. 

The link below tells the story.

It is a fact that both China and Japan hold over one trillion dollars each in US Treasury debt. It is a fact that foreign holders of US debt have decided to begin reducing their exposure. The result of that will eventually mean the US Treasury will be unable to sell new debt. Once that happens the economic collapse will begin in earnest. The Federal Reserve, the private banking cartel that has reduced Americans to slaves, will be forced to buy up newly issued debt, much as a dog eats its own vomit to keep the game going.

The other thing the article mentioned was the amount of debt sold in April, some $78 billion in one month, was the highest amount since 1978. The Federal Reserve is now impaled on zero interest rate policy. Trump is correct in his belief we are going to see a massive economic disruption in 2016.

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It is always nice to be recognized by no better of a globalist source than the New York Times. Doomer Doug beat them to the punch, although our globalist snobs in New York City would never admit that. Yesterday I posted an essay called “The Band Plays On,” all about the looming global debt collapse. Ergo, an article called “Toxic Loans Around the World Weigh on Global Growth.” The thing I like about this style of article is it is a prime example of how the globalists maintain control. They admit there is a problem; they admit this problem may have devastating results. They then tell the reader to move on to the next imminent crisis, turn the tube or DVD back on, and life goes on. They do this decade after decade with the result the status quo is maintained. Yep, it is a long known propaganda technique used to define the popular reality to the benefit of the global oligarchs. The genius of this article is the implication the problem is long term, not imminent, and is “over there,” in China. Go back to sleep, sheeple!

The link is here.

Toxic Loans Around the World Weigh on Global Growth


Beneath the surface of the global financial system lurks a multitrillion-dollar problem that could sap the strength of large economies for years to come

The problem is the giant, stagnant pool of loans that companies and people around the world are struggling to pay back. Bad debts have been a drag on economic activity ever since the financial crisis of 2008, but in recent months, the threat posed by an overhang of bad loans appears to be rising. China is the biggest source of worry. Some analysts estimate that China’s troubled credit could exceed $5 trillion, a staggering number that is equivalent to half the size of the country’s annual economic output.


The defining mission of all national states and their militaries is the protection of the life and property of all citizens, as well as the security of state territorial integrity. In this the state called the USA has not only failed, but is in free fall and closing in on systemic collapse. The Obama administration is a total failure at the most basic level of government. Obama and his ilk have allowed total chaos to reign on our borders, especially our southern border with Mexico. They have allowed unrestricted, unchecked, and wide open illegal immigration to happen. Obama is a TRAITOR who will be viewed as the single worst American President in the history of the American Republic.

The links are as follows.

Border agent: ‘We might as well abolish our immigration laws altogether’

By Paul Bedard (@SecretsBedard)•2/4/16 10:04 AM

Report: MS-13 foot soldiers use ‘surge’ to cross border, ‘colonize new criminal territory’

By Paul Bedard (@SecretsBedard)•2/4/16 9:01 AM

Border Patrol: Cartels use kids to divert agents

By Joel Gehrke•2/4/16 10:42 AM

The list of Obama’s TREASON is damn near endless at this point.


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It has now been officially reported the total of US government, the federal deficit, is now 19 Trillion dollars. This news has been greeted with a collective yawn by the powers that be, the oligarchs, the media and the sheeple. I have been writing about economic issues since 1998 over at In all that time, although we came close in 1998 with the Russian debt default, the global debt based system has hung in there. Mr. Magoo, my name for Alan Greenspan and his 20 year reign of terror at the Federal Reserve, engaged in a policy of insanity, followed by Bernanke and his zero interest rates for another ten years. The result was the debt implosion I have long expected, as well as predicted has been held off for the last 29 years. I think I got the trend correct, but my timing was clearly off.

I have been thinking quite a bit about the historical Titanic, the “unsinkable” ship that hit the iceberg in April of 1912, and then sank two hours later. My opinion is what happened with the Titanic, the oral testimony of the 705 survivors, out of a total 2200 or more, is relevant to what I will call our situation with the economic Titanic. The powers that be, the media, the politicians, the corporate oligarch types, have been able to convince the general population the economic growth model based on unlimited issuance of new debt, a policy that has been in place since the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913, is sound and effective policy. Of course it is not, but the spin has worked.

I won’t call myself an expert on the sinking of the Titanic. I will say I know enough of the process to make some shrewd statements between what happened then, and what is happening now. The first thing you need to make any comparison with the actual sinking, and my metaphorical economic Titanic sinking is there were several distinct phases involved. We know the initial strike on the iceberg was not held to be a big deal by the crew. They were entranced with the idea their ship was unsinkable, because they had been convinced it was. Actually, it wasn’t, as became clear within the next two hours or so. At any rate, the initial hit on the iceberg caused a level of severe damage that was not noticed at the time.

I believe the entire global debt based economy is now in the post iceberg hit phase. The economic strike has already happened. It happened between the 1998 Russian debt implosion, the one that took down Long Term Capital and nearly crushed the derivative markets, and the TARP bailouts by the Federal Reserve of Wall Street. I firmly believe that those two events may be compared to the time frame, in the historical sinking of the Titanic, from the initial strike, the initial flooding, and followed by the fatal flaw in the Titanic design; namely, once the walls had been overwhelmed by the inrushing water, it was all over. It is known that once the water overflowed the first series of barriers there was nothing to stop it from flooding the entire ship. Likewise, our debt is now well over the initial barriers and running everywhere in the entire economy. We have so called “debt crisis” in sector after sector of our general economy. We have student loans in default, we have foreclosure issues, general real estate debt issues, and finally, we have a federal government some 19 Trillion dollars in debt. All of this is similar to the situation on the Titanic between the time it took to flood the ship, and the time it took to actually sink. Again, there was a sixty to ninety minute period between the time they hit the iceberg, the time it took to figure out the ship was doomed, and the actual sinking around 2:20 am.

In fact, I think if you look at how people behaved, and what happened, you can draw a direct line from the Titanic sinking, to my economic version. It is a fact that most of the passengers stayed in their cabins, blissfully unaware of their danger they were really in. After all, the crew either didn’t understand what was going on, or had been told to use their public relations skills. We know the band kept playing until the end. We know the lifeboats kept launching, of which there were only enough for one third, some 700 actual passengers, until close to the end. We know the lights stayed on, and we know that a general atmosphere of calm prevailed, at least until people figured out the lifeboats were full and rowing away. All accounts indicate that at that point, once people figured out the ship really was sinking, and the lifeboats were full, a hysterical panic broke out.

In terms of my economic Titanic I would say we are now in the period between what John Galbraith calls “organized reassurance” in his book on the 1929 stock market crash, and the point where the people figure out not only is the ship sinking, but the lifeboats are sailing away. I would also say the crew of my economic Titanic knows what the true situation is. They know the global debt is not able to be paid off. They know the supply of lifeboats does not match the number of passengers. They know the panic will eventually break out when the sheeple figure this out. They know what the result will be. They are already taking steps to preserve their personal butts, just like the White Star executive did. The links between what actually happened on the Titanic in 1912 and what is going on in the economic arena are uncanny in my opinion. The ship is somewhere in that period and I don’t know precisely where, between the initial iceberg strike and the final departure of the lifeboats. We know what happened historically; we know what will happen this time too. Consider yourself warned, blog readers.

Although the lights are still on, and the band is still playing, we can see the lifeboats sailing off from our sinking economic Titanic. We know what will happen next.

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What Doomer Doug has feared would happen in Japan has now started. The Nikkei has dropped 5.51 percent and 733 points in the morning session. It was down nearly 6 percent and 800 points a few minutes ago. The Yen is now in free fall and underneath the 95 level. Again, this is a six point drop since June 7th. The pressure on Japan’s banks, and the global export market now resembles a depth charge going off next to the hull of a World War Two Gato class submarine. We are not quite at the stage where the hull is crushed, yet!

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing twice and expecting a different result. The idea the Bank of Japan can flood the markets with masses of fiat money and get a different result than what is going on now is insane. Some people were mislead by the market rally the other day. This “rally” was based on the belief the money gravy train would continue. It will not. The fiat money gravy train is derailed. The crash process is like the beginning of the movie “The Fugitive.” Now THAT was a train crash!

Will the Nikkei stay down 800 points today? Doomer Doug has no idea. Will Japan’s pump monkeys come to the rescue? Doomer Doug has no idea. The basic reality here is Japan is now beyond the scope of rational economic decisions and results. The central bankers, on a global basis, HAVE NO IDEA OF WHAT THEY ARE DOING! Of course, they haven’t had any idea since the Federal Reserve was created back in 1913. This ingrained stupidity is nothing new. What is new is the level of global economic chaos, as well as the likely result of this chaos.

Again, things are not going to get better in Japan. They will continue to lurch along until the excess is purged out of the markets. This global stock market excess will reflect what happened during the Great Depression. The stock markets lost 90 percent of their total 1929 value over a two decade period. Japan has lost 27,500 points since December 1989. This is a stunning decline of very close to 70 percent of value. The media shills with their bought and paid for advice on buying the dips are shown to be frauds. Assuming anybody in Japan bought the Nikkei 225 at 15,500 they would have lost 3000 points and nearly 20 percent of the value. This is in a time frame measured in days and not decades.

A Nikkei that has lost 90 percent of its value since 1989 will be in the 4000 point range. This means the Nikkei has another 8000 points to go from today. Some of you may think this is a fantasy valuation. It is not. It is the HISTORICAL NORM BASED ON THE ACTUAL BEHAVIOR OF THE GLOBAL STOCK MARKETS IN THE GREAT DEPRESSION. Those of you who say it can’t happen need to understand that it already happened once before.

The implications of all global stock markets losing 90 percent of their value from peak highs is too appalling for Doomer Doug to consider.

Lock and Load, gang. Today is the real beginning. Do not be mislead by daily pump monkey gyrations. The url is here.

By the way, in the time it took Doomer Doug to write this blog post the Nikkei has crashed through the 800 point and 6 percent level. The pump monkeys then flooded it with BOJ cash and now have it at 686 points down and 5.17 percent down. You can see right at 11 am Japan time where the BOJ money spigot opened. It will do them no good long term. You can never reinforce failure. You can never turn market sentiment. You can certainly pour enough money in to buy the powers that be some time. This is all they are doing.


The Nikkei 225 had a several hundred point increase due to “hopes” either the Bank of Japan or the Federal Reserve would keep the lighter fluid squirting. Today, reality set in. The US Markets closed down over 1 percent for the S and P and the NASDAQ. The Dow was down a mere three quarters of one percent. Japan followed up the smoke and mirrors rally yesterday with a sharp decline of nearly 200 points and 1.45 percent.

The key thing Doomer Doug has been keeping his four eyes on is the Yen to dollar rate. You will all recall that less than 2 weeks ago the Yen was at 101. It is now in the 96 range. The speed and amount of the currency swings is truly stunning both in terms or scale and implications. This is a 5 percent swing in currency value in less than two weeks. The global bond markets are clearly seeing the handwriting on the wall related to the collapse of the yen carry trade.

At any rate, the Nikkei will no doubt show its further displeasure in a few hours when it opens. It seems the “hope” from yesterday has now turned into the reality of no further BOJ easing. It isn’t like the BOJ has any options left at this point. If they don’t pour more money in, the Nikkei will continue to go down. If they do, the Yen will continue its wild currency value swings. This will impact on domestic interest rates and we all know where that will lead. The so called “Abegeddon” is now in full swing. It will have profound results on a global basis.

We Americans are very much a sound bite and thirty second result type of people. The idea consequences can continue for days, weeks, months and years into the future is something we tend to overlook. The global economic collapse will not be instant. It will not happen in the next 72 hours. It will be an ongoing process. It will be a process that unrolls itself in a logical progression that is now beyond the control of the central banks. The central banks have squandered TRILLIONS of dollars of taxpayer funds bailing out a degenerate, oligarchy of bankers and financial whores who have taken the money and run.

The money is gone. The debt levels have increased to the point that it is no longer possible for the central banks to flood the markets with more money. Yes, they can create more fiat money. The reality is the bond markets will no longer allow them to do so. The domestic political realities of the USA make it impossible for the federal debt to increase much more. We are now nearly  17 TRILLION in official US government debt. Do people think we will increase it to 20 TRILLION? How about 25 TRILLION? It is over, gang. The bond markets will no longer allow the ongoing increase in national debt in either Japan, Europe or the USA needed to continue the stock market rallies. Braying Bernie has spent his wad. It is over.


Here is a post from timebomb2000 that shows the first rock in the avalanche has now fallen. It is a fair use post from news. The amount is the highest in TWENTY ONE YEARS!

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U.S. Bond Funds Suffer Second-Most Redemptions Since 1992

U.S. bond funds suffered their second-worst withdrawals last week in more than
two decades after speculation about an eventual end to the Federal Reserve’s
bond purchases sent fixed-income markets lower.

Investors pulled $9.1 billion from fixed-income mutual funds and exchange-
traded funds in the week ended June 5, Denver-based Lipper said yesterday in an
e-mailed statement. That’s the second-biggest redemption for a week since the
company started tracking the data in 1992. Corporate high-yield funds saw
redemptions of $3.2 billion, Lipper said, the largest weekly withdrawal on record.

By Charles Stein – Jun 7, 2013 1:54 PM CT…e-1992-1-.html
(Lots of links at Bloomberg, worth viewing there…)

While retail investors have favored the perceived safety of bond funds over
equity funds since the financial crisis, money managers and analysts have been
predicting a reversal as interest rates near zero would eventually rise and send
bond prices lower. Global bond markets posted their biggest monthly losses in
nine years in May, as the more than $40 trillion of bonds in the Bank of America
Merrill Lynch Global Broad Market Index fell 1.5 percent on average.

Lipper didn’t break down the bond-fund redemptions into mutual funds and ETFs.
Individual investors typically own bonds through mutual funds, while institutions
are big buyers of ETFs.

Bill Gross’s Pimco Total Return Fund (PTTRX), the world’s largest mutual fund,
had redemptions of $1.32 billion in May, the first net withdrawals since 2011,
according to Chicago-based Morningstar Inc. The $4.9 billion ETF version of the
fund had $64.4 million in withdrawals in May and another $119 million in the
first five days of June, according to IndexUniverse, a San Francisco-based
research firm.

Market ‘Disarray’

Gross, co-chief investment officer of Pacific Investment Management Co. in
Newport Beach, California, last month predicted that the three-decade bull
market in bonds had ended in late April. He said yesterday that he’s sticking to
high-quality bonds as market risks are rising.

“Treasuries in the last few weeks have certainly been the place to be,” Gross said
during an interview on Bloomberg Television’s “Market Makers” with Erik
Schatzker and Sara Eisen. Stocks, high-yield debt, currency and emerging-
market bonds are all in “disarray,” he said.

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke told Congress on May 22 that the
central bank’s policy-setting board could start scaling back its bond purchases in
its “next few meetings” if the U.S. employment outlook shows sustained

Economists polled by Bloomberg this week predicted the Fed will trim its
quantitative easing program to $65 billion a month at the Oct. 29-30 meeting of
the Federal Open Market Committee, from the current level of $85 billion.

‘Keeps Going’

In the most recent week, equity ETFs experienced $2.8 billion in redemptions,
while stock mutual funds attracted $500 million, Lipper reported. In the first four
months of the year, stock mutual funds gathered $92 billion as bond funds won
$96 billion, according to data from Chicago-based Morningstar Inc. (MORN)

The flight from bond funds was a global phenomenon, affecting both retail and
institutional investors, according to EPFR Global, a Cambridge, Massachusetts
company that tracks the flow of money into traditional and alternative funds
around the world.

Those bond funds saw redemptions of $12.5 billion in the week ended June 5,
EPFR reported today, the biggest weekly withdrawals since the firm began
collecting data in 2001.

Debate Over Rates

“Every year for the past four years, people have said the bond trade is over and
yet it keeps going,” Lee Spelman, head of U.S. equity client portfolio managers at
New York-based JP Morgan Asset Management, said in an interview last month.

Economists surveyed by Bloomberg expect U.S. rates to rise over the next four

Jeffrey Gundlach disagrees. The manager of the $41 billion DoubleLine Total
Return Fund (DBLTX), said this week that while rates may move higher in the
near-term, he expects the yield on the 10-year U.S. Treasury note to drop to 1.7
percent by the end of the year. It closed yesterday at 2.08 percent, according to
data compiled by Bloomberg.

“It’s a horrible time to be exiting bonds,” Gundlach said.

One type of fixed-income investment that has remained popular is the
adjustable-rate loan. Investors added $873 million in the week to funds that buy
the loans, Lipper reported, the 51st straight week of deposits. Rates on the loans
float higher as interest rates climb.

To contact the reporter on this story: Charles Stein in Boston at

To contact the editor responsible for this story: Christian Baumgaertel at

shōu xìnyòngkă ma?


It is really pretty simple to understand the global stock market situation. If the markets and investors think the US Federal Reserve will continue to buy up vast amounts of US Treasuries and stocks, the markets will go up. The second the markets think, suspect, or realize Braying Bernie is going to put away his can of lighter fluid, the markets will crash and burn. The global stock markets are drug addicts using fiat money from central banks instead of crack cocaine.

It took Doomer Doug many years to realize this central feature of the modern economy. Pity poor Doomer Doug, who once thought, many years ago in my days, that stock markets actually reflected economic reality.

Sheesh, it is hard for Doomer Doug to remember when he was THAT NAIVE!

So gang, we will see a rally in Japan. The reason for the rally is the investment community is convinced that Braying Bernie still has a flamethrower to squirt on the stock barbeque.
Deficit? Don’t worry. Unpayable debt? Don’t worry.
Doomer Doug is not sure at what precise point in time the knowledge there is no more money will sink in. The exact point the fiat dollar collapses, or gold resumes its historical role in protecting value, is unknown to Doomer Doug.

The only thing Doomer Doug knows is the current system is not going to last. The timing is up to the pump monkeys. Speaking of pump monkeys, their standard operating procedure is quite simple. They take the 30 stocks in the Dow Jones Index and they spray vast amounts of lighter fluid at them. See how simple that is. The FED prints worthless fiat money in vast amounts. It then spews them out like confetti at a parade. This is what all the stock market rallies are caused by. Profit? Who cares. Economic growth based on actual production increases? Who cares. Nope, all the FED does is print up fiat money and then throw it around all over the world. Who do you think has bought up all of Obama’s MULTITRILLION DOLLARS IN DEBT THE LAST 4 YEARS?
Well, enjoy things while you can. Even Braying Bernie is starting to realize the game is up.


Well, just wow, gang. All Doomer Doug can say is wow. The Nikkei is now down over 510 points and 3.55 percent with two hours left in trading. The pump monkeys will no doubt make their fiat money known. They may even claw the market close up to near starting levels. But, you know what? It doesn’t really matter at this point. The level of chaos and volatility in the Nikkei in the last 4 trading sessions has done permanent damage to it. No sane investor is going to stay in a stock market that has 1000 point swings in one session. They will not stay in a market that loses 7 percent of its value in one day. Wall Street may even start to notice that things are not well in the land of Fukushima.
At any rate, tens of billions of dollars in market equity have been vaporized into cyberspace this last week.

One final thing, Bank of Japan leader Kuroda issued a statement saying that Japan’s banks are in great shape. The thing is Doomer Doug has come to understand these kind of statements. They are what John Kenneth Galbraith called “organized reassurance” in his book on the 1929 stock market crash. The fact that Mr. Kuroda feels compelled to say this means the opposite. When government officials tell you the banks are sound, the reality is the opposite.

It is clear that the stock market volatility in Japan is damaging the BOJ and all of Japan’s banks. This is the 1200 pound gorilla that nobody wants to talk about.