The following represents my thoughts on Ted Cruz’s current situation.


All that is hidden shall by revealed. What is kept silent shall be shouted from the rooftop. It is a devastating spiritual reality that Cruz, the lying Christian wolf in sheep’s clothing, is being taken down on Easter weekend.

We would all do well to remember that it is the Holy Spirit that converts people, and not us. We would do well to remember the judgment of God is executed by God, not us, on his timeline, his methods and for his reasons. Cruz is going down because he MOCKED GOD AND MOCKING GOD ALWASYS RESULTS IN JUDGMENT.

The more I look at this current Cruz situation I am reminded of Jimmy Swaggart going down. GOD WILL DEAL WITH CHRISTIAN HYPOCRITES ALL BY HIMSELF. One of the reasons I have not been so frantic about Cruz is I KNEW God would deal with this fraud. Cruz has tried to deceive God himself with his campaign.

God grinds slowly, but thoroughly. The only person I feel sorry for in this is Cruz’s wife and kids. He has betrayed and abandoned them. Cruz would do well to remember: Do not harm the little children or it would be better to tie a millstone around your neck and jump into the sea.

Cruz has managed to offend God, insult man, betray and abandon his wife and kids, as well as bring shame on Christ and his Church. Yep, God has shown many times he will take down arrogant frauds who abuse his trust.

The National Enquirer has legal teams that vet every single word of every single story they publish. If the NE didn’t think it was covered, or faced a MULTIMILLION DOLLAR LAWSUIT, the story wouldn’t have been published. Gawker was just fined nearly $125 million dollars for the Hulk Hogan sex tapes. Do you think the NE would publish this and face that kind of lawsuit if it wasn’t true? Sorry, the story is true; it has been covered up by the msm.

The real losers in this sorry mess will be: Cruz, the mainstream media and Cruz’s wife and kids.


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I have said the violence in Syria shows no sign of abating regardless of the so called cease fire. The link below shows fighting in Northeastern Syria rages unchecked.

SDF seizes important ISIS headquarters in Syria

By Rudaw yesterday at 10:00

Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have retaken the Syrian city of Shadadi. The battle for Shadadi was intense and lasted days. Large parts of SDF are Kurds of the YPG. The SDF described it as a strategic fight. By taking Shadadi ISIS connection with Ramadi and Mosul has been cut. The forces now have their eyes on Mergeda in northeastern Syria. Coalition airstrikes played a significant role in regaining the city. The SDF admits its link with the coalition, but rejects any ties with Syrian government or Russian air forces.

I will point out a major offensive against Mosul in Iraq is about to begin. ISIS is now completely cut off from Syria and trapped in pockets in both Syria and Iraq.

We now have a situation where the fighting ranges from the Syrian coast to deep inside of Iraq. We have open combat in all regions of Syria, especially along its Turkish border. We have Turkey massing troops and supplies in order to launch over the border attacks on the Kurds. We have the Syrian Army attacking Aleppo and its suburbs, as well as further north at Azaz. And now we have reports of major attacks in the far western Syrian area containing both the Russian air and naval bases. The fighting never stopped there at all.…-idUSKCN0W414J

Syrian government forces open new battle with rebels in northwest BEIRUT Wednesday March 2, 2016 6:39am EST Syrian government forces launched an attack on Wednesday to capture a rebel-held hill in north-western Syria, a rebel official and the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported, an expansion of operations that have continued in that area despite a deal to cease fighting. Rebels said the assault on Kabani hill in the province of Latakia was supported by Russian air strikes. Both the government and rebels have accused each other of violating the truce, which came into effect on Saturday. The agreement does not include Islamic State or the Nusra Front, an al Qaeda-linked group that has a wide presence in northwestern Syria. The hill overlooks the rebel-held town of Jisr al-Shughour in neighboring Idlib province, and the Ghab Plain, where rebel advances last year were seen as a growing threat to President Bashar al-Assad. “The regime and militias are trying to storm (the hill) under very fierce Russian air cover and artillery fire,” said Fadi Ahmad, spokesman for the First Coastal Division, a group fighting under the banner of the Free Syrian Army. Rami Abdulrahman, Observatory director, said: “If the regime is able to capture Kabani hill, the insurgents will be in a difficult position because this hill overlooks the Ghab Plain and Jisr al-Shughour.” A rebel commander in northern Syria said: “Battles continue in vital areas that the regime wants, and where there was no truce in the first place. There is bombardment and battles.” “We are in the fifth day and there is no change in these areas,” he said, in reference to areas in the provinces of Latakia, Homs and Hama. (Reporting by Lisa Barrington and Tom Perry; Editing by Toby Chopra)

And finally, we have clear indications Lebanon will be used as an invasion corridor into Syria. We have various Sunni governments advising their citizens to not go to Lebanon; if there, to leave immediately. We have the declaration that Hezbollah, Iran’s proxy military in both Lebanon and Syria, is now an official terrorist group. The icing on the warhead is the Greek Coast Guards’ seizure of a Turkish flagged ship carrying weapons to Northern Lebanon. When you combine all of that with severing the final ISIS link to Mosul, along with a major offensive in Northwestern Syria, with the Northern Thunder exercise, well I think you will see where I am headed.

At this point in time, we have over one million military people fully mobilized for war. This includes 600,000 Turks, 250,000 Saudi Coalition forces, hundreds of thousands of Syrian military, Hezbollah, Iranian forces, plus the Kurdish Peshmerga. Like I have said repeatedly, all the pieces are in motion. Once the final pieces are in place in Northern Lebanon, we could go hot.

The Assad Alliance forces are now moving towards the Turkish border. They are closing the final pockets ISIS and Al Qaida hold. They are going to cruise right up to the Turkish border and glare at each other. The Kurds have also now launched what is in fact an internal subversion campaign against Turkish rule of Kurdish cities inside of Turkey. As I write this, there is yet another planned demonstration which provokes total chaos in Turkey. Turkey is, to put it mildly, somewhat in a state of anarchy.

I am still on for my Ides of March date. I grant that it may take more time for everything to gel into total chaos. On the other hand, the process is speeding up, gathering steam, and headed towards open warfare. I feel like the person watching a train speeding towards a washed out bridge. The train hasn’t started falling into the Grand Canyon yet, but I can see what is going to happen.
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I have to say watching the RINO types, Republicans in name only, go into hysterics, whine and wail, and exhibit symptoms of a seizure over Donald Trump has given me much pleasure. I find the vision of American Oligarchs foaming at the mouth as the long suffering populist masses spurn the anointed Jeb Bush, and show the contempt the elite really deserves to be refreshing. I will also say the original American Oligarch plan to have a 1992 repeat, with Jeb representing the Bush Crime Cabal, and that scheming, twisted, manipulative witch Hellary representing the Clinton Crime Cabal, has now crashed and burned. The arrogance of the American Elite in such a brazen effort to crush what is left of the American Middle Class is disgusting.

Now that Trump stomped the corporate Republicans running against him in Nevada, with 46 percent of the vote, and now that he has solid leads in 8 of the remaining 12 states, the smell of fear is everywhere. I do not consider myself to be a conservative at all. I consider myself to be a secular populist. Trump disturbed me when he started cavorting with the likes of neo-con warmongers like Sarah Palin, and religious fundamentalists like Jerry Falwell, but I forgive him. Trump is going to win because people like me are going to vote for him. The reason I am going to vote for him is he is the ONLY candidate dealing with illegal immigration, the Militant Islam threat inside of the USA, and willing to not only say so, but do something about the problems. Trump is the kind of person who says what he means, and means what he says. For all the liberals claiming they will leave the USA if Trump gets elected, all I can say is don’t let the door hit you on your butt on your way out.

The situation in the Middle East continues to resemble what would happen if the Three Stooges were running the world. Actually, the Three Stooges, the New World Order version, are running the world! The link below confirms something I have had my four eyes on for some time. Putin is a broad thinker on so many levels. He is capable of widespread actions, based on a deep analysis of all political, economic, military and diplomatic aspects of what is now going on. Putin plays what has been called, “The Great Game,” very well indeed. The Great Game goes back for centuries and reflects the various efforts to seize both power and territory in the Middle East. Putin’s moves on the Crimea were also part of the Great Game, as are his military deployments to Armenia. Armenia shares a border with Turkey, and Turkey is a NATO member.

The link is from Forbes Magazine, which is about as New World Order as you can get in my view. The information is valuable in the sense it gives a coherent view of the totality of Putin’s moves. My blog readers will realize that I have been talking about Russian deployments along the entire Eastern European borders, all the way from Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, and the Ukraine. Putin’s moves against Georgia, and his open deployment to Armenia, must be viewed in the broad sweep of “The Great Game.” Putin’s moves in the Ukraine and Syria are also part of the plan.

The events now going on in Syria must also be viewed in a larger context than just what is going on there. We are setting the stage for a conflict that will drag NATO in, kicking and screaming no doubt, into a direct conflict with Russia. Putin is clearly gambling he can have it all in Syria, the Ukraine, Armenia and the Crimean Peninsula, without actually getting into a shooting war with NATO. I am not sure he is factoring in either Turkey or Syria, much less NATO and the US, into his political and diplomatic equation.

Putin may pull it off, or he may drag us all into a regional war of intense chaos. Putin has also clearly made the judgment, correct in my view, NATO, the EU, Obama, Biden, and Kerry are not up to the task. It is this judgment of his which may doom us all to another cycle of mindless violence. I hope not, but I am no longer sure of that. Erdogan is a wild card in the truest sense of the word.
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I am more or less satisfied with the look of my blog now. I may change the color again to highlight the comment, tag and category section.


I have come to think Turkey’s Prime Minister Erdogan is a crafty fox who has now stumbled upon the Russian bear. If Turkey really does invade Syria, Turkey will endure the fate of the trapper who tangled with a Mama Grizzly bear in the movie called, “The Revenant.” I did a review of that movie several essays ago in case anybody is interested.

I have also found a Kurdish news site that is giving an account of what is now going on in Syria and Iraq from a Kurdish viewpoint. Of course, it is slanted, but the trick is to filter out the slant and find the gold nuggets in the pan. The news they are reporting is grim to put it bluntly. First, Turkey is continuing its unrestricted 155 mm artillery fire into Kurdish positions in Syria. As I noted earlier, Assad junior, who I have come to be impressed by, outflanked Turkey by including the Kurdish forces, now cruising towards the Turkish border, directly into the Syrian Army. The level of political moxy, ruthless cunning, and shrewd diplomatic instincts displayed here is brilliant. Turkey is now shelling Syrian Army units, and not just Kurdish ones. This takes things to the next level, and gives Assad and Putin justification for counter battery artillery fire. They can turn Turkish artillery pieces into burnt metal using a self-defense explanation. Of course, the Kurds are now saying they aren’t a part of the Syrian Army, but who cares at this point?

The links are here.

Further, Saudi Arabia is now engaged in the kind of very dangerous game playing that has often led to war. It is unclear, and since I am not an Arabic scholar I don’t know, whether Saudi Arabia actually has deployed man pads to the so called “moderate Rebels now fighting Assad,” or whether they are asking for permission to do so from the USA and NATO. One thing I can guarantee you is this. If the Syrian rebels begin to directly engage the Russian Air Force, and especially if they really do shoot down a Russian plane, well they will find out why it is not a good idea to piss of Mr. Putin. The jury is still out on any man pad, shoulder fired anti- aircraft missiles, really being in the hands of the rebels. Like almost everything now going on in both Syria and Iraq, we will know after the fact.

It is also becoming quite clear the general military advance to close the final pocket held by the anti-Assad Rebels in entering the final phase. Turkey will shortly be faced with the total control of its entire Syrian and Iraqi border by, depending on who you ask, either Kurdish forces, or Kurdish forces that are now officially part of the Syrian Army. Erdogan will only have the option to invade Syria, or sit back and enjoy the total ruin of everything both Turkey and Saudi Arabia have tried to gain in Syria for the last several years. My view is people expecting Erdogan to act in a rational, sober minded way don’t quite get the man. Erdogan is rolling the dice, and has shown precious little give, in dealing with Russia, or Assad, or NATO, or even our increasingly feckless Obama. I can also assure you that both our friends and especially our enemies have noted Obama and Kerry are totally out of their depth here. Kerry and Obama are like a Pacific Salmon that a Grizzly bear has just pulled out of a stream. They haven’t quite got their heads ripped off, but you know it is coming.

In other news, the Clinton crime cabal has managed to steal the nomination from the totally naïve Bernie Sanders. It really is like stealing candy from a baby. Hellary Clinton is surely a foul example of a human being by any standard you want to use. The only hope for America now is that scheming, arrogant, manipulative Witch suffers career ending damage from her concussion. Trump, well the man is stomping the RINO, Republican in name only crowd with gleeful abandon. The more “they” attack him; the stronger he gets. I think Trump will not only get the Republican nomination, but he will be the next President of the United States. The entertainment value of watching the liberals and RINO types foam at the mouth, wail, gnash their teeth and bang their heads on the wall has been a high point of my life these last few weeks. It just doesn’t get any better for me than watching the corrupt American oligarchs whining like a two year being told he can’t pull the tail of a German Shepard.


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The new world order, which is a hodgepodge of competing groups all seeking to control the world, is nothing if not consistent. It has long used a playbook with three basic points. The first is to create the crisis; the second is to provoke the reaction; the third, is to provide the solution. Adolf Hitler used this playbook in both the famous Reichstag fire, the one that allowed him to assume emergency powers, and his invasion of Poland with all the dead Polish soldiers carefully placed inside of Germany.

Turkey is now playing the exact same game with the car bombing of the bus carrying military people. This attack gives Turkey’s leadership a casus belli to seek NATO help to fight terrorism. It gives them a reason to keep shelling the Kurds in Syria. This is now the fifth day of unrestricted 155 mm artillery fire on Kurdish positions inside of Syria. When combined with the theft of nuclear material by ISIS, material that may be used to make a dirty bomb, all the pieces for the invasion of Syria are now in place. All Turkey really needed was a way to convince its allies to join it in either creating a Syrian no fly zone, or a 10 mile wide buffer zone. Turkey now has created the crisis. Turkey has now provoked the reaction. Turkey will now provide the solution, which is to invade Syria using the mantra of fighting terrorism in general, and fighting ISIS in particular. The fact Turkey has been openly supporting, aiding, abetting and assisting ISIS is simply ignored.

The Turkish and Saudi Arabian military coalition, combined with NATO resources and aid, will now use military means to gain its political and diplomatic goals. Turkey will deny the Kurds full control of its border with both Iraq and Syria. Under the NATO airpower umbrella, Turkey will control Northern Syria both in the air and on the ground, at least once the ground invasion starts.

It looks like my 72 hour time frame didn’t factor in NATO hysteria at the thought of actually fighting Russia. However, Turkey just went to plan B. Plan B being to create a terror attack that would give cover to Turkey’s real intentions.

I also have to say Turkey better move quickly. If they do not, Northern Syria, all the way to the Turkish border, will be taken over by the Kurds. Once that happens, Turkey and Saudi Arabia will be faced with the total collapse of their proxy forces they have funded and supplied in the vain hope of overthrowing Assad junior. Assad is looking more durable by the day. Russia has complete air superiority in Syria, and Iran is reaping the gains of creating not only a Kurdish state in Northern Syria, but a Shia state in both Iraq and the rest of Syria. Obviously, the big winners here are Russia, Iran, the Kurds, and Assad’s newly functional government. Assad was predicted to fall last June, but he is now secure.

I am saying Turkey or Saudi Arabia can’t back off now, or they will face total disaster. Yom Kippur War version two is simmering along nicely in my view. The Ides of March, and you can ask Julius Caesar about that one, are the outer limit for Turkey or Saudi Arabia to act.

I keep track of the numbers of people who view my blog, as well as what countries they come from. I am pleased to say I have viewers from not only the USA and Canada, but India, Brazil and Russia. I would be particularly interested in any comments my Russian viewers would like to make. One of the things I am trying to do here is create a more interactive blog.

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The Pentagon is now reporting that Saudi Arabian F-16 warplanes took part in bombing raids on ISIS over the weekend. Reuters is carrying the story here at this link.

  1. Saudi Arabia took part in weekend air strikes against Islamic State: Pentagon WASHINGTON Tue Feb 16, 2016 2:38pm EST…-idUSKCN0VP2FM

Saudi Arabia participated in air strikes as part of a U.S.-led coalition against Islamic State militants over the weekend, a U.S. Department of Defense spokesman said on Tuesday.

While it is unclear exactly where the Saudi F-16’s dropped their bombs, it is possible they are now engaged in offensive air operations inside of Syria. Given the Russian air superiority over Syria, as well as their S-400 defensive systems, it is also possible the raids took place over Iraq. The mere fact the Saudi Arabian Air Force is now engaged is the important thing to note here. We know Saudi Arabia sent jets to the NATO fighter base in Turkey. We now know they are engaged in combat missions. This is a big leap, and a further indication of just how fluid the situation really is over the skies of Syria and Iraq.

Turkey has continued firing artillery salvos, some reports are talking about “massed artillery fire,” for the fourth day in a row at Kurdish forces inside of Syria.

I pointed out the Kurds are clearly intending to take full control of the Turkish border with both Syria and Iraq. It is the Kurd’s ability to do exactly that which is driving the Turkish response. My 72 hour time frame is a bit off, although my analysis and the actual trends on the ground still lead me to predict a Yom Kippur level of regional war happening. Assuming Turkey continues its unrestricted artillery fire at the Kurds inside of Syria, one has to ask the question of how long that will be tolerated by Russia and its allies. The answer is I don’t know at what point the Russians will either start bombing the Turkish artillery parks, or start counter battery artillery fire to destroy them. I can surmise one thing for sure: Russian and Kurdish toleration is not unlimited.

I have been stunned by the level of non-reporting by the Western media of the dangerous situation now evolving in Syria. Granted, I get the whole bread and circus mentality the oligarchs try to keep intact, but I mean really. You would think the American people deserve at least some warning all hell is going to break out in Syria over the next few days and weeks. We are still looking at a regional war here. It could happen quite easily by the end of February or early March. At least my blog readers won’t be caught unaware. This is the best I can do. It is not enough, but then I don’t have the kind of resources the oligarchs and their media empires have.

Here is a link to a very good map page showing the area in Northern Syria that all this is now happening in.


I will repeat one thing. The Kurds are now creating a Kurdish State that includes Northern Iraq, and the entire Syrian Turkish Iraq border. Turkey finds this intolerable. Turkey will use massive military force to prevent this from happening. After that, everybody else, Russia, Syria, Turkey, the Saudi Arabian military federation, Iran and Hezbollah, NATO, the USA and the EU will all get sucked into a whirlpool of violence and chaos.

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The Kurds now control the entire length of the Turkish/Syrian border except the immediate area directly north of Azaz.


Doomer Doug is still predicting Yom Kippur Two will happen. Turkey will have Kurdish forces all along its borders with Iraq and Syria. The Kurds will be proxy forces for Assad, Iran, and Russia. They will be backed up by Russian naval and air assets, masses of Hezbollah infantry, along with the Syrian Army. If Turkey then attacks the Kurds, they will unleash the full support of all of the above. This is why I am still saying we are going to get a regional war out of this.

The yellow area is where the Kurds are right now. As you can see, they are rapidly closing the so called buffer zone, or pocket that links Turkey to its proxy forces in Syria. Once that pocket is closed both Turkey and Saudi Arabia will be faced with a stark choice to either come to the aid of their quickly being killed off allies, or let them get exterminated.

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It has now been officially reported the total of US government, the federal deficit, is now 19 Trillion dollars. This news has been greeted with a collective yawn by the powers that be, the oligarchs, the media and the sheeple. I have been writing about economic issues since 1998 over at In all that time, although we came close in 1998 with the Russian debt default, the global debt based system has hung in there. Mr. Magoo, my name for Alan Greenspan and his 20 year reign of terror at the Federal Reserve, engaged in a policy of insanity, followed by Bernanke and his zero interest rates for another ten years. The result was the debt implosion I have long expected, as well as predicted has been held off for the last 29 years. I think I got the trend correct, but my timing was clearly off.

I have been thinking quite a bit about the historical Titanic, the “unsinkable” ship that hit the iceberg in April of 1912, and then sank two hours later. My opinion is what happened with the Titanic, the oral testimony of the 705 survivors, out of a total 2200 or more, is relevant to what I will call our situation with the economic Titanic. The powers that be, the media, the politicians, the corporate oligarch types, have been able to convince the general population the economic growth model based on unlimited issuance of new debt, a policy that has been in place since the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913, is sound and effective policy. Of course it is not, but the spin has worked.

I won’t call myself an expert on the sinking of the Titanic. I will say I know enough of the process to make some shrewd statements between what happened then, and what is happening now. The first thing you need to make any comparison with the actual sinking, and my metaphorical economic Titanic sinking is there were several distinct phases involved. We know the initial strike on the iceberg was not held to be a big deal by the crew. They were entranced with the idea their ship was unsinkable, because they had been convinced it was. Actually, it wasn’t, as became clear within the next two hours or so. At any rate, the initial hit on the iceberg caused a level of severe damage that was not noticed at the time.

I believe the entire global debt based economy is now in the post iceberg hit phase. The economic strike has already happened. It happened between the 1998 Russian debt implosion, the one that took down Long Term Capital and nearly crushed the derivative markets, and the TARP bailouts by the Federal Reserve of Wall Street. I firmly believe that those two events may be compared to the time frame, in the historical sinking of the Titanic, from the initial strike, the initial flooding, and followed by the fatal flaw in the Titanic design; namely, once the walls had been overwhelmed by the inrushing water, it was all over. It is known that once the water overflowed the first series of barriers there was nothing to stop it from flooding the entire ship. Likewise, our debt is now well over the initial barriers and running everywhere in the entire economy. We have so called “debt crisis” in sector after sector of our general economy. We have student loans in default, we have foreclosure issues, general real estate debt issues, and finally, we have a federal government some 19 Trillion dollars in debt. All of this is similar to the situation on the Titanic between the time it took to flood the ship, and the time it took to actually sink. Again, there was a sixty to ninety minute period between the time they hit the iceberg, the time it took to figure out the ship was doomed, and the actual sinking around 2:20 am.

In fact, I think if you look at how people behaved, and what happened, you can draw a direct line from the Titanic sinking, to my economic version. It is a fact that most of the passengers stayed in their cabins, blissfully unaware of their danger they were really in. After all, the crew either didn’t understand what was going on, or had been told to use their public relations skills. We know the band kept playing until the end. We know the lifeboats kept launching, of which there were only enough for one third, some 700 actual passengers, until close to the end. We know the lights stayed on, and we know that a general atmosphere of calm prevailed, at least until people figured out the lifeboats were full and rowing away. All accounts indicate that at that point, once people figured out the ship really was sinking, and the lifeboats were full, a hysterical panic broke out.

In terms of my economic Titanic I would say we are now in the period between what John Galbraith calls “organized reassurance” in his book on the 1929 stock market crash, and the point where the people figure out not only is the ship sinking, but the lifeboats are sailing away. I would also say the crew of my economic Titanic knows what the true situation is. They know the global debt is not able to be paid off. They know the supply of lifeboats does not match the number of passengers. They know the panic will eventually break out when the sheeple figure this out. They know what the result will be. They are already taking steps to preserve their personal butts, just like the White Star executive did. The links between what actually happened on the Titanic in 1912 and what is going on in the economic arena are uncanny in my opinion. The ship is somewhere in that period and I don’t know precisely where, between the initial iceberg strike and the final departure of the lifeboats. We know what happened historically; we know what will happen this time too. Consider yourself warned, blog readers.

Although the lights are still on, and the band is still playing, we can see the lifeboats sailing off from our sinking economic Titanic. We know what will happen next.

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The FBI has learned nothing from Ruby Ridge, Waco, and now Burns. I think the final days of the Imperial Obama Marxist Tyranny are going to be interesting to put it mildly. For one thing, Obama is now effectively meaningless as he lurches through his final year in office. On the global stage, with both Russia and China, he is held to be a clown fumbling his way in the darkness. Inside the USA, he is castrated politically and stumbling around trying to look Presidential. Since he has never looked functional, much less Presidential, at any point in the last seven years, I see no reason to expect a miracle. What is truly disturbing to me is the simple fact his administration is coming apart at the seams on a daily basis.

For one thing, it is clear his domestic law enforcement agencies, the FBI and Homeland Security, have now fractured into at least three separate factions. Obama’s intelligence agencies, along with his increasingly dysfunctional military are also starting to show signs of late stage Imperial chaos. All of the above are now preparing for the post Obama time period, and making moves to prevent themselves from being held accountable for their actions, non actions and general effectiveness in the war on terror among other things.

The FBI in particular has now splintered into three separate factions in these final days of the Obama administration. The first faction is the pro Obama one, compliant with AG Lynch and her PC based ideology. This is the one that openly, brazenly murdered the militia member in Oregon. The fascist FBI faction pulled the car over and simply shot him dead. The militia group was on its way to a peaceful public meeting, and was no threat to anybody. The fascist, pro Obama FBI group just decided Obama, and Oregon’s bisexual Democratic Governor, needed a quick resolution and whacked the guy. This is the same FBI faction that gave us the so called “terror attack,” they prevented. It will soon come out the FBI gave the guy the gun and the silencer. It is a fact the bomb used in the first World Trade Tower attack, the one in 1993, was mixed by an FBI informant, who apparently couldn’t be bothered to notify anybody of the attack. Bush and Rice claimed ignorance of the second World Trade Tower attack on 9-11-2001. This is interesting since they should have known about the first one. Obviously, if the same target is hit twice, you don’t get to say you had no idea this was coming.

The second FBI faction is the anti Obama group. This is the one going after Hellary Clinton for treason regarding the emails. This is also the group that allowed the press into the apartment of the terror couple in California. They did this to openly and publically humiliate Obama and Lynch, as well as to prevent Obama and Lynch from spinning the terror attack as yet another case of “workplace violence.” Obama said for months the Fort Hood attack by the Muslim officer, the one that murdered 13 US soldiers, was also a case of “work place violence.” At any rate we now have open warfare between the pro and anti Obama FBI factions.

The third FBI faction is the go along to get along faction. They have as their goal to prevent the kind of institutional damage caused to the FBI from any potential scandal. They are motivated by the desire to stay out of jail, get their pensions, and keep the hounds of legal accountability off of their bodies. In this, they represent a long standing tradition in the FBI of covering up misdeeds. Misdeeds that go all the way back to the 1960 era spying operations. They have the most difficult job as they try to stay out of the line of fire between the other two factions now engaged in a firefight of stunning intensity.

Homeland Security, as well as the CIA and the Pentagon, are also being dragged into the crumbling aftermath of Obama’s final year in office. One thing will happen above all others; namely, the institutions of the FBI, Homeland Security, the CIA and Pentagon, will be protected at all costs. It is also clear the level of infighting is increasing. The final result of all that may very well be a level of chaotic actions that render all of the above agencies unable to fulfill their primary missions. The result of that will be Militant Islam, Russia and China among others, will play the game and take advantage of the situation.

Readers of my blog should have no illusions the game has changed due to the FBI murder of that militia member. Yes, they should have pulled out when the two ranchers voluntarily went to jail. And yes, they played into the local Oregon hysteria, fanned by the media to a fever pitch. Still, now that blood has been shed, the results will not be pretty. Oregon is now, for all intents and purposes, a one party liberal and Marxist dictatorship. The Oregon house and senate are held by a large majority of Democrats, with the purest of Marxist true believers firmly in charge. All elective offices are held by Democrats. The Marxists are now engaged in a broad ranging attempt to remake Oregon into a nanny state to be admired. From so called “climate change,” to gun control, to homosexual rights, the witch hunt is well underway. Political dissidents in Oregon, and by that I mean hetrosexuals, conservatives, populists, gun owners, as well as any other groups that don’t fit into the PC based, multi-cultural paradise of the Marxists now running Oregon, are now open season for all state agencies. It will only get worse up here, but that is the future Obama, Clinton and AG Lynch have planned for the rest of us peons.

  Make no mistake here, for the bell is now tolling for thee. Obama, et al, has now shown the fist underneath the Political Correct glove. It is like the Star Trek Federation’s Borg, “Assimilate or Die.”
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  I will say it yet again, the powers that be in the USA have made the decision that Hellary Clinton is no longer acceptable as the Democratic Party nominee for President. I base that on the ongoing, sustained leak campaign that ALWAYS signals the target is now road kill. This may be due to her increasingly dangerous health issues related to the concussion she suffered. Or it may be they really don’t want another four years of Marxist dictatorship, combined with a continuation of Obama’s feckless, dangerous and potentially fatal anti-terror policy.

     Whatever the reason really is, and who can really say when the Oligarchs go into full predator mode, Hellary is out. It is also clear she is going to go down fighting, adopting a scorched earth policy, and with the intent of leaving body parts scattered all over the place. Hellary knows where all the skeletons are buried. The scene from the Jason movie, where the skeletons jump up from the earth to attack Jason and his Argonauts, comes to mind. It will nasty, brutal and likely result in a blood feud between the various Democratic Party factions.

Here we have the Foxnews take.

FBI’s Clinton probe expands to public corruption track