I can’t deny that I don’t think Bernie Sanders ever really had a chance of beating Hellary the BITCH to get the nomination. He wasn’t mean enough. He didn’t go after her for being what she always was; namely, a thief, liar, fraud and truly evil, arrogant person. I did think Bernie would either bail out if he lost to her, or fail to endorse here. I never dreamed Bernie, after spending months exposing Hellary for what she was, would meekly endorse her, especially after she refused to take his position on free trade seriously. The blunt truth is Hellary is a common whore; Bernie Sanders is her new pimp.

The link is here; yes it it Russian Times. It is just another one of the strange things that the Russian press is now more free than the corporate whore press here in the USA.

One of the leading “hashtags on Twitter now is “Bernie Sellout.”

We also saw the AG show why Trump is needed to take over the Republican Party. If a more feckless group of fools exists, it was the Republicans being led around by the nose by the increasingly evil Democrats. Lynch was really laughing at them; why not, she already made the deal with Bill and Hellary. She will either stay as AG, or get a Supreme Court seat for setting up Hellary not to be indicted.

Yep, a strange day indeed. Bernie the Sellout just put the final bullet in the Democratic Party left wing. Anybody, after Bernie Sanders, comes up to me in downtown Portland and says the Democrats are liberals I will laugh in their face. Bernie sold out.