Before I begin you should take a look at this British media source link. I have found censored stories in the USA have a way of showing up in Britain.

Family of slain Oregon militiaman claim he was shot in the BACK with his hands up and posed no threat

  • Robert LaVoy Finicum’s family claims that he was shot dead unjustly during an FBI traffic stop on the Oregon militia on Tuesday
  • The relatives of Finicum said they were not accepting at face value the FBI’s statement that the 54-year-old rancher from Arizona had been armed
  • The FBI released a video on Thursday that they claim shows Finicum  reaching for his weapon before he was shot dead
  • Ammon Bundy and 11 others have been arrested but no one has been released on bond
  • Four militiamen remain on the reserve – they have been named and include a married couple 

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The Rubicon River, which is really more of a stream than a river like the Columbia, figures large in our shared Western Cultural history. It is this river/stream that Julius Caesar crossed in open defiance of the Roman Senate. By doing so, he started the final phase of the Roman civil war. It lasted 100 years, roughly from 130 BC, to Augustus winning the Battle of Actium in 29 BC. Henceforth, the term “crossing the Rubicon” has meant taking a final, decisive action that can’t be undone.

The armed militia deployed to Burns, Oregon, in support of the two now jailed ranchers, certainly made some very serious errors in my judgment. They should have left when the men they supported voluntarily went to jail. They should have been more media savvy and not fallen into the Marxist media portrayal of them as not too smart, racist, fools who confused their man parts with AR-15 rifles. For that, the paid with one life, and multiple arrests. For all the incessant Marxist Media portrayal of the armed militia as a bunch of racists, the reality is the militia movement is not a monolithic one. The militia has many separate factions, all with agendas of their own.

What the FBI has now done, with the brazen murder of an innocent man, is give the entire militia movement a credible martyr. Further, the fascist faction of the FBI, which is only one of the three FBI factions I wrote about in my last essay,  is with malice aforethought pouring lighter fluid on the burning fire. For that alone, they are fools indeed.

I have watched the “crisis” unfold up here in the People’s Marxist Republic of Multnomah County and Oregon. It has not been a pretty sight on so many levels. The reason I use the crossing the Rubicon metaphor, is not in relation to what the armed militia and the various FBI, or government agencies think of each other. I would say that ship has sailed years ago. In the context of Ruby Ridge, Waco and now Burns, there is no give on either side. The FBI and government regard all militia members as part of the increasingly widespread “vast right wing conspiracy,” or “domestic terrorists.” The militia at this point regards all levels of government, federal, state, county, and city as guilty until proven innocent of treason. Like I said, nobody is backing off at this point, as the brazen murder shows. The fact it was an Oregon State Patrol Trooper who did the dirty deed, merely indicates how state and local police forces are now in fact military units openly deployed in political dissident crushing mode. When the fecal material finally hits the fan, local and state police will be viewed as legitimate military targets by the militia. The reality of that is why, if and when we do actually go hot, the coming armed conflict will reflect the casual brutality common to all civil and revolutionary wars.

The particular reason I am saying the Rubicon has now been crossed relates to the internal divide between the armed militia and the general sheeple population. I have to say the level of venom, open contempt and hatred shown by many of the Marxist liberals towards the militia members has been astounding to me. I am talking not just about the public statements, by the horde of Democratic elected officials, fully dripping venom in their news conferences, much less our Bi-sexual farce of a governor Kate Brown. Oh no, blog readers, to get the full passion and scope of the kind of hatred I am talking about, you have to have read the letters to the editor section over the last few weeks. To put it mildly, the liberals are foaming at the mouth over the militia. I am also talking about the hate spewed speech coming from the Indians of all people. They should know better than anybody else what an insolent Federal government, armed to the teeth, will do to keep control.

The very same liberal and Marxist people I interact with every day here in downtown Portland are showing little indication of the “cant’ we all get along,” motif they spew on a daily basis. The very same Marxist morons who tolerate a level of badf behavior from the horde of pot smoking, criminal drug addicts, alcoholics and mentally ill loonies now overwhelming downtown Portland, are quite willing to massacre any militia member they can get their paws on. Like I have said, you just have to read the venom, posing as intelligent thought, the Oregonian letters to the editor section.

The Rubicon that has now been crossed is not between the Militia and the government. The Rubicon that has now been crossed is between the armed militias and the sheeple, especially the Marxist branch of the liberals. I will tell you plainly one of the final things that will happen prior to the outbreak of armed rebellion is the demonization of the ones leading the potential rebellion. We can check that one off, since the kind of vicious hatred coming from the left towards the militia movement is a precursor to concentration camps. I have studied history. The iron clad lesson of history is, as the author Mann put it, “People who burn books, eventually burn people.” We have seen, especially in the last seven years of Obama’s Marxist dictatorship, the linkage of hate thought, hate speech and hate action, into a kind of demonization process at all levels of American society. It was only a matter of time before the same people who despise our historical American values decided they needed to empower the government to deal with the “domestic terrorists.” And so that is what the sheeple, the liberal sheeple have done. The main point I am making about the murder is “the sheeple” have now given cart blanche to the “powers that be” to murder any militia member they want to, anywhere they want to, anytime they want to, and for any reason they want to. This is the Rubicon I am talking about here.

I will remind you all that we are in a pre-revolutionary phase in my opinion. If Obama was anywhere near as smart as he thinks he is, or even as smart as his Marxist supporters in the media think he is, he would pardon the original two ranchers as fast as he could. Obama will not do that because he is now trapped by his own ideology. I remember my neighbor, who was the local leader of the unfairly dismissed John Birch Society, telling me over forty years ago that “You could always expect a communist to act like a communist.” He was right in 1970 and he is right today. The main reason we are going to, if the Texas governor fails in his attempt to deal with Federal insolence with a political effort based on state’s rights, get a revolution is Obama can’t really help himself. I will also remind my blog readers the actual start of the American Revolution was in the spring of 1775, and not July of 1776. It was the British attempt to seize personal and militia weapons that started the American Revolution.

I think Obama will make the same mistake the British made. I fully expect the result will be the same. Granted, the recent Supreme Court decision will enable local, city, county and states to move on gun control. It won’t matter either way. The armed militias, in the context of all the government abuse over the last twenty five years at least, will know the score.

It is a simple fact that the insolent elites never know when to back off, much less stop. The elite is not stupid, but they are surely ignorant. They are blind. They are evil. The result will be not what they expect, much less be able to control. “They” have shown us in Burns they are quite willing to openly murder us. The liberal sheeple have also now shown us they fully support such violence. What neither of the two groups understand, much less comprehend the long term results of is this: what are “they” going to do when the armed militias start to shoot back. Obama doesn’t quite get, even now, the Rubicon has been crossed all the times it needed to be. The Sheeple have spoken, and God help them when the armed militias respond to the increasing tyranny of Obama and his liberal supporters.


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