In what I can only call the greatest military mobilization in Saudi Arabian history, it is clear that both Turkey and the Saudi Arabian coalition are going full bore now. At the exact same time that the Saudi coalition was mobilizing over 150,000 troops, which is two entire army groups, with hundreds of tanks, trucks and other vehicles, along with dozens of planes, in an exercise called “Northern Thunder,” Turkey shelled Kurdish positions inside of Syria for a second day. The word for that is called escalation.

Russia, well Putin has turned the Russian Air Force loose in Syria and today’s events show it. Russian planes are pretty much bombing at will in Syria any target they decide they want to bomb. This means Russian jets are pounding Aleppo into piles of concrete as I write this. In fact, the battle for Aleppo is nearly over now. I won’t deny some cleanup work needs to be done in the suburbs around Aleppo, or we will see the kind of last stand fighting Militant Islam prefers. Still, Aleppo is now  restored to Assad Junior in all its gutted glory. Turkey and Saudi Arabia have failed to achieve their goals in Syria against Iran and Assad. The venom Turkey feels with this failure is a large part of what is driving its lunatic policy in Syria.

I see now reason now for anybody to back off in either Yemen or Syria. The Houthi just launched a missile inside of Saudi Arabia with lethal results. I am wondering if the 20 members of this Saudi Coalition are starting to realize exactly what they signed on for. Jordan has sniffed around and decided they won’t let Saudi troops use Jordanian transit corridors to either Iraq or Syria. This is the kind of wise move Jordan routinely makes and explains why Jordan is still around.

I am still saying we are on for a Yom Kippur level of war in Syria. The fact Israel is now openly calling for partition of Syria indicates the end game is now upon us. Russia is going to keep using its military to do what it wants done in Syria. Turkey will not back down and will continue to attack the Kurds anywhere they can. Saudi Arabia, well let’s just say you don’t have several hundred thousand troops on exercise unless you plan to use them soon. In fact, the exercise gives good cover for a direct deployment into Syria. Yep, all the pieces are in motion now.

And finally, I still haven’t figured out what NATO will really do. I can’t think they are delusional enough to support Turkey in what could turn into a direct war with Russia. NATO is done at this point I think. If they support Turkey, NATO is finished, but if they do not, then they are also finished.


Enjoy your Valentine’s Day such as it is. I think we have very narrowly avoided a bullet between Russia and Turkey, at least for the next day or two or so. The  longer Turkey continues to shell the Kurds inside of Syria, or any other Russian supported forces the more dangerous the situation becomes. The slightest miscalculation, or error in judgment, or even one single pilot finding himself in a bad situation could have consequences I can’t even speculate on right now. We are on the edge.

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WAR WARNING 2-13-2016


It is ironic that the day before Valentine’s Day is one involving the threat of regional war breaking out in the Middle East. I was in the US Army in October of 1973, the so called “Yom Kippur” war, so excuse me if I more focused than I usually am. The bottom line is we could see open warfare in Syria between Turkey, a NATO member, and Russia within the next twenty four to seventy two hours. I will quote the French King, “Après moi, les deluge,” or after me, the deluge.
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Thanks for your support.  I think my e-books might be a good read this weekend, especially “Ezekiel’s Islamic Confederacy. ” Turkey is now behaving exactly like Ezekiel wrote they would.

We are dealing with a complex situation in the entire Middle East. For example, Yemen has been simmering away for the last year or so. Saudi Arabia is now involved in a two front war in Yemen. It is fighting the Shia Houthi Tribal Militia, a well led, well trained, and increasingly better armed group of desert warriors fighting for the last several decades. The Houthi are in fact an Iranian proxy force targeting the Sunni House of Saud under direct Iranian orders. The Saudi government is also fighting the Al Qaida group called, “Al Qaida of the Arabian Peninsula, both in Yemen and inside of Saudi Arabia. The Houthi also move at will inside of Saudi Arabia, openly attacking military targets of opportunity. And finally, the House of Saud is now engaged with ISIS, both inside and outside of Saudi Arabia.

The result is a dismal outlook for the House of Saud in terms of regime survival.  The House of Saud has now begun openly deploying air and ground forces to directly engage not only ISIS, but the military forces of Iran, Russia and Assad Junior in Syria. I guess they think a three front war is what is needed. The news today of not only direct combat between Turkish forces, again a member of NATO, and the various Kurdish forces and Assad’s forces is a trigger event. Turkey has now started to attack other anti-ISIS forces in the strange belief that by attacking the Kurds now fighting ISIS, and giving cover to Al Qaida forces fighting the Kurds they are somehow still fighting ISIS. Obviously, Turkey is now an open ally of ISIS, since it is fighting the Kurds fighting ISIS, the Iranians, Assad government forces, as well as the Russians fighting both ISIS and Al Qaida. Turkey is going to the aid of the Al Qaida forces now defending Aleppo. No matter what any says about Syria, there are no secular Muslim forces in Aleppo. In Syria, we have ISIS. We also have Hezbollah and other Iranian Shia forces. We have the Shia offshoot with Assad’s regular military. We also have the direct involvement of both Russian air and naval forces. Into that mix, we can add the various Kurdish Peshmerga combat formations, with their own goals and agendas.

Let me speak plainly here. Turkey has now decided to directly engage the Kurds, Assad Juniors military, Hezbollah and the Iranians by making an alliance with the various Al Qaida groups now holding Aleppo. In doing so Turkey has now potentially dragged NATO into armed conflict with Russian air and naval assets. Further, by allowing Saudi Arabia to deploy fighter jets to a NATO airbase, in preparation for a general ground offensive by the Saudi coalition, the Turkish military and the various Al Qaida groups now fighting for their lives in Syria, Turkey has in effect thrown a live hand grenade on the summer barbeque.

I have to say I am not a prophet. This means that all I can do is make intelligent estimates of what I think the results will be of the various moves now being made by the various players in Yemen and Syria. It is now clear, at least to me, we have direct armed combat in Syria between Turkey and several of the key groups there. Turkey just shelled one of the major Kurdish groups. They then shelled Assad’s military forces with 155 mm Howitzers. They are now bombing the crap, as well as trying to send thousands of men to apparently invade the Kurdish homeland in Northern Iraq. The Shia government in Iraq, backed up by several hundred thousand armed Shia militias will not like that. I have to say mu judgement is we are going to see pretty much everybody involved, go after everybody, everywhere soon. After that, well you roll the dice and you take your chances. I suggest you pray. I also suggest you go buy some final preps. The modern version is “Praise the Lord and buy the preps.

We may make it to Monday without a general regional Middle East War breaking out; then again, we may not.

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Turkey shells Syrian regime forces, US calls to stop

In response to incoming fire, Turkish army shells Kurdish forces and regime forces in Syria, even as it considers a ground invasion.

By Arutz Sheva Staff
First Publish: 2/13/2016, 10:57 PM / Last Update: 2/13/2016, 11:16 PM

The Turkish military on Saturday hit targets of the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) and the Syrian regime in two separate incidents in response to incoming fire, the state-run Anatolia news agency reported.

In line with the rules of engagement, the armed forces shelled targets of the PYD around the town of Azaz in Aleppo province, Anatolia said, quoting a military source.

The army also responded to Syrian regime fire on a Turkish military guard post in Turkey’s southern Hatay region, it added.

There were no further details on the nature of the Turkish strikes but they likely involved artillery fire from tanks.

Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu also appeared to confirm the strikes against the PYD, without giving precise details.

“Under the framework of the rules of engagement, we responded to forces in Azaz and around that were posing a threat,” he said, quoted by Anatolia while on a visit to the eastern city of Erzincan.

Apparently referring to the PYD, he called these forces “a terror group which is a branch of the Syrian regime, collaborationist and is complicit in Russian strikes against civilians.”

In response to the shelling, the US pressed Turkey on Saturday to halt military strikes on Kurdish and Syrian regime targets in the northern province of Aleppo.

“We are concerned about the situation north of Aleppo and are working to de-escalate tensions on all sides,” State Department spokesman John Kirby said in a statement.

Turkey has indicated it is eyeing a ground invasion in Syria together with the Saudis. Russia has warned that the entry of Arab armies into Syria could spark a “new world war.”

AFP contributed to this report.



Doomer Doug does not believe in what is called the “big person” type of history. This style of historical analysis concentrates on Napoleon and ignores what the French people were doing between 1790 and 1815. I believe today, February 10th, 2015 will be long remembered as the date the US Empire entered the final collapse phase. I will add this is not the final collapse; it is “the end of the beginning,” to quote Winston.

This link describes a date, like 476 AD for Rome, future historians will use when talking about the “end of the American Republic.” I think the mere fact Iran has taken down a global superpower, kicked it out of a key Middle Eastern country; then taken over that country says it all. The USA, much less our Marxist Cretin in Chief Obama, should have no illusions of US power at this point. Doomer Doug looks in all directions and sees an United States in free fall on so many levels.

Here is what I will now openly call ‘THE LOSS OF YEMEN,” means in real terms.

One: Iran now has FULL OPERATIONAL CONTROL OF YEMEN’S NORTH AND CENTRAL AREAS. We may now see a raging civil war break out between the Sunni Al Qaeda of the Arabian Peninsula, and the Shia Iranian proxy force The Houthi Tribesmen. The USA will be completely unable to do anything in terms of drone strikes related to either group. It is a fact the Paris attack was plotted in Yemen by Al Qaeda. We may now safely assume unrestricted attacks from Southern Yemen. Yemen will turn into a failed state. We may also safely assume the Houthi may ignore Southern Yemen and use the Sunni to unleash on the infidels. The Houthi may ignore all this Sunni stuff, openly attack them, or reach an understanding with the local Sunni to kill Jews and Infidels.

Two: Iran can now use Yemen as a forward military base to harass Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States. Iran can  make it clear it can seal both the Suez Canal and the Strait of Hormuz at the same time. The military, economic and political implications of that are profound.

Three: Iran is clearly in the mood to restore the ancient, pre-Islamic Persian Empire. Egypt is now also clearly attempting to restore the ancient Egyptian Empire circa 1500 BC. In fact, we also have Turkey attempting to restore the Ottoman Empire finally crushed in 1918. The blunt truth is the USA is now entering senility at precisely the point we have a minimum of three nations attempting to take full Islamic control of the Middle East.

Four: Israel, well Israel is going to have to use its 200 nukes just to keep clinging to the edge of the cliff.

At any rate, today is historic in my opinion. History also shows us it may take decades before people realize what really happened on February 10th, 2015. It is not Vietnam we are talking about here. The USA just lost control of the Suez Canal. When, not if, Iran seals it, or at least threatens to seal it, all ships will have to divert around Africa. The Med will be worthless. Russia will control the Suez Canal from the North. Iran will control it from the South. Russia will likely make advances to Egypt and isolate Israel completely, except for the Straits of Gibraltar. Iran and Russia are going to play the “good cop/bad cop” game to perfection in my opinion. While the West is now obsessed with arming the Ukraine, they have failed to notice Russia and Iran just took control of the Black Sea, the Med, and the Red Sea. This is not bad for an “isolated Putin,” and a “rogue regime” like Iran.

Yep, it will take some, not much, time for the clueless West to understand what has just happened. We should remember the reason Christopher Columbus found America was he was looking for India. The reason he was looking for India was Islam had all but sealed off the shipping routes to both India and China. We aren’t quite there, yet, but Iran and Russia have just offered a very good down payment on kicking the USA out of the Middle East. I keep thinking there is a point where the stupidity and arrogance of Kerry and Obama will reach their conclusion. Unfortunately, the level of blind, raging stupidity in what passes for a foreign policy under Obama keeps rising.

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The Coup Is Complete: US Embassy In Yemen Shutting Down, Ambassador To Leave By Wednesday

Tyler Durden's picture

Another US-friendly regime has folded completely, and after bumbling US foreign intervention in Libya and Egypt made the countries into terrorist breeding grounds where Americans are kidnapped on sight or worse, it is now Yemen’s turn: another country in the Middle East whose president until recently was backed by the US government, and which will now be nothing more than civilian casualty fodder for remote-controlled US drones.


For those Americans who are still on location, fear not: you are in good hands:


And now it’s time for Obama to discuss just how “isolated” Putin really is.


We now have a global situation where Russia just mobilized a chunk of its nuclear forces. Further, Iran now has, at least in my opinion, set up mobile launchers and is in control of both the Strait of Hormuz, as well as the Red Sea entrance to the Suez Canal. If you sit back, like Doomer Doug has the last few days, and take a cold, clear, sober minded look, well it is pretty clear what Iran is up to. Of course, the situation doesn’t get any better after a few beers either! At any rate, you heard it first, here where Doom is proudly hailed. It was Keynes who famously said, “In the long run we are all dead.” The Doomer Doug variant is: “The long run is getting very short indeed!”

Well now, ain’t that special, HE.

The Sunni types are pretty stupid if they think they can detonate a bomb, wound three Shia Houthi militia, and get away with it. Ergo, as soon as darkness falls, He the Shia death squads are going to be roaming Saana looking for Sunni targets. The slide towards open civil war continues unabated. The other thing is the Shia/Houthi can place a call to the local CIA office and put in a request, one likely to be honored, to vaporize a Sunni/Al Qaida target somewhere in Southern Yemen. This has already happened with predictable results.

The issue of the Iranian/Hezzbollah/Houthi missiles/missile crews is a done deal, gang. Right now, as Doomer Doug writes this, fully operational, mobile field launchers, manned by Revolutionary Guard true believers are sitting on both sides of the Red Sea entrance to the Suez Canal. This is a done deal by now.

The key points are as follows:
One is whether Iran/Revolutionary Guard/Houthi militia have had time to access either captured Yemen military missiles, or more likely, had Iran ship some in. The answer is YES!!!

Two is whether Iran/Revolutionary Guard/Houthi militia have moved those mobile missile launchers to Yemen’s Red Sea coastline. They have done so. This is a done deal.

Three is whether, under certain conditions, Iran/Revolutionary Guards/Houthi militias will FIRE THOSE MISSILES AT SELECTED TARGETS IN THE SUEZ CANAL SHIPPING ZONES. The answer is YES!

Four is whether Iran/Revolutionary Guard, Houthi Militia WILL DIE IN PLACE AFTER MISSILE LAUNCH. The answer is yes they will engage in MARTYRDOM OPERATIONS with now qualms.

Gang, we now have fully operational, mobile missile launchers covering both sides of the Red Sea entrance to the Suez Canal. Egypt clearly thinks this is the case, gang or Egypt wouldn’t have openly threatened to INVADE YEMEN AT WILL. The mobile missile launchers are manned by Revolutionary Guard elite missile troops who ARE WILLING TO DIE UNDER LAUNCH ORDERS AT ANY TIME. Further, any comments like “they will all get killed when “we” blow them up after missile launch show a dismal understanding of the code of the suicide warrior developed in Iran. Iran has a cult of the suicide warrior going back to the first 13 year old kid, yes 13, who leaped on an Iraqi tank, blew both himself and it up, and then was declared a national hero. He has a large tomb in the Tehran graveyard where people pay homage to him on a daily basis.


Oh yeah, the tidal wave is just sitting there, primed and ready to go.

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 In the further good news category, gang, we have a Russian news article saying Putin just mobilized a large chunk of his mobile nuclear launch forces.


I think this deserves its own thread. THIS IS A WAR MOBILIZATION OF RUSSIAN MOBILE NUCLEAR LAUNCH FORCES!! NUFF SAID.…ssian-regions/

Topol, Yars ballistic missile launchers on combat patrol in 6 Russian regions
February 04, 16:29 UTC+3
About 700 units of military equipment, including launchers are deployed in the positioning areas in the Tver, Ivanovo, Kirov, Irkutsk regions, as well as in Altai Territory and the Mari El republic

© ITAR-TASS/Vladimir Smirnov

MOSCOW, February 4. /TASS/. The Topol, Topol-M and Yars mobile ballistic missile launchers have been put on combat patrol mission in six Russian regions, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman for Strategic Missile Forces (RVSN) Colonel Igor Yegorov said on Wednesday.

“The Topol, Topol-M and Yars mobile launchers are drilling combat duty tasks in six regions of the country with extended combat patrolling time. About 700 units of military equipment, including launchers are deployed in the positioning areas in the Tver, Ivanovo, Kirov, Irkutsk regions, as well as in Altai Territory and the Mari El republic,” Yegorov said.

Missile troops hold drills in Russia’s westernmost Kaliningrad region

According to him, the time of winter combat patrolling has been extended to nearly a month this year. “This means that each missile regiment will spend about 60 days per year on combat patrolling routes,” he said.

Topol is a ground-based mobile strategic intercontinental ballistic missile system. The Topol-M ICBM system belongs to the fifth generation of strategic missiles. The three-stage solid-propelled single warhead missile has a silo and mobile version. Yars is a solid-propelled mobile and silo-based intercontinental ballistic missile with multiple warhead.


Doomer Doug is becoming more concerned about the Chinese flu situation. For starters, there is a Chinese military officer running around claiming it is all an American plot. Chinese government officials are always in a race between corruption and incompetence. The world is going to pay dearly for the usual level of stupidity the Chinese government shows. China has made several mistakes already with this flu. First, they assumed it was a bird flu. It is not. Next, they assumed you had to be exposed to poultry to get it. You do not. Forty percent of the total cases have had no contact with poultry. The large majority of the birds culled do not have this virus in them. Ergo, it is not a bird flu, nor do you get it from close contact with poultry. These two false assumption have hamstrung the global response to this potential global flu pandemic. We can expect nothing less than incompetence from China’s official response. People all over the world will die due to Chinese incompetence. After all, we have a long list of Chinese negligence related to toxic products.

The next issue is a few comments on disease vector. The flu virus is mostly spread by being sprayed into the air by a person coughing. The flu virus can remain suspended in an aerosol droplet form for up to twenty four hours. You can also get it from physical contact with objects contaminated by secretions from infected people. The debate over human to human transmission is over. We are now very clearly in a human to human transmission mode.

The other issues in my mind today are geographic progression and geometric progression. The lethal flu virus is maintaining a kill rate of 20 percent. It is now firmly established all over eastern China, northeast China, and Beijing more towards the center. It will now infill the blank areas between Shanghai on the coast, all the way up to the North Korean border. Further, the flu virus has now gotten to Taiwan. The virus is spreading widely throughout China, Taiwan.

The final issue is geometric progression. When I take a look at the case numbers, the increases of the reported cases on a daily and weekly basis, I can see the horsemen coming. I do not assume the Chinese government is giving truthful and accurate numbers. The public numbers are likely to be between ten percent and twenty percent of the actual numbers. If you through in the large numbers of sick people not showing symptoms, well you get the idea.

The “official reported cases of flu” in China were 14 on April 5th, 2013. 9 days later on the 14th they were 51. Three days later on the 17th the reported cases were 79. The reported cases for the 25th are 120. Again, the real numbers are likely much, much higher.

What I see with these numbers is it took the last part of February, all of March, as well as 5 days into April to get the first 14 cases. It took 9 days to go from 14 to 51. It took 3 days to get to 79. It took 8 days to get to 120. This is for China only. This is for officially government reported cases in China only. We are off the grid here folks.

When I wrote the previous blog entry, there were no cases in Taiwan. There were no cases in several of the major Chinese cities in the north east and north central. There were less reported cases.

The flu epidemic is now here in China and Taiwan. I think it will continue spreading throughout China and Taiwan.  The flu is coming to the USA. it is only a matter of time.

My First Post

Hi, global audience!

I have been writing for many of my 58 years in various forms and forums. These have ranged from having two essays published in local Portland, Oregon newspapers, as well as writing over 100 online essays from 1998 to 2007. In the about section I have the url to take a look at this large in number and vast in subject matter essays.

I have also published on Amazon Kindle four e books with the url for both the USA and United Kingdom sales pages listed. I have had some financial and critical reward for several of them, although Steven King and Clive Cussler shouldn’t feel threatened by my meager writing empire.

I plan to try to write and post regularly about the topics I love to write about. I can’t say that I have any special insight into writing, politics, economics, and the world situation, but I can say I tell the truth in a no bs style. I will always write what I see as the truth. You may or may not agree with what I am writing. Readers will be assured that I am not trying to mislead them, deceive them, or scam them. I will absolutely guarantee that simple fact.

You can see when you start to read the essays mentioned above I pull no punches. I will not start now. I just wanted to give a brief introduction to what I want to write about, and how I plan to do it. My author page at Amazon contains more detailed information on who I am.

At any rate, I look forward to sharing my views with anybody who wants to read them. If people don’t want to read them, I have no problem with that either. A good riot in the marketplace of ideas doesn’t bother me, and I have the scars and the baseball bat to prove it!