In the “Two Towers” movie, which was the best of the three Lord of the Rings movies, in my opinion, there is a scene between Aragorn and Theoden, King of Rohan,  where they are arguing about what to do as the forces of Sauron mass for an invasion of Gondor. Aragorn says, “Open war is upon you, whether you like it or not.” And so I say to you all, my loyal blog readers, open Civil War is now upon the USA, and ESPECIALLY DOWNTOWN PORTLAND WHERE I LIVE. You may have whatever illusions you wish to, where you live, and whatever you plan to do in these dark times. Still, the Rubicon has now been crossed with the brazen murder of that incredibly naive Trumpster. I mean, what did those naive, MAGA hat wearing yahoos think was going to happen when they came sauntering into downtown Portland, my turf, an area OWNED BY BLM AND ANTIFA. Did they seriously think these Marxist SCUM WOULDN’T WASTE THEM. Seriously? The only reason I have lived through the last three months is a mixture of cunning, situational awareness, and the ability to unleash deadly, lethal force if I need to. It also helps that I haven’t been outside my apartment after 6pm since March. If you do stupid things, with stupid people, in stupid places, you will regret it. The place where he was murdered was about 4 blocks away from where I live now. In fact, I have stood on the exact same spot where he was shot as recently as a week ago. You take antifa, blm seriously, like I have, or YOU WILL DIE A STUPID DEATH. CIVIL WAR TWO IS NOT COMING: IT IS HERE!

So here is the situation in downtown Portland, related to the complete collapse of the social order.
One: The Feckless political leadership. Worthless Wheeler, Medusa, and both the city council and Multnomah county council openly followed policies that let a Trump supporter get murdered as a result. Trump, well the Trump, Brown and Wheeler battle has little direct impact on daily life here in Sodom and Gommarah on the Willamette. The Antifa blm types are strutting around now, a smirk on their face, or a cheetah up in the tree licking its chops are a kill. Well now, they have made a a fatal mistake of not realizing the kind of blowback they have now unleashed. Trump won’t send in the tanks, and Brown and Wheeler won’t ask for them, so we are in kind of a stalemate where the armed militias are pondering what they will do. And it has put the fear of God in the blm and antifa types that they now consider 5,000 pissed off MAGA hat wearing “redneck types,” are going to come back into downtown Portland, only this time they will have AR-15’s and 1000 rounds and be looking to shoot anything that looks like blm or antifa, and they really all do look alike, they see. And you better F#%%% believe that the people living here are pondering that, despite what brown and the rest think they are TERRIFIED of a MAGA hat wearing invasion that leaves 2,000 blm types rotting on the streets.

That is the context, here in downdown as the collapse of the social order plays out to its inevitable end.

Now in terms of my personal situation, well lets just say anybody who can has left the general area, especially downtown. I did laundry today so I can’t say what is really going on. All the construction workers are still around. For whatever reason they are still building the new Ritz hotel, as if anybody will ever stay in it. This is what I mean by this thin layer of “normal” smoothed over a social order in chaos. The normal level of crazy, not related to blm antifa has also doubled, plus the homeless types are coming in like the Danes into England in 900 AD. :vik:

I now carry two revolvers on me, with a total of 60 rounds, in speed strips, speed loaders and in the loaded revolvers. I am about as ready as I can be under the circumstances. I rate the city of Portland as in a state of civil war every night, with the outbreak of violence, on a nightly basis, as inevitable.

This has already ended in blood and fire, gang.

You should expect my situation to spread to every major urban city here in CONUS, as early as Labor Day, and certainly no later than the election on November 3rd, WHICH I NO LONGER EXPECT TO HAPPEN IN AN ORDERLY FASHION.

And no matter what these Marxist fools want in Portland, the National Guard, or even RA combat troops will be driving around Portland, also as early as Labor Day, or no later than Halloween, in my opinion.

Lock and load. Keep your powder, although that doesn’t really apply anymore, dry. Expect the unexpected. Assume anything, can happen anywhere, to anybody, and at any time The US Republic has had a good run of 244 years. It is now over. It will collapse, as soon as the end of 2020 into blood, fire, death and chaos. I will see you all on the other side. Take care.


It hasn’t taken long for the BLM and Antifa movements to first merge, then explode, and finally, to begin the civil war that will destroy them. The French Revolution had Robspiere murder Dannon. Stalin killed off Trotsky, and Hitler whacked Rohm and his Brown Shirts, which is a fate these want a be Marxist Revolutionaries should keep in mind. The fundamental crisis of Liberalism was on display last night in Portland, out on 106th Ave, where the Antifa types ran hog wild. I didn’t say BLM types, since they have been submerged in Antifa, and that is the core of the problem for the Left. The left is now in an internal civil war, between the Marxist True Believers in Antifa and the old guard, like Wheeler, and like the senior citizen they punked last night. The global angst over the old lady being squashed by the Antifa thug is misplaced. She was no innocent, not with a BLM flag there. No she was the original revolutionary who stayed around too long, and the liberal who didn’t know how to get out of the way of the new Marxist, Maoist Cultural Revolutionaries, the new breed, the younger breed now. The breed that prefers violence, endorses it, loves it and doesn’t hesitate to use it against the unfortunate lady who didn’t get the memo.

Mayor Worthless Wheeler and his ilk and generation of mostly white, mostly older so called “liberals” have no place in the New Marxist Order, which is what I shall call it from now on, not the New World Order, but the New Marxist Order. There is a difference you realize. The original liberals really don’t know what to do with the beast they have created. This Marxist Monster which shows no restraint, has no moral compass, and no concern for what its elders think. Further, the ends justifies the means for this lot of neo barbarians, who are, after all, the children of our loins, and the product of our schools, values, and entire system. They are, again, what we have made them, or allowed others to make them. Out of one group of arrested adults, some 30 of them, I saw that 18 of them were teachers, or involved in shaping young people. This is part of the plan, long undertaken by the globalists, the vile ones, the true Marxists, and the true power mad demons. And for that we are not only responsible, but for that we shall surely pay. We took prayer out of the schools and let the demons in to subvert decades of young people. Young people who now openly burn the Bible, and the American flag, and engage in deviant behavior of ferocity, ruthlessness, contempt, hatred and the kind of savage and casual barbarism you have to see, which I have up close, to believe. And no, watching a video doesn’t give you the true flavor of the chaos. You have to live here, for over two decades, watch them riot in 2000, and 2004, and 2008, and 2016 and now 2020. A little goes a long way, but I assure this crowd of barbarians are the perfected weapon, trained and disciplined, and now aimed at our entire society, and with the single goal of destroying America, and replacing it with a Marxist Dictatorship along historical lines.

They will hold nothing back at all now.
Why should they at this point? They have crushed the feeble, appeaser class of all levels of leadership in Oregon. They chased the pathetic Worthless Wheeler back into the City Hall where he narrowly avoided being beaten senseless, or have his security detail open fire. Medusa, proved her clown status after calling all LEO’s in Portland and Multnomah County arsonists, terrorists, and thugs, and then saying “Oopps, sorry, didn’t mean it.” Whether she is forced out or not doesn’t matter, she is despised by all but here radical fruitcake followers now. Governor Brown has no idea what is happening. Senator Wyden, the one that sounds like Daffy Duck on helium, and the other US Senator, Jeff Merkley, who, well he just isn’t very smart. We have AG Rosenbaum, who lets Portland burn to the ground, while she files lawsuits, ones she looses, that protest rioters are not being treated nicely. My congressman, Earl Blumenhauer, who has confirmed my long standing believe that anybody who wears a bow tie is a fool and should be sent to a mental asylum. The barbarians pushed, the system first fell back, and now is in a state of general collapse. The China Virus is merely additional chaos to be dealt with. As to what will happen in Portland now, well not much. It will be the same ole, same ole. Trump will do nothing, and why shouldn’t he just let both Portland and Seattle ooze into the quicksand, soon to be like Ozmandias, Shelley’s statue buried in the sand, oh wait, the New Marxists hate statues, except for Lenin maybe. I am waiting for the shoe, or in this case, the grenade, to drop before I see what is happening. I will wait till the November election, or Christmas, which should be a fascinating experience of dodging Marxist planted IED’s in the malls. Oh yeah, we ain’t seen nothing yet, maybe some UN Peacekeepers by Thanksgiving? Take your wildest idea, from your wildest imagination, and then triple it, and then, you might have some idea of what life will be like in four months.

Day 52 in the Siege of Portland, Oregon 7-18-2020

I should first tell you, unofficially of course, that the motto of Portland, Oregon has now been changed from “Keep Portland Weird,” to “Have you had your Psychotic Break for Today?” I’m not saying that 100 percent of the people I interact with on a daily basis here in Puddle Town are insane. I would say the level of bat poop craziness is in the mid 90’s, say 95%.

At any rate the following are my ramblings of what it is like to deal with this endless, Marxist thug shit, for going on 52 days now. I would also say I once saw a movie called, “55 Days in Peiking,” about the Boxer Rebellion in 1902,The one that sealed all the Western embassy people inside of Beijing Foreign Compound for 55 days. So, I only have three days to go in this Siege of Portland, Oregon.

I don’t know why Trump keeps playing this game with these clowns. They won when they tore down the Federale fence after Homeland Security spewed all their drivel about prevailing, and retaking Portland, and what losers local officials were. They then stood there and wimped out. Pathetic on all levels this Trump Homeland Security bluster.

Napoleon said, “If you say you are going to take Vienna, then take Vienna.”

The total failure of the Federal forces to hold the line means Portland is lost. We will not have a military coup, and mass executions of the Marxist Democrats and their support systems isn’t going to happen either. Option 2 is the massacre begins by popular revolt, the so called Armed Militia the media likes to foam at the mouth about. Perhaps some military support will appear, but that isn’t happening either. The Marxists have been attacking any body they want to with impunity, and I see no reason for that media bias, police apathy and political moral cowardice and squalor to change.

What is most likely to happen is the Portland farce continues, the Marxist Democrats steal the election and then all the REAL violence starts against us.

Doomer Doug, a.k.a. Doug McIntosh now has a blog at
My end of the world e book “Day of the Dogs” is available for sale at the following url

Well, people can make all the excuses for Trump they want to, since it no longer matters.
Worthless Wheeler has now allowed ALL of Downtown Portland to be turned onto a CLAP, OR CHOP, or BLM zone or whatever.
I haven’t been down there today, but BLM will be camped everywhere now. I see carloads of them driving all around honking their horns, screaming and ranting, knowing they beat the system like a drum.


Homeland Security could have arrested 50 of them, but they watched, and now BLM won’t be slowed down, much less stopped, not when they went head to head with Trump. They sneer at him because BLM BEAT THEM ALL.

You think they give a shit now?

If a VIOLENT MOB OF MARXIST THUGS tearing down a fence, built by Federales, on Federal Courthouse land, while Federal people are under attack, exactly what would qualify as “Trump waiting till they break Federal law?

This is no 5th level Trump chess garbage. Trump just showed he was as pathetic as Worthless Wheeler has been.

Trump has betrayed and abandoned his supporters in Portland and no bs from Trump can change that fact.
I will now have to deal with these shits and that is on Trump.

I gave $75 in political donations to both the RNC and Trump campaign this summer, but he won’t get a dime from me after this example of moral cowardice. Trump sent in Homeland Security to restore order. I stood on the corner of 3rd and Salmon Saturday morning and watched Homeland Security set up to that, but when the test came they turned out to be bigger clowns than the local police they called losers.
Between DACA and now this, Trump has taken a serious hit.

I suggest you all get ready. Trump has just confirmed we are on our own.

CAN’T use the military now, or else Mattis and all the other globalist Generals will either arrrest him, or shoot him. Trump gets to sit back and watch these clop. Zones be set up nationwide, and then have Biden steal the election, assuming Pelosi and Schiff impeach him AGAIN

I’m not sure if I will post to the “Portland war” thread. The war is over. We lost. They won. No point to it anymore.

Right now I am sitting in the middle park, within 25 feet of the burnt ELK pedestal. They also burned a garbage can I took a picture of due west of the first park, Lownsdale Park.

I am watching as the construction workers load the silver fencing from Lownsdale Park on trucks to haul away. The stench of the burnt stuff all around me is the SMELL OF BLM’S VICTORY. The large piles of burnt shit, general garbage are on Salmon street headed west one full block, two street corners in total.

The tents are moving NORTH up 4th ave, plus the Riot ribs, et al are still on Salmon streets north side. A lot of tourist types come to document just how badly Trump got his ass kicked by BLM. No federales in sight for obvious reasons.

The scale of Trump’s disaster is clear.

The parks are open, people roam freely, BLM is not feeling any threat, but why should they?

Worthless Wheeler is a little boy they ignore now. Trump, well they enjoy their victory over Trump, the New York City blow hard, and his impotent Homeland Security, especially the thundering Mr

Wolf, who is an even bigger blowhard. “We will Prevail” Seriously?
Don’t worry. BLM is coming to every city in CONUS. Soon.

After I wrote all of that, with the last of it being around 4pm, BLM hopped into their cars, and went a VIKING. Now the term VIKING is a verb and not a noun. You are not a VIKING, you go VIKING, which means raiding in Old Norse I think. So, what we got here, and what TRUMP in his blowhard folly, and his pathetic Homeland Security did, is turn loose a VIKING horde, a Black Viking Horde, except most of them are white, but I am still amazed of the 12 actual black people I have seen at BLM events in the Portland Parks. Right now, BLM/Vikings are having a jolly old time, again courtesy of Trump and Homeland Security of raiding Seattle, just like Ragnar did Paris. Yep, I will tell you all plainly, if this upsets you, this writing of mine, I have no concern. I have EARNED THE RIGHT to say whatever I want to about this Worthless Wheeler, Blowhard Trump, and the total and complete system failure, and collapse it confirms. And if you give me any of this Trump fifth generation  chess garbage, well I will just delete your comment. I am on my own. I don’t have time for the feckless Trump anymore. I remember in his campaign he would talk about the scorpion and the frog in the middle of the river. Well, I have concluded, now that Trump has betrayed and abandoned me to the Viking hordes here at Lownsdale Park, that he was the scorpion and I was the frog. Damn, the river is deep and the current is swift. Honestly, it doesn’t matter what happens during the election, assuming we even have an election. IF YOU BLOG READERS GET NOTHING ELSE OUT OF THIS REMEMBER MARXIST DEATH SQUADS. POL POT IN 1975 AND SHINING PATH IN 1980. AND STALIN WITH THE KULAKS IN THE 1920’S They are here now. I see them every day. You are warned.

Trump’s Deal With Queen Elizabeth

I have to say the level of squalid politics exposed by the whole Epstein, Maxwell, Pedophile, Pimp to the global elite, is truly staggering in both scale and toxic filth. No doubt about it, blog readers: OUR GLOBAL LEADERSHIP IS EVIL. We are not only the judgment of God, we are under IRIS DEI, the wrath of God. Whether I am looking at the imminent collapse of China’s Three Gorge Dam, or the ongoing chaos here in CONUS, it is absolutely clear to me that consequences are happening, as the result of the kind of evil that can only be done against Children, and leads to the kind of unrestricted warfare unleashed upon the people. At any rate, watch for yourself the links below.

Bear in mind that Trump has “apparently” negotiated a deal that will save the royal useless wanker, Prince Andrew, with Queen Elizabeth that has cleared hot both the BBC and the Australian version of our feckless, Deep State shill 60 minutes, to engage in unrestricted warfare at Trump’s command. Prince Andrew, who shows why inbred, cretin Royals, are indeed, inbred, cretin royals. By the way, the House of Windsor is GERMAN. Yep, Trump gets a free pass to go after both the RINOS, the ones that have made his life miserable, as well as any Demoncrats he can. The first video runs 27 minutes, and the second one, 12 minutes.



Weimar Republic Portland Style 6-29-20

What a view Doomer Doug has here as the American Empire implodes under this Marxist insurgency. Sieg Heil, or perhaps Sieg Comrade Stalin is more fitting. Yep, I have been ducking since February 24th, and taking some pictures here in this Sodom on the Willamette River.

Here are a few, of the many, many pictures I have taken over the last month or so. Of course, I have to figure out how to transfer all of them from my Samsung Cell Phone, to my Google account, and then to my laptop, and then to my files and yada, yada, yada.

The first picture is “horde” randomly marching around downtown. They aren’t really going any where, nor are they really planning to do anything, since, for them, it is merely the motion. At any rate, all the chaos, damage and anarchy comes later, say between 11pm and 2am. Yep, many is the night/early morning is Doomer Doug seranaded by the sound of Police bullhorns, flashbangs, teargas, firecrackers, that sound more like dynamite to me, exploding as the antifa horde stormtroops all over the place.

The next picture shows a burnt out car from the first day of the mass violence, looting and beatings, May 30th I think. The total damage in Portland is said to be $23 million, of which $4.5 million is physical damage. Several of the stores looted were right around the block from me. Fortunately, I had purchased my new bestie bud, Mr. Mossberg, a 20 gauge, pump shotgun that I plan to use for any attitude adjustment needed in my immediate area by then.

The third picture shows the corner of the Federal Building, at the corner of Salmon and 3rd Ave, that has been defaced. I have many, more. This particular picture is the one that has Built in 1997 in the Administration of William Jefferson Clinton. Further, it has a Thomas Jefferson quote, now smothered under an endless amount of the F word, kill, kill, kill. The quote talks about the boisterous sea of freedom, etc etc. Not for this lot of ignorant, barbarians to be impressed with an ode to free speech.

The final picture shows what the busiest ATM in Oregon looks like after it has been liberated. Again, it is functional now, although from time to time, it is covered up again to presumably protect people who need money from accessing the ATM. Long live the Revolution. I will, from time to time, as I figure out this photo transfer thing, keep you informed of the ongoing collapse of this here social order.

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And life goes on. 2-24-2020

It is always nice to be wanted, which means I actually do read comments, respond to them, ignore them, or throw them in the famous File 13. I have just bought a Lenovo computer, as in like 2 hours ago, and am now joyfully interfacing with Microsoft, Lenovo a Chinese company now at ground zero in Bejing, China, as in virus outbreak China. Ergo, I will comment on the other looming disaster, not that a potential repeat of the 1918 Spanish flu, or the Black Death, isn’t enough. Still, you may find my computer adventure at Office Depot to be about the other shoe dropping. Yep, we are about to get utterly crushed, ground up into tiny pieces, or turned into a slushy cost wise. You need to understand that Doomer Doug caught the tail end of the President’s Day sale, like the 17th. This means I got the no disaster, no factory shutdown, and no workers refusing to show up for work price of $399, along with a quoted price of $49 for an additional 8 MB memory, from 8 to 16. The $399 was the price last week, and today the computer price, it’s a Idea pad L340 series laptop by the way, is $529. Further, the additional 8 MB of memory went from Office Depot doing it for $49, to Lenovo doing it for $131, and finally, the price of the two year warranty last week was two years for $69, and now it is two years for $139. I warned you all to buy anything you need from China back then. Well, now it is too late. The price has gone up. For the math challenged, my computer, 8 additional memory and two year warranty that cost $517 last week, now cost $799. Yep, the memory goes from $49 to $131, and the computer goes from $399 to $517, and the two year warranty goes from $69, although I paid $89 this afternoon, to $139. The ability for China to make, produce, transport and ship computers has been significantly impacted by the virus. Whatever happens medical wise, hijos and hijas,  we are looking at massive price increases. And I got the next to the last Lenovo Laptop, since the only other one they had, besides mine, was also sold last week, and the ONLY ONE OFFICE DEPOT HAS, at least in the downtown Portland store, is a display model. Yep, guys and gals, now you see why Trump is not only going to impale himself on “Peace in our time,” or have his famous economy detonate in his face. And yes indeed, this is NOT, REPEAT NOT, the time for a mass mob visit to India. Sheesh. Other than that, I’m good and now will return to my Lenovo computer which is clearly engaged in a conspiracy with Microsoft to make the sign in, registration process as OBNOXIOUS as they can. Microsoft does stuff like that, which is why I HATE MICROSOFT, even before Bill baby started dabbling in bio warfare.


I have refrained from writing in my blog since January 25th, for two reasons. The first is I have been prepping my ass off in preparation for dealing with a true global pandemic. The second is I have been steeling myself, hardening my soul, and body and spirit to deal with the level of death I see headed my way. It is a done deal in my view. China’s junior Emperor in Training, the Communist barbarian Li, has now entered, myth, saga, history and memory as a war criminal on a par with Mao Tse Dong, who is credited with killing in zone tens of millions, possibly over 125 MILLION of his citizens, victims, stooges or whatever the unfortunate Chinese are called who had the misfortune to live under the tyrant. However, Mao and Stalin will pale into nothingness when compared with the man, this feckless, power mad, control freak Li, who will be, and now is, directly responsible for setting up the conditions that will end up murdering potentially hundreds of millions of innocents, and using a bio weapon to do it. Yep, in Li we have a monster of unprecedented arrogance, ego mania, and the kind of mental derangement of what G.K. Chesterton called the “evil of the bland,” or the little men who in the kind of non passionate ideology end up murdering more than a psycho like Beria, or Himmler will, in that calm, methodical way they have. So, here is my take today, February 15th, 2020.

I said in my posts over at

that I felt I needed to wait for Valentine’s Day to get a clearer sense of exactly what are now facing, which is nothing less, in my view, of a repeat of the 1918 so called Spanish Flu. Having done so, I am now going to do the best I can to help you deal with it. First, if you can’t shelter in place for one to three months, you are dead. If you can’t defend yourself with guns and ammo, you are dead. If you can’t eat for three months, or drink water for three months, you are dead, and if you can’t give any of the many thugs who will smash your door in, and steal your supplies, or rape your child, YOU ARE DEAD. If you can’t give them a shotgun suppository, it is a medical term by the way, YOU ARE DEAD.

If you have believe, or still believe, the lying, vile scum leadership in China, or the WHO, or even the CDC, YOU ARE DEAD. If you haven’t been prepping your ass off, like Doomer Doug has, the last two to three weeks, YOU ARE DEAD.

Point One: All data coming from the Communist barbarians in China is, and has been, and will continue to be lies. If you believe any of it, you will die. So, you multiply whatever the particular fantasy number the scum in Bejing is spewing for each day by a minimum factor of TEN, and possibly by 100, and maybe even 1,000. Okay, maybe not 1000. Still, the current 1500 dead, is 15,000, and quite easily 150,000 dead. The infected, in China alone, would be 1.5 million at least. Now, I refuse to wrangle with anybody about my numbers. Believe me and live, or not and die: it makes no difference to me. I am becoming a hard man, as I turn 66, and I make no apology  for it. I have never been in combat, although I did serve in the US Army back in the 1970’s. I found that in combat, or a situation like we are in now, which is a bio weapon has been released and we are all under threat, you do what you need to live, and then you, assuming you survive, don’t dwell on it, and move on with your life.

China, well Junior Emperor Li trainee doesn’t matter anymore, neither does how the bio weapon got released, or all the incompetence and corruption involved in any of that level of TRUE EVIL. Yep, we got the stomp on us, and that is all there is to it. So, you follow the famous British World War Two motto: “We shall muddle through.” Of course, the other British Motto, the SAS one: Proper Planning and Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance,” is a good second choice. We now are in a global pandemic, whatever the whore classes, the politicians, the media, the medical types say. On January 25th, I could avoid saying that, but not today. I tell you all, with steel in my heart and fire in my belly, you better cover your ass or pay the final, ultimate price.

Here is the first link that tells me Africa is about to explode into chaos and anarchy as the virus spreads into country after country, each of them, like South Africa, or the Congo, or Egypt, with its own separate health crisis independent of the CHINA PLAGUE.

Gang, it took a while, but Africa is now in play, disease wise. You might of missed it, with only 338 pages to wander through:ld:, but back on page 330, post 13,178 I told you all that the first CONFIRMED case in Africa was in Egypt, Cairo if I am not mistaken, so the report of the CONFIRMED CASE IN SOUTH AFRICA, IE SWAZILAND, IS REALLY THE 2ND CASE OF CONFIRMED VIRUS IN AFRICA.


We all said that it was strange to not have any confirmed cases in Africa, South America etc, and the general consensus was to just wait, go count all our piles of ammo, and chill out till Africa started exploding in virus cases. And guess what, we now have TWO separate, confirmed virus cases, with each one of them in a separate part of Africa, like Egypt in the far north, and South Africa/Swaziland in the south of Africa.

In the 72 hours or so around Valentine’s Day we have seen MULTIPLE cases of CONFIRMED, no bs like the Deleware report, in Africa, in Hawaii, in London etc. Face it, the powers that be know it is global pandemic time and are doing the how much info do I release to warn people, but without having them urinate in their pants.

I nailed it for this weekend and despite some smirking here, uber doomer, Doomer Doug has doomed on spot on. :eleph:

Yep that is correct my fellow doomers. This Valentine’s Day saw CONFIRMATION of infected people in London, Africa, Hawaii and who knows where else we DON’T KNOW ABOUT YET. It is game over. Global Pandemic in motion. PREPARE. PREPARE. PREPARE.:sheep:

Here are several links from Natural News telling me just how bad this global pandemic will be.

Even more information showing the dam is burst and the China Plague information is now pouring out unchecked, and nobody even bothers to take the Chinese War Criminal data seriously now.

Official (rigged) Coronavirus Count: 67,100 infected, 1,526 dead
Realistic estimates: 200,000+ infected, 20,000+ dead

 US military activates pandemic response plan; China invokes “wartime” response

HERE IS JUST A SHORT LIST OF THE TIDAL WAVE OF CHINESE BARBARIAN COMMUNIST LIES NOW BEING OPENLY EXPOSED IN THE ALTERNATIVE NEWS MEDIA. The whore, fake news media has lost all credibility and is on the verge of imminent collapse as a news source. The Sheeple will ignore all the political stuff, but when people they know start to get infected, and die and they realize the whores in the media and WHO have lied to them AND THEY HAVE DIED FROM THOSE LIES then the Sheeple will be out looking for blood.

Vietnam imposes first mass quarantine outside of China, 10,000 residents on lockdown
Saturday, February 15, 2020 by: Ethan Huff
Tags: coronavirusglobal emergencylockdownmass quarantinenovel coronavirusoutbreakpandemicquarantineVietnamvirus

CDC says Americans need to get prepared because coronavirus could “gain a foothold” in U.S.
Saturday, February 15, 2020 by: Ethan Huff
Tags: CDCCenters for Disease Control and Preventioncoronavirusdiseasegain a footholdglobal emergencyinfectionnovel coronavirusoutbreakpandemicpreparedpreppingStudyvirusWuhanWuhan coronavirus

Chinese factory employees forced to return to work amid widening coronavirus outbreak, then get QUARANTINED
Saturday, February 15, 2020 by: JD Heyes
Tags: ChinaChinese factoriesChinese government quarantineCollapsecoronavirusfactoriesfactory outputglobal economyglobal productionoutbreakpandemicquarantinespreadsupply chainsupply interruptionvirusWuhan

I won’t add them here, but I have links about the infected woman who ran around London, England in a Uber car share, or the infected man who ran around several islands in Hawaii, before FLYING BACK TO JAPAN. Yep, the global pandemic is here now. Prepare as best as you can, and as FAST AS YOU CAN. The Sheeple are in moooootion, and the Sheeple are moooooving.

I will also add that here in CONUS the highest kill zones, hence my term Killed in Zone, will the Marxist Democrat run cities, with their filth, large homeless populations, and the general chaos that passes for urban life here in the USA. Granted, Doomer Doug lives in downtown Portland, so I will likely die with the whole, filthy, foul smelling, foul mouthed, brain dysfuntional lot of them. Well, that is why God made shotguns, now isn’t it?





I find two things amazing as I lurch into 2020, watching in astonishment as events that would have been life altering, life changing, system shattering moments of chaos, merely bounce off into the ether, to be replaced by another event a previous generation would have been in crisis over. For us, Iran shooting missiles at our Iraqi bases, or the impeachment farce, which is a coup d’etat posing as an impeachment are now in the rear view mirror. And now we have, what I call the other ELE, extinction level event, with the first being Fukushima, and the second one being our very own global pandemic.

Fukushima having become background noise, we slowly expose our entire planet to toxic radiation, but with a global pandemic, oh we just kill ourselves off faster with that one. I will merely point out some obvious things, at least to me, about this viral pandemic we now face in all its viral glory. We know for instance that it really began on December 1st of 2019. Since we now this, we are certain that it has now completed several entire infection and exposure cycles lasting nearly six weeks now. Further, we know the local Chinese authorities knew all about this fact, covered it up, lied to everybody about the true scope and nature of the events involved.  The local knuckleheads did this out of fear, and the terror invoked by the kind of Communist Barbarian society they live in. They really didn’t want to tell their Emperor for Life that, in a scenario out of some Hollyweird movie, they sold the infected pigs off for a few yuan on the side, and started a process that will now doom many of us to death.

As hard as it for us here in the USA to believe, Emperor for Life Li didn’t realize what was happening down in Wuhan till a couple of days ago. He certainly didn’t know the disease infection cycle was ongoing, at least until he listened to the SARS expert who told him. Nor did Emperor for Life understand just how badly his Wuhan locals had messed up and created a global pandemic complete with unrestricted exposure, and literally tens of millions of Chinese in motion for the national festival. Further, he was faced with the bleak choice of brazenly lying about everything, which is SOP for any Chinese government, or doing the usual spin control, or, as he chose to do, a mix of “don’t worry, be happy,” and SEND IN THE FREAKING BULLDOZERS YOU MORONS.” Sometimes, gang it just doesn’t pay to be Emperor for Life.









The Great Washington, DC Chainsaw Massacre. 1-23-2020

Truly, the year of our Lord 2020 is coming out of the starting gate like a horse gone mad. However, I will concentrate on the ongoing farce known as the “Impeachment hearings,” although they are really just an ongoing coup d e’tat against our POTUS and represent the final collapse of the Marxist Democratic Party into Treason, Sedition, and clinical insanity. I tell people that in my view God, or the universe, or whatever, has a brutal sense of humor. This fact was confirmed for me as I set down to watch a Marxist Democrat Moron, aptly named Jason Crow, begin spewing all the crow the Marxist Democrats will need to eat when the vote is finally taken, and their acts of both Treason and Sedition crash and burn. At any rate, it is also clear the Democrats never heard of the 7 P’s, because if they did, the actual process wouldn’t have become the raving lunacy it has turned into. I wonder if the Marxist Democrats true plan was to bore people to death?

The seven P’s, of which we domestic terrorist, preparing types have a special affinity for, come from Britain’s SAS, ie their version of Special Forces. They stand for PROPER PLANNING AND PREPARATION PREVENTS PISS POOR PERFORMANCE.

Clearly, the Senate hearings were planned by Democrats who never heard of the 7 P’s at all. This ongoing coup attempt, not even slightly masked by the tidal wave of drivel spewing from the four stooges speeches, ie the crow I mentioned above, will soon impale itself on what I can only call the Marxist Democrat version of the 7 P’s. The Democrat version of the 7P’s is the 7D’s. I will speak plainly to my blog readers here. What I am now seeing,  besides all the other stuff, Iran, and the possible global pandemic, comes down the acts of both TREASON AND SEDITION by the other political party, the Marxist Democrats. In my opinion these acts come from people who aren’t Americans anymore. It is clear to me the near future of the USA is either Civil War Two, or mass indictments, trials and prison terms for the ENTIRE ruling class of the TRAITORS AND FOOLS now posing as the senior Democrat Party leadership: Pelosi, Schumer, Crow, Nadler, and Mr. Pencil Head himself, Adam Schiff. Yep, they are all going down for TREASON, or we will either have Civil War Two, or mass partition of the 50 states.

Finally, well the 7D’s go something like this, and are a good fit with the 7P’s. If you don’t do the 7P’s, then you end up doing the 7D’s.

So, without further fanfare, Doomer Doug gives not only my wordpress blog readers, but assuming Steve posts it, a wider audience that will appreciate my increasing lunacy, although these days it is hard to tell the difference. At any rate, since the Marxist Democrats really are traitors and clowns they deserve the following.

The Seven D’s stand for: The 4 Stooges, and all the other Marxist Democrat Traitors and Seditionists supporting the overthrow our current POTUS, will soon

DEBARK into a DARK, DANK, DREARY, DISMAL, DEPRESSING, DECAYING DUNGEON, where they will spend the rest of their miserable lives pondering their crimes.  

I would suggest, in honor of the 7P’s Britain has blessed this essay with, that the Marxist Democrats be sent to the Tower of London, but I understand the cells are being prepared for Harry and the modern version of either Mary Queen of Scots, or that Ann that Henry the 8th had whacked. Perhaps Gitmo will have room for them?

For those of you interested, I have three e books for sale on Amazon. The links are below. One of them, Ezekiel’s Islamic Confederacy, I wrote some 25 years ago, and in the light of recent events with Iran, make for an interesting read. The other two are science fiction, one, aptly enough, Day of the Dogs, about a solar flare, EMP type of event that has us all acting more crazy than normal. The final one, Strike Destroyer is Space Opera at its finest, especially the deranged teen aged Prince. Hmm, that didn’t go well.



Virginia Heads Towards Civil War Part Two 12-23-2019

Given the level of rhetoric now coming out of Virginia, it is inevitable that push will come to shove. We may have until the Pelosi impeachment circus starts again on January 6th or so, but we may not  either. Finally, well the Marxist Democrats seem to have developed a real knack for shooting their mouths off, and assuming Patriots will just sit there and take it. I will remind them of the Jackie Gleason comedy show in the 1950’s where he would end up shouting, “One of these days, Alice,” and so we find ourselves in the same situation here. In the case of both the Virginia AG and Governor, it looks like their mouths are stuck on stupid with predictable results.

I will also remind the “Trump has been impeached crowd,” that he has not. Further, since the US House has to physically deliver the articles of impeachment to the US Senate, which they have not done, and a US Federal Court just voided the second article, Trump is enjoying Christmas just fine, my dear blog readers. Besides, all the excitement has been pushed into January 2020. Pelosi, and go figure this out, has even invited our “impeached POTUS,” to give the State of the Union speech on January 20th. Only, how can POTUS do that if he has been impeached. I mean, to quote Forest Gump, “stupid is as stupid does,” or whatever.

I wish the two Marxist Morons now leading Virginia would take to heart my words below. They are playing with forces, that once unleashed can’t be stuffed back into the toothpaste tube. Such as our reckless and dangerous political games now being played by our Marxist Democrat Morons allow, I wish you all a Merry Christmas. Now as to a Happy New Year for 2020, well the jury is still out on that one.

The Volunteer military has had the direct impact many of my NCO’s and Officers told me it would way, way back in 1973 and so. They said it was created to form Imperial Legion type troops, answerable to political authority, not the citizens or the US Constitution. Further, they said that eventually it was designed to create a society where the majority, the VAST majority of the American people, males, since they didn’t see the whole women thing back then, had no military experience, never were in the military and didn’t have a clue about military culture. And so it has now happened. I watched the NG Virginia commander waffling and bsing and it was pure globalist bs. I have long said the command structure of the military is globalist to the core. And that NG speech tells me that NG commander will obey the Marxist governor, and many of his troops will also obey. The key thing is the military will split one third pro globalist, one third Patriot and Constitution, and one third, get my ass out of uniform and back home ASAP. And that, friends is not enough for Darth Vader junior to impose a dictatorship, or disarm Virginia and its armed militia. Now, because NONE of the entire Marxist Democrat political leadership has any military experience AT ALL, they don’t have a clue what will REALLY HAPPEN when some armed militia, or some NG traitors pull up to the Governor’s roadblock. THEY WILL START SHOOTING PRETTY FAST, EITHER THE VIRGINIA NG OR THE ARMED MILITIA. The Democrats just can’t wrap their heads around the idea the the militia types not only won’t give up their personal weapons, but will resist with violence any attempts to disarm them.

And coming to a roadblock in Virginia sooner rather than later, governor Marxist moron and his AG stooge are going to find that out.