You will have a hard time finding a bigger military disaster than the Taleban decisively reversing 20 years, 2 Trillion dollars, and thousands of US lives of American neo con warmongering adventurism over the last few weeks. The US Military Incompetence Complex was on full display. Empires, when they finally reach the point of imminent collapse, usually go down fast, and hard, and in the kind of spectacular and stunning style that the demoncrats have now perfected in Kabul. It is beyond incompetence. It is even beyond ignorance. It is nothing less than Treason and self delusion. Seriously, no military implodes as fast as the army we built up over the last decade or so, and supplied with vast amounts of war fighting equipment. The only thing I can personally compare it too, this loot and pillage spree, is when Mao Tse Tung captured multiple Imperial Japanese Army Groups in 1945. It took him less than 4 years to crush the Nationalists. And now in Afghanistan, we have created the best equipped, terrorist Army in the world. Of course, China is the real winner in this part farce and part tragedy. This mixture of Nero, Caligula and biden will impact the USA, indeed the world, for decades into the future. Nobody is that stupid, but our policies in Afghanistan our raving lunacy, are based on what is called the grift, ie the con, or the money.

The sack of Kabul, which is what is now going to happen. The Public relations effort by the Taleban is spraying perfume on a pile of manure. We know what they are. We know what they think, and what they do, and we know what is happening in Kabul right now. The rape squads are active. The summary executions. The beheadings. It is all coming back. The 100 or so super taleban that are giving press conferences in the palace, are a con job. Even as they promise not to kill their enemies, they are using the lists the US made for the kill lists. The real killing hasn’t started yet anywhere in Afghanistan. That will be done off camera, and with the kind of casual brutality Islam is famous for, because well Islam is a casually brutal religion. The Taleban are already shelling the airport runways among other things. We are looking at either 55 Days in Peiking, or Khartoum from 1885 and the Maudi. At any rate, I do not rule out the kind of massacre we saw at Khartoum. My judgement is the upper Taleban ranks are willing to forego 10,000 Westerners rotting on the streets of Kabul, in return for the massive amounts of weapons we gave them, plus setting up a terrorist base for global agendas. So, they will try to rein in their peasant levies, without a tremendous result, because they really do like to rape and murder people.

Biden, well biden is finished, as are all the demoncrats, except the whore media will try and blame Trump. And I don’t really care, since there is nothing I can do about it. I certainly hope the thousands of Americans we have abandoned to the tender mercies of of the Taleban make it, but we may never even find their bodies. As for all the combat veterans who have been betrayed, abandoned, and left to rot after they burnt out on their tours over there, well I assure you this group of morons biden calls his cabinet, are in terror of one thing now. And that one thing is the self creation of the Frei Corps. The Frei Corps is the other group that came out of Post World War One Germany. The first being from the left, it Antifa, which does exist, as I have seen it burn and damage Portland for the last 18 months. However, the Marxist scum now in control of our government, ie the
Demoncrats, are now, and should be pissing in their pants over the “right wing” response to World War One in Germany. It was called The FreiCorps and was the core of what later became the Nazis. Anyway, they were not Nazis in the first place, but they just got so angry that they ended up supporting Hitler. I don’t think, whatever the DHS morons think, any military veteran’s ie FreiCops will go the racist fascist route. They will go, and have gone, the Populist route, like Trump, and that is really what this decisive defeat in Afghanistan really means. We shall see. but when Americans start dying in Kabul, or even if not, then these clowns infesting bidens defense and state, and all the other government departments should fear if all that happens is they get impeached.

I am still amazed, even after everything that brain dead fool Obama and Clinton have placed in power has done, one half of the American people still buy into his folly. But, as I like to say, a lot of things are self solving in the sense that if you just leave it alone, or study it for six months it will simply go away. China and Russia, and Iran etc etcv are not fools. Evil, vile, vicious, lying, demon possessed scum, but not stupid. Oh by the way, did I mention that Hollyweird is preparing to spend $400 million dollars on a remake of 1973’s movie The Exorcist, a trilogy actually. I would tell you that their is a direct link to the military disaster we just suffered in Afghanistan to those movies, but why bother. The one half know and understand what I am talking about, and the other half, are too stupid, and corrupt, and demon possessed to figure anything out at this point.

They think we are all terrorists now. As for me, I also no longer care. How I would possibly remain functional if I didn’t have Jesus as my best friend, I have no idea. The demoncrats are coming.

My body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. Renewed. Cleansed. Sanctified by the blood of Jesus. My members, the parts of my body, are instruments of righteousness, yielded to God for his service and glory. The devil has no place in my life, no power over me, and no unjust claim against me. Any unjust claims are paid for by the blood of Jesus. I overcome the Deceiver, the devil, by the blood of the lamb and the word of my testimony. And I love not my life and have no fear of death. My body is for the Lord and the Lord is for my body.

Prepare for what is now looming over us here in America. Or continue the farce known as modern American live.

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  1. An outstanding Essay. I too have turned my life over to Jesus Christ and will be a warrior for him if he demands. Stay safe and Stay Strong Doomer.


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