Biden’s Theme Song

Psalm 12 Verses 7 and 8: O’ Lord, you keep us safe and protect us from such people forever: The Wicked freely Strut About when What Is vile is honored among Men. We are a nation of peacocks now.

Out “leadership” is composed of traitors, fools and cowards engaged in destroying America. At times like this, what can the righteous do in the face of such evil. I have no idea of how this will all end. However, I will speak the truth as best I can, and as long as I can, till China invades us, or the demons take over completely. In times like this, all one can do is fast and pray, plus, as John Locke? put it, “Appeal to Heaven.” The new Jews are those who refuse to take the toxic experimental gene therapy masquerading as a “vaccine.” It is the Mark of the Beast, and we will soon be not able to buy and sell as the Bible put it. Till then, fast and pray, and prepare.

August 5, 2021 

Unmistakable Signs January 6th Was Orchestrated By The ‘Deep State’ To Cover Up The Democrats Election Steal – Sure Looks Like The ‘Clinton Cabal’ Is Still Running Washington DC!

– The Clinton’s Are Still Followed By Mysterious Deaths, Everywhere They Go!  

By Alan Barton aka Bart’s Bantering for All News Pipeline

Checking on the grandkids obnoxious noises this afternoon, I found that they were running in circles around the kitchen table, laughing and having a great ol’ time. I asked them what they had for lunch, and they said loudly “SUGAR!”. I asked what kind, what did you eat? They said ”SUGAR!”. A few more tries with the same result; that is not going to work, so I asked “What can Grampa have for lunch?” – “SUGAR!!!” 

That wasn’t what I wanted; but then, I really didn’t expect anything else at that time and under those conditions. 

In January there were a number of articles that stated that two DC cops had committed suicide. One, from the NY Post, said “Another DC police officer commits suicide after Capitol riot” and another from US News said “Second Officer Commits Suicide After Responding to Capitol Siege”, both dated January 27th. A few other sites had basically the same thing, and they all said something about “riots” and “siege” and “Insurrection”, terms put out by the Satanic forces at work there. 


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