It Won’t Be Long Now 1-20-2021

     It was the first Roman Emperor, Octavian, Julius Caesar’s Nephew, later called Caesar Augustus, who said he “liked the Treason, but despised the Traitor,” which is something the Chinese Communists will remind the truly staggering number of American Traitors involved in the “election” we just had.

In fact, our entire system, SCOTUS, The US Senate, The US House, the Media, the Military, the education system, all proved to be stuffed to the gills with Traitors and moral cowards, not that it matters much at this point.

I will call our new POTUS, Bideypoop, along with his pet #$%% whatever she is. And Bideypoop is signing 17 Executive orders today that essentially reverse the last 4 years.

I know I am not in Kansas anymore when I look at just a few of them: like the one that makes it okay for a school boy, who really thinks he is a girl, but actually a biological boy, to go into a girl’s school bathroom. If you are confused, that is the one set up for biological girls. And Bideypoop thinks that is so important he does it within hours of being sworn in. Priorities indeed.

Besides that, Bideypoop has now appointed the Pennsylvania transgender government official to his cabinet, whose previous claim to fame was giving advice on how to engage in sex orgies in a covid environment. Like I said, we got a priorities problem here in DC, or Sodom on the Potomac to me.

Further, he appointed an educational official who thinks white kids “murder the spirits” of black kids when they go to school together. I mean even my mental capacities are overwhelmed by this kind of stuff.

It is also Bideypoop who is trying to appoint a black general, Austin something, who wants to “purge the Pentagon,” of all white racists, who, like Joe McCarthy said of Communists, are hiding in the nooks in crannies. And our BIGOTED, RACIST, FOOL of a black general, has disarmed the troops in DC since he thinks they will shoot Bideypoop.

Well, I have some personal experience with that kind of thing, being in the US Army back in August of 1974 with all the Nixon stuff. And yes, I can verify that all formations in the summer of 1974 were devoid of troops with actual bullets for the M-16’s. Here we go again.

I will focus on economics today, since I think Bideypoop and his pet whatever, will crash and burn both first and the most in the economic sphere.  You see, Bideypoop, and his minions, are copying the Imperial Roman model, just like the US military has been since 1973 and my tour as a VOLAR soldier. The bottom line is Roman Emperors learned, like in the first nanosecond of their rule, they better put a “donative,” ie a BRIBE into the hands of the Praetorian Guard, or else, as in DOA status is imminent.

And Bideypoop, in his semi lucid moments, or his handlers, Susan Rice, Harris, or whomever is pulling the puppet strings, are just naming that bribe a “stimulus,” of some $1.9 TRILLION FIAT, FEDERAL RESERVE FULL FAITH AND CREDIT MONEY. Oh, say full faith and credit three times fast without breaking into hysterical laughter. Inflation anybody?

Anyway, this $2 TRILLION will raise the total Federal debt, not the budget deficit, to $30 Trillion. No snide comments about the 200 plus trillion out there either.

So as this Federal Reserve moolah, emerges from the printer machine, two points. The first is the foreigners know the game is rigged, and won’t play any more, and second, Bideypoop is now trapped, along with his fellow raving economic lunatics, into Universal Basic Income, of endless stimulus payments, and/or permanent eviction and rental, and mortgage protection, or as Doomer Doug here likes to call it: The Permanent destruction of the land lord class.

Really, I think it was Martin Friedman who said ” Next to carpetbombing,” like my World War Two B-17 bomber pilot Dad used to do to German cities,”  rent control, which is REALLY what Bideypoop is doing to American landlords. Illegal Taking, who cares about that? So, Bideypoop has now extended the rent/mortgage eviction bans to SEPTEMBER OF 2021, which means landlords have not been paid for some 18 months now. This is combined with utilities non payment, etc.

When you add all of that up, it means the budget debates in DC, along with the printing of the money, and the spending of the money, and all of that kind of stuff, between BideyPoop, and AOC, and the RINOS, etc will resemble a Rooster Fight where BOTH of the Roosters are on Meth. Yeah, it is called something else, but I ain’t saying THAT word, it starts with a C by the way. I do have some standards, not many I can’t deny but some.

We have now created what the Romans called “an urban mob.” And this “urban mob,” although not all of them live in urban areas, are now addicted to “free moolah.” And you better $%^^^^^^^ believe they will  get very, very upset if the government moolah, which is now endlessly coming out of the print button at the Federal Reserve basement. Who knows, maybe Bideypoop is on the cot next to the Federal Reserve Printing Machine. I found the fact the US Military presumably combat forward deployed some 25,000 troops and they slept on the concrete floor. I know how hard a concrete floor is by the way. Morons everywhere I look these days.

It won’t take long, maybe less than six months for the whole lot of our esteemed leadership, the RINOS, the Marxist Democrats, like AOC, and the Squad, and the ancient Democrats, like Piglosi and Slummer to realize they don’t have any more money, and have run out of money, at which point their terror at the insurrection and storming of the Capitol, which were no such thing, will happen for real this time. It will be racially acceptable since the stormers this time will be minorities from DC and Baltimore I think.

As for Doomer Doug, here in the cesspool of the Universe, Portland, Oregon, I got no skin in the game anymore. I will just watch, with the kind of morbid deranged black humor as AOC, and Piglosi and the whole lot of them turn into a Rooster fight with lots of meth around. I mean, “We who are about to die, Salute You.”

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  1. Doomer: What a great essay. You have hit all the pertinent points and have discerned the eventual outcomes of Bideypoops actions. If I lived closer to Portland, I would share my popcorn with you so that at least you can enjoy the coming schitt show with a bit of comfort food. Like you, I am a sixties soldier and while the body has aged and the reflexes are not quite the same, I can nonetheless hold my security tools steady and still stroke a steady pull. God Bless.


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