Our Age of Consequences Begins 11-03-2020

The results of all our choices over the entire history of the USA are now coming due. The issue is no longer can we continue as the United States. We can’t and honestly I don’t want to anymore. The best that can be hoped for now is the orderly separation into regional sections. The Grand Experiment is finished. It failed as all Republics fail. Where there is no vision the people fail, and are now blind as bats. No laser surgery will fix that because the kind of spiritual blindness is what Polyibus warned us would happen when the politicians figured out they could divert money from one group, to another group, and then use that for their own benefit. The USA has been totally corrupted by greed, and insolence, and arrogance. It can’t be helped at this point, much less reversed. And Trump, well Trump is the man come to do the bankruptcy and clean up the mess. Even that won’t matter in the end, since we will have likely killed each other off by then.

I pondered all of this as I ate in the only Indian restaurant still open in downtown Portland this afternoon. The last few days have been stunningly beautiful fall days, as if to mock us for the final phase of Portland’s collapse. Everybody is in a frenzy of boarding all over downtown, and virtually no business isn’t covered with plywood boards completely. The symbolism of my eating inside this Indian restaurant, while all of its windows are being covered by plywood, as if I was being sealed inside a tomb, was not lost on me. Who will come to eat in a restaurant that is covered in wood plate? Or one where you have to leave your name and address like some kind of criminal? People will not, and we have known each other long enough, my Indian friend, to realize that I have eaten there for the last time.

One of my apartment dwelling neighbors works security at one of the skyscrappers trashed with impunity by antifa over at the Lloyd Center Area on Saturday night, either the Lloyd 500, 700, or 800 building. I worked security at the Lloyd 500 building back in 1985, which is yet another one of those kind of things that happen in Portland. Over most of the time I have lived here it hasn’t been bad. Now, well now Portland is a third world cesspool and I am preparing for the end.

He was sitting in the building lobby when the howling mobs trashed the north side of the 700 building I think, and did thousands of dollars in damage to the LARGE glass sections on the lobby floor. He, well being a sly devil, put one of the elevators on Fire independent so when the horde of thugs stormed the building he would just hope in, take a ride up, call 911 and then sit it all out. Like I said, the collapse of the social order.

I now live in a city where I see the daily, and nightly result of the Wrath of God. No doubt about it to me at all since I walk in the spirit, and clash with demons on a daily basis. The Roman Catholic Bishop of Portland did an Exorcism last weekend. I now piggyback on it. It is fatal, potentially lethal to mess around with this kind of thing, unless you are sanctioned by a priest led exorcism. I went on my laptop and dug up about one dozen Art Bell and Malachi Martin radio shows from 1996 to his death in 1998 or so. And I have to say that whatever anybody may think, God wants me here F#%%%% with the demons like they should be F#%%%% with. Portland is now Ephesians 6 land, and the kind of spiritual battle I see every F$%^%^^ day now, well I have my AR-15 for the Flesh, and I have my Spiritual M-16 for the spirit. I even reworked the Ephesians 6 prayer to include modernizing the combat gear.

Yes, Portland is hell, but so what? What is here now in Portland is what will be everywhere by the end of the week. One of the things that Father Malachi Martin said you need to do in an Exorcism is to tell the demon/s you are hiding in the blood of Jesus, which I started doing now that I am piggybacking on the bishop’s exorcism. I have to tell you the shitstorm that causes in the physical realm is amazing. At any rate, the fecal material will hit in about 24 hours, Tuesday night, and then 72 hours till Friday. Finally, I am doing fine, with the kind of spiritual power and intimacy I have dreamed about since the Roman Catholics wanted me to be a Jesuit back in 1968 when I was 14. Yep, seriously.

Besides, for the flesh I got my AR-15, which I dearly love, and my Mossberg 20 gauge, which I even more dearly love. I’m not saying it is particularly normal to name your shotgun Mr. Mossberg, but be nice, or Mr. Mossberg will start to growl. If he gets really ticked off, he makes that clicking noise when you slide the shell into the chamber. Oh, Mr. Mossberg ain’t gonna take no garbage from any antfia or blm thugs that come into my apartment. Shotgun suppository, anybody? It’s a medical term. Look it up. 🙂

Hopefully, I will live through the next few days of chaos and mindless violence here in downtown Portland. If not, no bother to me.

You all take care, watch your six, and remember we live in the Spirit, and by the Spirit, and of the Spirit. We do our best and then let God do the rest, to quote my computer screensaver. What we call death is simply a higher vibrational rate of matter, and is composed of rapidly moving light molecules. Or as Tesla, who really was a fascinating man said: “If you want to understand the Universe, think about energy, frequency and vibration.” There is no death. There is only jumping up to the next rung like a Salmon swimming a fish ladder.

Antifa prepares for mass riots by watching some 11 year old girls twerking and getting high and drunk. The wrath of God is upon them now. They are beyond hope, totally given over to evil, and will be shown no mercy, since they have shown none.
There can be no compromise with them now. All that is left is blood and fire as the logical result of their mocking, smirking contempt for life itself.

We will have heavy rain, 90% chance over the next four days, so we may not see much rioting due to that. Antifa is planning a revolution starting at 5 pm Weds night. We shall see how good they do in wet conditions,

I took a military oath to protect the US Constitution in Spokane, Washington back on July 31st, 1973. I think my oath Trumps, pun intended, any so called pledge these antifa thugs are now taking to try and bully us. I am not bullied and I regard my military oath as still valid. Again, prepare for the evil about to be unleashed upon us. My opinion is Trump will win in a rout and electoral college massacre no less than 325 and no more than 375, and likely in the 350 range. Biden will carry Hawaii, the West Coast, Illinois, DC, maybe Vermont and that is about all. Massacre for sure, 1968 level. The riots doomed Biden.

Doomer Doug, a.k.a. Doug McIntosh now has a blog at www.doomerdoug.wordpress.com
My end of the world e book “Day of the Dogs” is available for sale at the following url


  1. Just like 48 years ago sitting with loaded M16s watching and waiting for the Bauder Meinhof gang to hit our DivArty special weapons dump in W.Germany.


  2. Yeah, I did some lock and load sentry duty related to Bader Meinhoff back in 1974. they threatened to bomb our dependent housing so they handed us 400 rounds and our M-16’s and said shoot the mo@#$%%5
    Usually, they gave us baseball bats for the tank 105mm shells or stuff like that. Hell, Bader Meinoff did the first IED to try and kill General Haig in his convoy driving by. Peace hell, the 70’s weren’t as mellow as some people seem to think they were. Cyprus, Yom Kippur, etc


  3. Hello Doug .. my brother and friend who I never met only listened to on radio & shared a few FB msgs. Praying for you, as I can see you have no intentions of leaving, even if you had $$ I don’t think you would leave. Thank you for your insights and view into the evil we know is there, but haven’t quite seen so close yet. May God grant you the courage to do his will for your life. Please don’t loose heart .. Greater is HE that is in YOU than he who is in the world! I am alone too, and feel your solitude. “His presence is our weapon”. Don’t you ever forget it. Love ya .. see you on the other side. Molly from MT


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