No stopping Civil War Two now 9-29-2020

The debate will be remembered for four things.
One. The open contempt and hatred by the Demonrats for people who support Trump.

Two: The open hatred and contempt shown POTUS Trump by a sanctioned nominee of the opposite political party. You would have to go back to 1860, and Southern views on Lincoln, to generate this level of venom, in public and broadcast media.

Three: There can be NO COMPROMISE at all between Trump supporters and the Demonrats. That ship sailed tonight when Biden called Trump both a racist and a liar. The cynical, amoral opportunistic performance of that media scion Chris Wallace barely needs mentioning. I will tell him that when you try to slit the throat of our POTUS, try and use a little pananche you globalist traitor.

Four. The debate will indeed go down in the history books for the simple reason that future historians, assuming we still have word processing programs 50 years from now, will deem it as a precursor to the 2nd American Civil War, due to its venom, political rancor, open partisanship and failure to make any attempt at all for national unity. Further, after tonight’s debate, neither Trump or Biden will be the political opposition. No, they will be the ENEMY and subject to summary execution by hard core members of either party. Seriously.
The hysteria of the Marxists that Trump will not leave office, and he will mobilize either the one million troops, or his armed militia is now well placed. I think it was not before. Yes Virginia, the killing grounds are being prepped. Count on it. Be armed at all times. Assume certain conservative political viewpoints will get you killed. They can and will. Accept that.

The blood will flow now. and both our allies and our enemies will now jockey for position and how to end up with what hard assets America still has left. The people who still think Biden won’t steal the election need to take some of the psych drugs Biden was clearly on during tonight’s debate. Whatever they were, I want some.

Like the Lincoln Douglas debates, the Trump/Biden/Wallace debates will be viewed as the final debates of the fading American Republic.

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  1. Doug, thank you so very much for your articles!
    I believe everything that you wrote concerning the future of our once great country.
    I too am 67 years old, escaped from Portland, Oregon a little over 5 years ago, and have never looked back. I grieve for the good, hard working, decent people back in Oregon, and wish I could save them from the tsunami of evil that’s coming.
    It’s so difficult to process all that has happened, although the writing has been on the wall for many years, but now that our downfall is certain, it’s hard to contain my grief.
    They say that we get the government that we deserve, and while many of us fought for decency, kindness, and law and order, evil has prevailed.

    I moved to a place where decency is still valued and there are more churches than bars, oh, and the population is heavily armed.
    I know that evil will still touch us here, but at least most of us will go down fighting.
    God is good, man is corrupt, and I pray for all of us. Please take care of yourself, and God bless you.


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