In the “Two Towers” movie, which was the best of the three Lord of the Rings movies, in my opinion, there is a scene between Aragorn and Theoden, King of Rohan,  where they are arguing about what to do as the forces of Sauron mass for an invasion of Gondor. Aragorn says, “Open war is upon you, whether you like it or not.” And so I say to you all, my loyal blog readers, open Civil War is now upon the USA, and ESPECIALLY DOWNTOWN PORTLAND WHERE I LIVE. You may have whatever illusions you wish to, where you live, and whatever you plan to do in these dark times. Still, the Rubicon has now been crossed with the brazen murder of that incredibly naive Trumpster. I mean, what did those naive, MAGA hat wearing yahoos think was going to happen when they came sauntering into downtown Portland, my turf, an area OWNED BY BLM AND ANTIFA. Did they seriously think these Marxist SCUM WOULDN’T WASTE THEM. Seriously? The only reason I have lived through the last three months is a mixture of cunning, situational awareness, and the ability to unleash deadly, lethal force if I need to. It also helps that I haven’t been outside my apartment after 6pm since March. If you do stupid things, with stupid people, in stupid places, you will regret it. The place where he was murdered was about 4 blocks away from where I live now. In fact, I have stood on the exact same spot where he was shot as recently as a week ago. You take antifa, blm seriously, like I have, or YOU WILL DIE A STUPID DEATH. CIVIL WAR TWO IS NOT COMING: IT IS HERE!

So here is the situation in downtown Portland, related to the complete collapse of the social order.
One: The Feckless political leadership. Worthless Wheeler, Medusa, and both the city council and Multnomah county council openly followed policies that let a Trump supporter get murdered as a result. Trump, well the Trump, Brown and Wheeler battle has little direct impact on daily life here in Sodom and Gommarah on the Willamette. The Antifa blm types are strutting around now, a smirk on their face, or a cheetah up in the tree licking its chops are a kill. Well now, they have made a a fatal mistake of not realizing the kind of blowback they have now unleashed. Trump won’t send in the tanks, and Brown and Wheeler won’t ask for them, so we are in kind of a stalemate where the armed militias are pondering what they will do. And it has put the fear of God in the blm and antifa types that they now consider 5,000 pissed off MAGA hat wearing “redneck types,” are going to come back into downtown Portland, only this time they will have AR-15’s and 1000 rounds and be looking to shoot anything that looks like blm or antifa, and they really all do look alike, they see. And you better F#%%% believe that the people living here are pondering that, despite what brown and the rest think they are TERRIFIED of a MAGA hat wearing invasion that leaves 2,000 blm types rotting on the streets.

That is the context, here in downdown as the collapse of the social order plays out to its inevitable end.

Now in terms of my personal situation, well lets just say anybody who can has left the general area, especially downtown. I did laundry today so I can’t say what is really going on. All the construction workers are still around. For whatever reason they are still building the new Ritz hotel, as if anybody will ever stay in it. This is what I mean by this thin layer of “normal” smoothed over a social order in chaos. The normal level of crazy, not related to blm antifa has also doubled, plus the homeless types are coming in like the Danes into England in 900 AD. :vik:

I now carry two revolvers on me, with a total of 60 rounds, in speed strips, speed loaders and in the loaded revolvers. I am about as ready as I can be under the circumstances. I rate the city of Portland as in a state of civil war every night, with the outbreak of violence, on a nightly basis, as inevitable.

This has already ended in blood and fire, gang.

You should expect my situation to spread to every major urban city here in CONUS, as early as Labor Day, and certainly no later than the election on November 3rd, WHICH I NO LONGER EXPECT TO HAPPEN IN AN ORDERLY FASHION.

And no matter what these Marxist fools want in Portland, the National Guard, or even RA combat troops will be driving around Portland, also as early as Labor Day, or no later than Halloween, in my opinion.

Lock and load. Keep your powder, although that doesn’t really apply anymore, dry. Expect the unexpected. Assume anything, can happen anywhere, to anybody, and at any time The US Republic has had a good run of 244 years. It is now over. It will collapse, as soon as the end of 2020 into blood, fire, death and chaos. I will see you all on the other side. Take care.


  1. good luck brother, I left Portland over 20 years ago and even way back then you could see the writing on the wall for the Nortnwest in general, especially Portland and Seattle. I’m down here in Florida smack dab in the middle of Eglin air force base, figured years ago that the closer I am to the largest bases in the US the better I’d be following a breakdown of society here at home…. outside of world war 3 and a direct nuclear strike on my area this is a much safer place to be security wise.


    1. DMC,hahaha,anyone even near the coast has BIG,BIG WAVES to worry about,THAT ASTEROID IS INBOUND and NASA has no intention of warning anyone,..and they know it will kill 70,000,000 million people ,THEY DON’T CARE,their a government agency,and SATAN is their daddy..THINK I’am kidding ,,NASA has a BIG RANCH HOUSE ,RIGHT DOWN THE ROAD FROM ME, HERE IN THE ROCKIES OF COLORADO,and the biggest bears you ever saw guarding it,and their own private airport,it even has landing lights,and they just turned them on the other day…SO hell is about to arrive…


  2. To still live in any large metro w the decades of warning seems foolish to begin with. Yes, it’s here but it’s been a long time coming…..and most are still better off than 95% of the rest of the history of humanity.


  3. Doomer, Glad to have overall sit-rep. Not in the I-5 corridor of insanity anymore but close enough to be concerned with splash outs from your AO. Watching, preparing and waiting.


  4. well, then they will all die horrible deaths at the hands of some very nasty people who love this nation and i Iam one of them. it would be better off for them if they all go home and have there mommies give them warm milk and cookies, war is hell and i have been there and understand all the pitfalls of it.. these idiots dont have a clue what a 50 MM round round does to the human body, these little fagots will go home crying if they make it out alive , and they only will If i allow them. as for the one in his apartment after 6: pm , its you who are the problem , you should have been training to take them out in the dark of night . stay in your apartment because when we are called in and not by the government to clean up the pussies on the street and that included blacks and white trash, my advice is dont come out and hide under your bed.


  5. Be nice, I have an AR-15 and 750 rounds. It is 50 caliber, which I live fired back in the US Army in Germany in 1974. I will leave some for after I am done.☠


  6. THATS the best comment I’ve seen,WHATS AMERICA MADE OF…JELLO,queers,fagots and pussies and Girlymen,YOU LOSE AMERICA,the Russians and Chinese military aren’t cowards,they fight to the death and refuse to die,and you american men,should I call you that,THE GOVERNMENT is kidnapping your children,and after raping them, they eat them,and ITS YOUR HERO’S who are doing it,I hope you don’t think GOD will save you,HE HATES YELLOW COWARDS TOO…


    1. Excellent ! I agree with you totally ! There are no real men in the younger generation, but sometime you do find 1 or 2 of manly caliber. CW2 is in it’s infancy, but not for long! If you are not prepared it is to late. It is taking weeks for things to be shipped in, even if its a quick ship. I quit paying the extra money for a faster delivery.
      Over the weekend I looked on Walmart’s site. They sell freeze dried food (Mountain House). 6 Cans of rice & chicken 25 year shelf life was selling with free shipping for $742.04 !! WTF! So with that being said you know the natives are getting CRAZY ! I live 55 miles from any major city, I am staying tight and I only go into a larger city when necessary.
      I read a great article 2 nights ago. Americans own 300 million guns & over a trillions rounds of ammo. Thank God that we have educated people that know and love weapons ! I expect that we will be using some of that in the coming months, I have no faith in the system it is TOAST ! Stay Safe !


  7. I have been warning America for 4+ yrs. that this nation is in “deep dodo”! Even wrote a free ebook, laying-out the reasons why, yet few give a darn. As long as their feeling no pain, they gladly dismiss all the warnings. Even the prophet Isaiah warned us with, Isa. 8:12, “Do do call conspiracy everything this people calls a conspiracy….” 1 Thess.5:3, “while people are saying, ‘peace and safety’, destruction will come on them suddenly….. Even Christians and their pastors, who should see what is coming, are oblivious since biblical prophecy is ignored, no longer taught I churches. The excuse being, it’s just to scary. Wake up my friends! You do not know real fright, but you soon will! May God have mercy on this nation before millions of Americans die, by famine, pestilences, and war. The same that happens to any nation that rebels against our God and Creator!


  8. Very interested in asteroid. Dave Hodges and Steve Quale mentioned it but they embellish. Beware Biden, as he is a cobra, a venomous snake, as is his running mate, both are snakes, and extremely dangerous. The ability to juggle the events of the current hour is overwhelming. Much going on, on so many different levels. As for BLM and ANTIFA? Of course, the remedy is obvious. Swimming lessons. Needed: a fleet of Hueys, collect all ANTIFA and BLM members, load 30-35 into helicopter per flight. Ascend to 1,000 feet. Push out over water. or if no water, forgo the swimmimg lessons and push out over hard terrain. Apologise for lack of parachutes. Thanks.


  9. Doomer, why stay where you are? Come to Idaho or even just the east side of the mountains out in eastern Oregon. Time for a new life.


  10. I have one very serious criticism to make. That is your choice of firearms. I most strongly reccomend you swap out at least one of your revolvers for a plastic fantastic fighting machine that employs high capacity magazines. Rioting mobs are made up of vast numbers of rioter. A pistol with many more rounds immediately available will enable you to perforated quite a few more peaceful protesters than the limited capacity of your historically correct firearms.


  11. If I run into a mob, I plan to run, amigo! I have 12 loaded in two revolvers, which is enough to get me out of there. My main thing is protecting my apartment lobby from being breached, like wheelers condo. For THAT I have a Mossberg 20 gauge 6 shot pump, or an AR -15 with loaded 30 round pmags.


  12. The day of the dogs was a sober read. did you ever do any sequels? I will get the sf novel shortly, as I like your writing style. The dogs seemed to scream for sequels.


  13. I purchased the book The day of the dogs, read it and tried to leave a review on amazon. They are saying my account does not meet the community guidelines to leave a review. Over the years I have spent many hundreds of dollars for kindle books, which they say I dont really own, just rent, or something shitty like that, and that my account does not meed guidelines? I have never had this problem leaving reviews before now. I suppose those asshole sjws dont want my business anymore. No real loss to me. The only thing I can think of , besides censorship, is that I always use gift cards to make purchases at amazon, not trusting them to have a credit card on file. If that is now their stance, then screw them. And their horse.


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