Day 52 in the Siege of Portland, Oregon 7-18-2020

I should first tell you, unofficially of course, that the motto of Portland, Oregon has now been changed from “Keep Portland Weird,” to “Have you had your Psychotic Break for Today?” I’m not saying that 100 percent of the people I interact with on a daily basis here in Puddle Town are insane. I would say the level of bat poop craziness is in the mid 90’s, say 95%.

At any rate the following are my ramblings of what it is like to deal with this endless, Marxist thug shit, for going on 52 days now. I would also say I once saw a movie called, “55 Days in Peiking,” about the Boxer Rebellion in 1902,The one that sealed all the Western embassy people inside of Beijing Foreign Compound for 55 days. So, I only have three days to go in this Siege of Portland, Oregon.

I don’t know why Trump keeps playing this game with these clowns. They won when they tore down the Federale fence after Homeland Security spewed all their drivel about prevailing, and retaking Portland, and what losers local officials were. They then stood there and wimped out. Pathetic on all levels this Trump Homeland Security bluster.

Napoleon said, “If you say you are going to take Vienna, then take Vienna.”

The total failure of the Federal forces to hold the line means Portland is lost. We will not have a military coup, and mass executions of the Marxist Democrats and their support systems isn’t going to happen either. Option 2 is the massacre begins by popular revolt, the so called Armed Militia the media likes to foam at the mouth about. Perhaps some military support will appear, but that isn’t happening either. The Marxists have been attacking any body they want to with impunity, and I see no reason for that media bias, police apathy and political moral cowardice and squalor to change.

What is most likely to happen is the Portland farce continues, the Marxist Democrats steal the election and then all the REAL violence starts against us.

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Well, people can make all the excuses for Trump they want to, since it no longer matters.
Worthless Wheeler has now allowed ALL of Downtown Portland to be turned onto a CLAP, OR CHOP, or BLM zone or whatever.
I haven’t been down there today, but BLM will be camped everywhere now. I see carloads of them driving all around honking their horns, screaming and ranting, knowing they beat the system like a drum.


Homeland Security could have arrested 50 of them, but they watched, and now BLM won’t be slowed down, much less stopped, not when they went head to head with Trump. They sneer at him because BLM BEAT THEM ALL.

You think they give a shit now?

If a VIOLENT MOB OF MARXIST THUGS tearing down a fence, built by Federales, on Federal Courthouse land, while Federal people are under attack, exactly what would qualify as “Trump waiting till they break Federal law?

This is no 5th level Trump chess garbage. Trump just showed he was as pathetic as Worthless Wheeler has been.

Trump has betrayed and abandoned his supporters in Portland and no bs from Trump can change that fact.
I will now have to deal with these shits and that is on Trump.

I gave $75 in political donations to both the RNC and Trump campaign this summer, but he won’t get a dime from me after this example of moral cowardice. Trump sent in Homeland Security to restore order. I stood on the corner of 3rd and Salmon Saturday morning and watched Homeland Security set up to that, but when the test came they turned out to be bigger clowns than the local police they called losers.
Between DACA and now this, Trump has taken a serious hit.

I suggest you all get ready. Trump has just confirmed we are on our own.

CAN’T use the military now, or else Mattis and all the other globalist Generals will either arrrest him, or shoot him. Trump gets to sit back and watch these clop. Zones be set up nationwide, and then have Biden steal the election, assuming Pelosi and Schiff impeach him AGAIN

I’m not sure if I will post to the “Portland war” thread. The war is over. We lost. They won. No point to it anymore.

Right now I am sitting in the middle park, within 25 feet of the burnt ELK pedestal. They also burned a garbage can I took a picture of due west of the first park, Lownsdale Park.

I am watching as the construction workers load the silver fencing from Lownsdale Park on trucks to haul away. The stench of the burnt stuff all around me is the SMELL OF BLM’S VICTORY. The large piles of burnt shit, general garbage are on Salmon street headed west one full block, two street corners in total.

The tents are moving NORTH up 4th ave, plus the Riot ribs, et al are still on Salmon streets north side. A lot of tourist types come to document just how badly Trump got his ass kicked by BLM. No federales in sight for obvious reasons.

The scale of Trump’s disaster is clear.

The parks are open, people roam freely, BLM is not feeling any threat, but why should they?

Worthless Wheeler is a little boy they ignore now. Trump, well they enjoy their victory over Trump, the New York City blow hard, and his impotent Homeland Security, especially the thundering Mr

Wolf, who is an even bigger blowhard. “We will Prevail” Seriously?
Don’t worry. BLM is coming to every city in CONUS. Soon.

After I wrote all of that, with the last of it being around 4pm, BLM hopped into their cars, and went a VIKING. Now the term VIKING is a verb and not a noun. You are not a VIKING, you go VIKING, which means raiding in Old Norse I think. So, what we got here, and what TRUMP in his blowhard folly, and his pathetic Homeland Security did, is turn loose a VIKING horde, a Black Viking Horde, except most of them are white, but I am still amazed of the 12 actual black people I have seen at BLM events in the Portland Parks. Right now, BLM/Vikings are having a jolly old time, again courtesy of Trump and Homeland Security of raiding Seattle, just like Ragnar did Paris. Yep, I will tell you all plainly, if this upsets you, this writing of mine, I have no concern. I have EARNED THE RIGHT to say whatever I want to about this Worthless Wheeler, Blowhard Trump, and the total and complete system failure, and collapse it confirms. And if you give me any of this Trump fifth generation  chess garbage, well I will just delete your comment. I am on my own. I don’t have time for the feckless Trump anymore. I remember in his campaign he would talk about the scorpion and the frog in the middle of the river. Well, I have concluded, now that Trump has betrayed and abandoned me to the Viking hordes here at Lownsdale Park, that he was the scorpion and I was the frog. Damn, the river is deep and the current is swift. Honestly, it doesn’t matter what happens during the election, assuming we even have an election. IF YOU BLOG READERS GET NOTHING ELSE OUT OF THIS REMEMBER MARXIST DEATH SQUADS. POL POT IN 1975 AND SHINING PATH IN 1980. AND STALIN WITH THE KULAKS IN THE 1920’S They are here now. I see them every day. You are warned.


  1. Doomer: Always enjoy your treatise when they are posted. I am sorry that POTUS and all others seem to have deserted Portland along with many other cities that are now out of control. These protestors are indeed a combination of Nazi Brown Shirts and Communist Red Guards and, they intend nothing but harm upon those of us who are not believers in a new Socialist USA. Like you, I now just wait for it to reach my suburban neighborhood and I likely will go out but, I will go out with a shout and not a whimper. Good luck as you struggle to maintain your own sanity in a sea of madness but please know there are many of us who are with you in spirit.


  2. Doomer we met 20 odd years ago.

    Your eye witness tactical eval is spot on. Yes, the red pill takers are going to have our hands full, but isn’t that the bane of rear guards anyway?

    Sun Tzu might have a different view strategically. Sun Tzu is really into deception. Portland, Seattle, SF and LA are isolated outposts of blue pill takers in terms of CONUS politically, geographically and strategically. What is the downside of lefties of the left coast burning down (your evaluation) “Keep Portland Weird” lefty Portland, no real loss there. The “going Viking” of those Portland Weirdos are going to wash up against the Potato heads to the east.

    Just saying.


  3. Dear Doomerdoug, I’m not offended by your opinions. This is your blog and you can say whatever the hell you want. That’s a reason I am a reader of this blog. I have been watching the madness occurring in your AO, sad. Glad to see a post from you! You’re still holding your ground. For your sake, I hope this stops soon, but after reading your “opinion”, it will not be ending anytime soon. Take care, and watch your back!


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