Trump’s Deal With Queen Elizabeth

I have to say the level of squalid politics exposed by the whole Epstein, Maxwell, Pedophile, Pimp to the global elite, is truly staggering in both scale and toxic filth. No doubt about it, blog readers: OUR GLOBAL LEADERSHIP IS EVIL. We are not only the judgment of God, we are under IRIS DEI, the wrath of God. Whether I am looking at the imminent collapse of China’s Three Gorge Dam, or the ongoing chaos here in CONUS, it is absolutely clear to me that consequences are happening, as the result of the kind of evil that can only be done against Children, and leads to the kind of unrestricted warfare unleashed upon the people. At any rate, watch for yourself the links below.

Bear in mind that Trump has “apparently” negotiated a deal that will save the royal useless wanker, Prince Andrew, with Queen Elizabeth that has cleared hot both the BBC and the Australian version of our feckless, Deep State shill 60 minutes, to engage in unrestricted warfare at Trump’s command. Prince Andrew, who shows why inbred, cretin Royals, are indeed, inbred, cretin royals. By the way, the House of Windsor is GERMAN. Yep, Trump gets a free pass to go after both the RINOS, the ones that have made his life miserable, as well as any Demoncrats he can. The first video runs 27 minutes, and the second one, 12 minutes.


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