And life goes on. 2-24-2020

It is always nice to be wanted, which means I actually do read comments, respond to them, ignore them, or throw them in the famous File 13. I have just bought a Lenovo computer, as in like 2 hours ago, and am now joyfully interfacing with Microsoft, Lenovo a Chinese company now at ground zero in Bejing, China, as in virus outbreak China. Ergo, I will comment on the other looming disaster, not that a potential repeat of the 1918 Spanish flu, or the Black Death, isn’t enough. Still, you may find my computer adventure at Office Depot to be about the other shoe dropping. Yep, we are about to get utterly crushed, ground up into tiny pieces, or turned into a slushy cost wise. You need to understand that Doomer Doug caught the tail end of the President’s Day sale, like the 17th. This means I got the no disaster, no factory shutdown, and no workers refusing to show up for work price of $399, along with a quoted price of $49 for an additional 8 MB memory, from 8 to 16. The $399 was the price last week, and today the computer price, it’s a Idea pad L340 series laptop by the way, is $529. Further, the additional 8 MB of memory went from Office Depot doing it for $49, to Lenovo doing it for $131, and finally, the price of the two year warranty last week was two years for $69, and now it is two years for $139. I warned you all to buy anything you need from China back then. Well, now it is too late. The price has gone up. For the math challenged, my computer, 8 additional memory and two year warranty that cost $517 last week, now cost $799. Yep, the memory goes from $49 to $131, and the computer goes from $399 to $517, and the two year warranty goes from $69, although I paid $89 this afternoon, to $139. The ability for China to make, produce, transport and ship computers has been significantly impacted by the virus. Whatever happens medical wise, hijos and hijas,  we are looking at massive price increases. And I got the next to the last Lenovo Laptop, since the only other one they had, besides mine, was also sold last week, and the ONLY ONE OFFICE DEPOT HAS, at least in the downtown Portland store, is a display model. Yep, guys and gals, now you see why Trump is not only going to impale himself on “Peace in our time,” or have his famous economy detonate in his face. And yes indeed, this is NOT, REPEAT NOT, the time for a mass mob visit to India. Sheesh. Other than that, I’m good and now will return to my Lenovo computer which is clearly engaged in a conspiracy with Microsoft to make the sign in, registration process as OBNOXIOUS as they can. Microsoft does stuff like that, which is why I HATE MICROSOFT, even before Bill baby started dabbling in bio warfare.


  1. Yep, I am 66 so it is semi road kill status for moi. This is a culling of the herd, gang. The dark lord is real, is making his move openly now, and I am praying truly brutal prayers now against him and his demons, who also exist and are fully operational in the world today.


    1. dmcintosh4. Seattle is under siege by Antifa, they have taken over 6 square blocks of Seattle! How are you holding up?


      1. Since I live in downtown Portland, I am doing fine. I have seen a lot of chaos down here, but I don’t really care at this point. We have got till the end of this year, if we are lucky.

      2. Since you haven’t posted anything lately and Antifa had attempted to try a take over of Portland also, was just concerned about you. Glad to hear you’re ok.

  2. I prayed they would get no foothold and they didn’t. In all the chaos prayer is lethal. I do not fight Antifa, I fight the demons, rulers and authorities in high places that empower them. Works so far😎


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