I find two things amazing as I lurch into 2020, watching in astonishment as events that would have been life altering, life changing, system shattering moments of chaos, merely bounce off into the ether, to be replaced by another event a previous generation would have been in crisis over. For us, Iran shooting missiles at our Iraqi bases, or the impeachment farce, which is a coup d’etat posing as an impeachment are now in the rear view mirror. And now we have, what I call the other ELE, extinction level event, with the first being Fukushima, and the second one being our very own global pandemic.

Fukushima having become background noise, we slowly expose our entire planet to toxic radiation, but with a global pandemic, oh we just kill ourselves off faster with that one. I will merely point out some obvious things, at least to me, about this viral pandemic we now face in all its viral glory. We know for instance that it really began on December 1st of 2019. Since we now this, we are certain that it has now completed several entire infection and exposure cycles lasting nearly six weeks now. Further, we know the local Chinese authorities knew all about this fact, covered it up, lied to everybody about the true scope and nature of the events involved.  The local knuckleheads did this out of fear, and the terror invoked by the kind of Communist Barbarian society they live in. They really didn’t want to tell their Emperor for Life that, in a scenario out of some Hollyweird movie, they sold the infected pigs off for a few yuan on the side, and started a process that will now doom many of us to death.

As hard as it for us here in the USA to believe, Emperor for Life Li didn’t realize what was happening down in Wuhan till a couple of days ago. He certainly didn’t know the disease infection cycle was ongoing, at least until he listened to the SARS expert who told him. Nor did Emperor for Life understand just how badly his Wuhan locals had messed up and created a global pandemic complete with unrestricted exposure, and literally tens of millions of Chinese in motion for the national festival. Further, he was faced with the bleak choice of brazenly lying about everything, which is SOP for any Chinese government, or doing the usual spin control, or, as he chose to do, a mix of “don’t worry, be happy,” and SEND IN THE FREAKING BULLDOZERS YOU MORONS.” Sometimes, gang it just doesn’t pay to be Emperor for Life.









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