The Great Washington, DC Chainsaw Massacre. 1-23-2020

Truly, the year of our Lord 2020 is coming out of the starting gate like a horse gone mad. However, I will concentrate on the ongoing farce known as the “Impeachment hearings,” although they are really just an ongoing coup d e’tat against our POTUS and represent the final collapse of the Marxist Democratic Party into Treason, Sedition, and clinical insanity. I tell people that in my view God, or the universe, or whatever, has a brutal sense of humor. This fact was confirmed for me as I set down to watch a Marxist Democrat Moron, aptly named Jason Crow, begin spewing all the crow the Marxist Democrats will need to eat when the vote is finally taken, and their acts of both Treason and Sedition crash and burn. At any rate, it is also clear the Democrats never heard of the 7 P’s, because if they did, the actual process wouldn’t have become the raving lunacy it has turned into. I wonder if the Marxist Democrats true plan was to bore people to death?

The seven P’s, of which we domestic terrorist, preparing types have a special affinity for, come from Britain’s SAS, ie their version of Special Forces. They stand for PROPER PLANNING AND PREPARATION PREVENTS PISS POOR PERFORMANCE.

Clearly, the Senate hearings were planned by Democrats who never heard of the 7 P’s at all. This ongoing coup attempt, not even slightly masked by the tidal wave of drivel spewing from the four stooges speeches, ie the crow I mentioned above, will soon impale itself on what I can only call the Marxist Democrat version of the 7 P’s. The Democrat version of the 7P’s is the 7D’s. I will speak plainly to my blog readers here. What I am now seeing,  besides all the other stuff, Iran, and the possible global pandemic, comes down the acts of both TREASON AND SEDITION by the other political party, the Marxist Democrats. In my opinion these acts come from people who aren’t Americans anymore. It is clear to me the near future of the USA is either Civil War Two, or mass indictments, trials and prison terms for the ENTIRE ruling class of the TRAITORS AND FOOLS now posing as the senior Democrat Party leadership: Pelosi, Schumer, Crow, Nadler, and Mr. Pencil Head himself, Adam Schiff. Yep, they are all going down for TREASON, or we will either have Civil War Two, or mass partition of the 50 states.

Finally, well the 7D’s go something like this, and are a good fit with the 7P’s. If you don’t do the 7P’s, then you end up doing the 7D’s.

So, without further fanfare, Doomer Doug gives not only my wordpress blog readers, but assuming Steve posts it, a wider audience that will appreciate my increasing lunacy, although these days it is hard to tell the difference. At any rate, since the Marxist Democrats really are traitors and clowns they deserve the following.

The Seven D’s stand for: The 4 Stooges, and all the other Marxist Democrat Traitors and Seditionists supporting the overthrow our current POTUS, will soon

DEBARK into a DARK, DANK, DREARY, DISMAL, DEPRESSING, DECAYING DUNGEON, where they will spend the rest of their miserable lives pondering their crimes.  

I would suggest, in honor of the 7P’s Britain has blessed this essay with, that the Marxist Democrats be sent to the Tower of London, but I understand the cells are being prepared for Harry and the modern version of either Mary Queen of Scots, or that Ann that Henry the 8th had whacked. Perhaps Gitmo will have room for them?

For those of you interested, I have three e books for sale on Amazon. The links are below. One of them, Ezekiel’s Islamic Confederacy, I wrote some 25 years ago, and in the light of recent events with Iran, make for an interesting read. The other two are science fiction, one, aptly enough, Day of the Dogs, about a solar flare, EMP type of event that has us all acting more crazy than normal. The final one, Strike Destroyer is Space Opera at its finest, especially the deranged teen aged Prince. Hmm, that didn’t go well.




  1. Well stated my friend. I agree 100%. All that is left is the downloading of bullets in the correct direction. We must figure out how to consolidate our efforts without using the WWW because it is no longer safe to discuss what must be done and to whom.


    1. Yes, download them now x 3 million per day until we have a clean slate. Don’t touch the poisonous refuse, the buzzards will come.


  2. Its all smoke-n-mirrors,Bread and Circuses to keep everyone looking away from What ‘They’ Know Is Coming.
    Something huge/devastating/World altering that has long been known was coming.
    The distractions get louder/more absurd/more outrageous and the weeks pass.
    No way we go back from this.A National Political Party has destroyed itself, treasonous acts by most everybody associated with it.Why?..Maybe because the Players know it wont matter?
    Think outside the box people.
    If that isnt the reason, they all went collectively insane.


  3. Wow, great article, hope you’ll write more. I think your right about 2020 being the year of our LORD’s return. One of many reasons why I believe the LORD is coming back to earth soon –
    If our LORD was born appx. 4 BC and HE was appx. 30 years old when HE started HIS ministry, that would be appx. 26 AD. Peter’s most important warning to us – ” But do not forget this one thing, dear friends: With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day. 2 Peter 3:8. Two thousand years later is 2026. If the final tribulation is 2300 days, we must subtract them which brings us to appx 2020.


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