Preparing for Civil War Two: Good Advice On Fortifying Your Villa 12-7-2019

It is a sign of how totally corrupt the USA now is, and how pathetic our military truly is, we can’t even prevent a direct attack on Pearl Harbor 79 years after the last one. It is also true that we all howled like wolves when our traitor in chief Obama let the Muslim terrorist Major Hasan shoot up Fort Hood in Texas, because he had disarmed the soldiers and created “gun free zones,” at our military bases. And yet, here we are again, at both Pearl Harbor and Pensacola, with disarmed soldiers being slaughtered. Of course, the usual crowd of Trump supporters, the same ones who trashed Obama for disarming the troops, don’t say a peep about how Trump failed to let them be armed. I mean, Marxist Democratic BS to the left of me, and Trump drivel to the right of me, and AG Barr, the clown, breathlessly announcing he will “indict” 8 government criminals. Well, gang, the IG report doesn’t even cover McCabe, or Brennan, or Comey or Mueller, so we get another layer of BS.

In the context of the above, a strong desire to retreat to your fortified villa, lay down a minefield, and set up some 50 caliber machine guns on auto sweep and shoot, is understandable. And if any of you have the moola to do that, here is some great advice from somebody who knows what they are doing. Beware of Zombies!

5 Bad-ass Perimeter Defense Lessons From A Vietnam Vet

Thank God you made it to your rural bug out location (BOL)! You almost didn’t get out in time before the Police State Metropolis you lived in had their National Guard soldiers shut down all further mass exodus from the quarantined city, with shoot to kill Iraqi War style road blocks on the last exits that weren’t already blocked by panicked mobs and burning piled up car crashes.

You get out of your bug out vehicle (BOV) and kneel down for a moment on the cool green forest ground in a soon to get very hot world, and give solemn thanks that you were granted the presence of mind and discipline to have your BOV ready to rock at a moment’s notice.

You will miss a few of the friends and neighbors you know you’ll never see again, and you’ll feel sorry for those who were trapped in their normalcy bias comfort zone and ignored the ominous but clear warnings. You will pray for them the first chance you get but right now you have another serious problem.

Beware of “Zombiez”!


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