A Miserable Thanksgiving is Looming for 2019

I don’t know why the process of passing a federal budget every autumn is such a chore for our mutant political class in that Sodom on the Potomac. We go through the same ole, same ole, after the fiscal year ends on September 30th. And here we are, again, with a budget extension that expires on November 21st, and with total political chaos unleashed in DC, with the impeachment farce, or the coup d’etat, to speak plainly ongoing. And so it is with mere days before Thanksgiving the USA now faces the ultimate political and constitutional crisis. One that could very well lead to Civil War Two, and Marxist Death Squads unleashed, with such Marxist Death Squads facing the armed militia looking to kick some Antifa ass. The result of that meaning the Marxist Democrats have turned into lunatics, even if they aren’t actually raving yet. This isn’t going to end well, of that Doomer Doug is sure.

First, we are facing a permanent case of global cooling that will lead to famine and mass freezing: the link is below.


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