Government Shutdown Likely on 11-21: American Economy slowing, California Burning, and Trump to be impeached 10-29-2019

Halloween, for those who understand these things, is a PAGAN RELIGIOUS FESTIVAL, and not merely a chance for children to extort candy from adults, although it is sold as that. The near total dysfunction of our political class, now combined with raving lunacy an a national scale means the US Government will, yet again, likely have to pass a continuing resolution to avoid fiscal collapse a few days before Thanksgiving. Further, the 2019 Federal Budget Deficit was One TRILLION FIAT DOLLARS, totaling some 22 Trillion and change now; finally, the US is, by any reasonable economic analysis totally bankrupt, has lost any ability to repay any of this debt. Of course, everybody knows this, apparently doesn’t care, and is waiting for the entire system to crash, as long as we don’t personally have to deal with it. In a little over three weeks the USA, besides dealing with a constitutional crisis, a political crisis, and a government shut down, will somehow lurch into the Holiday Season with an American economy slowing down to put it mildly. The link is here.

Trucking Slowdown Ahead Of Holiday Season Suggests Consumer Is Faltering


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