The Mother of All Political Crisis’ Is Now Upon Us

There are some statements that can never be taken back, nor can they be anything other than the catalyst of a tidal wave of chaos unleashed. I have to say, even by Trump’s usual in your face standards his comments today, openly accusing Obama of committing Treason in spying on his 2016 campaign , we have now entered the twilight zone. I was overseas, in Germany, and in the US Army, at a place called Baumholder with the 8th Infantry Division, when all of what I call the “Watergate S$%^^,” happened. I also remember reading a Time magazine in  the summer of 1974 where Alexander Haig was quoted, he was Nixon’s Chief of Staff, and would later become my NATO commander, commenting that he thought all this talk of a military coup was excessive. I remember thinking, what military coup? At any rate, now that Trump has openly said Obama is a traitor, and given the venom in the ongoing impeachment process, there can be no going back now. Either Trump will be impeached, or forced to resign, or Obama will be impeached, and then thrown in jail. The result of either of those options will mean that a level of political violence can no longer be avoided over the next twelve to eighteen months. In fact, this creaking, visibly collapsing political system can no longer be upheld, not when one half of the American people think Trump is a traitor, and the other half thinks Obama is a traitor. It will be decided in the streets, much like the Nazis and Communists did in Germany back in 1932. The blood will flow in fire and storm and that will be it. It is now headlined in bright red, as Drudge’s lead story. Got Ammo?

Trump accuses Obama of treason for ‘spying’ on his 2016 campaign


  1. Trump is not saying anything but the gospel truth, The satancrats are hell bent on destroying Trump and our country. The only thing stopping them from doing so, is Trump, God Bess You TRUMP ! Last man in America with balls.


  2. Stocked up on ammo when Obama was selected.If war comes it will be a purge against the communist democrats,liberal educators and media.


  3. When the socialist demorats act like a boil on American’s ass, it is time to excise it and clean out the wound of all the dead flesh, and they will become dead…….


  4. Obama might be prosecuted, but impeachment is reserved for current and active public executives, not retirees or those who’s terms have ended.


    1. I’m not sure whether he could or not. On the other hand, he could be stripped of any titles he was granted? However, my point is Obama’s supporters would burn the USA if Trump goes after Obama.


  5. WHEN WAR starts on the streets,OBAMA will come to the womens rescue,HE’LL call out the UNITED NATIONS,them the police gangs and chinese and russians will be glad to help him,hes a COMMIE bastard..and anyone with a drop of sense knows it,THE FEMA DEATH CAMPS will be over flowing for a while…they’ll go door to door searching for weapons KILLING all the cowards and their families who won’t fight,then the MUZZIES AND CHINESE will take over america…Everyone will get to see a lot of dead chickenshits….


  6. I will share a very authoritative position provided by Jesus in Matt.12:25: “every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation”. If the spiritual conspiracy to establish a global governance system succeeds, a system which seeks to destroy Israel and establish the biblical antichrist of Matt.24:15, Dan.11:31 and 2Thess.2:4 right after God’s two witnesses complete their ministry on Jerusalem’s temple mount, empowered by God will follow. This is then followed by the fall of Israel and the rapture before God’s wrath is unleashed against Satan’s forces and foolish men embracing their system and lies.
    This escalating conflict between the reprobate left and the right is indeed spiritual at the base and imminently explosive. The prophesied daughter of Babylon, I contend is us, if the left gains full hegemony to deploy their insane positions. That would mean devastating annihilation right after the rapture of Jesus’ faithful. Look for the Zech.1:15-2:5 war and the end times Jerusalem and temple mount dividing covenant overall. Expect severe confrontation with the forces of evil in this country soon!


  7. Dear Doug,
    Duram’s report may very well likely start the fires of unrest in the USA. I hope you are prepared in Portland. Prepers have been talking about what is about to go down for a long long time. It looks like doomsday will come when that report drops. It might actually say Obama was involved. Even if it only goes up to Brennan or just charges Mccabe, Strazoc, page or any others in the “small group” these crazy liberals will flip out. They have already got school kids skipping school to participate in fake climate change and anti 2nd protests. I see this getting ugly. What are your thoughts on how it will go down? Let’s say Duram drops the news that Obama is guilty of treason on next Friday 01/11/2019? How does it go off? Personally I think the deep state satanic communists will use WMD in a major city like San Francisco or Seattle before they let themselves be brought to justice.
    Best regards,


    1. Well, I personally hope things hold together another six months at least, so I can get my share of my 98 year old Dad’s estate! But yeah, my gut is telling me that we will, all of us, might not make it another six months, given the speed and amount of global chaos now underway. If I make it, I make it, and if I don’t, I don’t.


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