Erdogan won’t hold back now. 10-21-2019

We had a 4.6 Earthquake this morning, six miles deep, and 132 miles off the Oregon Coast at Coos Bay. The Cascadia Subduction Zone is in motion, and despite everything I write about here, nukes in play, a raging lunatic in Erdogan and the ongoing Constitutional chaos Pelosi and Trump are engaged in, in about five minutes of shaking life will simply collapse here in CONUS. So, like Gollum, we dance on the edge of Mount Doom, too distracted to realize the bubbling lava is one false step away. Trump, well nobody seems to care if we have become a nation of people who stand by and let our allies be slaughtered. I actually got banned at timebomb, since they are still drinking the Trump Kool Aid, no matter how many Kurds are being raped and have their heads cut off. Erdogan now tells us he is discussing things with Assad Junior, which is total BS, given the level of hatred between a shia leader, Assad Junior, and a Sunni leader absolutely committed to reestablishing the Sunni Ottoman Empire. Israel is in chaos, Russia is moving its chess pieces, and Iran is quietly arming Hezzbollah, taking over Iraq and waiting for the so called cease fire to end. It looks like others are starting to figure out what I have; namely, Erdogan is going for broke now.


Erdogan’s Ambitions Go Beyond Syria. He Says He Wants Nuclear Weapons.


  1. Doug,
    Do not the lovable Kurds have communist ideology at their political core? Regardless my kid does not need to die in shitty Mesopotamian for them. I’m sad to say that the old fart Mormon Freemason owner that kicked you off TB2k was right in doing so. Anyway I love your blog but this time you are wrong. TB2k is dead anyway and your better off without them. Sorry to be harsh.


    1. Well, I am a US Army Vet, back in the 1970’s so the visuals on US special forces troops cutting and running in the middle of the night brings back memories of loading people on Huey skids on the embassy roof. Second, KURDS DIED DUE TO TRUMP’S ACTIONS. So, he has blood on his hands. Personally, I no longer think the USA is going to make it through the next decade or so. I’m more interested in buying ammo than political doctrine at this late stage of system collapse.


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