Gunfire in Portland part two: Trump now doomed by Erdogan’s use of Chemical Weapons 10-18-2019

The following is what I have gleaned from the pathetic Portland Police, and media reports dealing with the death of one Antifa type thug last Saturday. It isn’t much, and comes down to either a right wing hit on Antifa, or a gang banger initiation gone wrong, and like Las Vegas we may never really know.

The link below is to some brutal pictures showing what Erdogan is really up to in Syria. It is brutal, so consider yourselves warned. Trump is doomed now, and he will be either forced to resign, be impeached, or rendered unable to do anything for his final year in office. All of Erdogan’s blood, his raping, his murdering is all on Trump for his spineless, gutless, feckless “withdrawal.”

Hard to view pics be warned

Trump is now doomed by the “one picture is worth 1,000 words,” mantra.…rns-Syria.html

‘Dad stop the burning, I beg you’: Horrifying footage reveals badly-burned Kurdish children in Syria amid claims Turkey is using banned weapons such as napalm and white phosphorus

Kurdish forces claim NATO-member Turkey is using banned weapons in Syria

Horrifying video shows Syrian child being treated in hospital for severe burns on his body, which expert says appears to be caused by white phosphorus

Pictures also show another boy with the skin on his head and face burned away
Images taken before Mike Pence agreed a ceasefire deal with Turkey Thursday

By Chris Pleasance for MailOnline

Published: 04:31 EDT, 18 October 2019 | Updated: 08:04 EDT, 18 October 2019

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The latest is from this Willamette Week article on it. It is from the October 16th, 2019 newspaper, and yes it is a physical newspaper in steel boxes, on page 7. It is also likely on their online paper version, but I haven’t read that in years.


This Antifa thug is portrayed in the spin and fluff piece as an “antifascist,” who spends most of his time, dressed in his pajamas, at 0300, looking up the home address of various “right wing fanatics,” presumably so he can dox them. He was a regular patron of the uber famous antifa bar and hang out site, which has been the physical location of riots between the antifa thug and proud boy “right winger types,” including the “Proud Boys,” some of whom are facing FELONY RIOT CHARGES, plus other incidents. However, Antifa supporting owner denies it was a hit.

Th article then lists the “three mysteries,” of this Heroic anti fascist type.


The verdict is although the “right wing,” is fixated on the Cider, because “right wing organizers,” face not only felony riot charges, but a one million dollar lawsuit for a may 1st riot there. All of the anti fascists, the bar owner and the PPD say they don’t know the motive, but it was not related to “fascist activity.”

PPD is investigating the death as a homicide, but not as a premeditated murder. The PPD turned up a homeless person, sleeping nearby for the last two weeks, who indicated it was a road rage type of thing. The fact of using a homeless person, who BY DEFINITION IS AN UNRELIABLE WITNESS IS APPARENTLY LOST ON THE INCREASINGLY FECKLESS PPD. Besides, what can you expect from a police department led by somebody named Chief Outlaw.

Therefore I rate this “witness statement,” as not valid for court testimony due to the dysfunctional nature of the witness.


It is currently illegal to carry a handgun in the city limits of Portland unless you have a concealed handgun permit, and it us illegal to carry a loaded handgun in the city limits of Portland, again unless you have a CCW. Finally, whether you have a CCW or not, it is illegal to discharge a weapon within city limits unless you meet the standard of imminent threat to body and life. Now here is where the PPD again shows a level of incompetence that is astounding.

The scenario, or at least as much as the powers that be are admitting to goes something like this. Our heroic antifa thug, and some of his buddies, come out of the known Antifa thug hangout, the place where the anti fascist fascist riots took place, and engage somebody, somewhere in the vicinity of this bar. The reason they engage them is unknown, except for a “homeless type,” sleeping on the ground nearby who claims he hears things that indicate a road rage type incident. However, we have no idea what tirggered any of this. Next, the person in the first SUV, for some unknown reason runs over heroic antifa guy, and then there is an exchange of gunfire, by the antifa types buddies apparently, and the first SUV drives off, crashes into the Democrat HQ, and then everybody involved with that SUV vanishes.

Antifa boy is taken to a hospital where he dies, Two of his buddies, who likely discharged their weapons are ignored by PPD, The PPD fails to figure out who owns the crashed SUV despite six days and VIN, License plate DNA etc. Yep, loony time.

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