Trump’s Open to Impeachment now 10-10-2019

The US House of Representatives, under that ancient crone Nancy Pelosi, already has the votes to refer articles of impeachment to the US Senate. Up to today, I would have said that, even if a referral was made, it would wither away much as the 1998 “impeachment of Bill Clinton,” withered away. After Trump’s disgusting betrayal and abandonment of Syria’s Kurds to rape and murder by NATO member Turkey, I am not so sure. If nothing else Trump will be remembered as not only the US President who sanctioned a NATO member troops raping and murdering their way through Kurdish areas in Northern Syria, but the one who finally ended the long running farce called NATO. NATO being a military alliance where the US pays nearly all of the annual budget, while the various European members, like Germany or Britain pay virtually nothing. At any rate, I expect Greece, which has hated Turkey since the Trojan War will soon petition to expel Turkey, since raping 9 year old Kurdish girls isn’t usually considered something NATO soldiers are allowed to do.

So, once Pelosi and her ilk of brain dead Marxist Stooges refer to Mitch the Bitch, who has already said he is a go on the actual impeachment trial, here is what will now happen. First, all the Ukraine stuff will vanish, and Trump will then be held accountable for Turkish war crimes that he enabled. Finally, well you have 45 Marxist Democrats, 2 Marxist Independent Senators, and 53 so called Republicans, of which some 11 RINOS, ie Republicans in Name Only just voted to reverse Trump’s border executive order. Well, 47 plus 11 is 58, which means you need nine more to get 67. Well, another 9 RINOS won’t be as hard to get once the pictures of dead Kurdish girls start to show up on Youtube.



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