CIA Commits High Treason Against POTUS in Impeachment Farce 9-28-2019

I will further refine my “Impeachment of Trump is Treason,” essay from the other day, so my blog readers have no illusion on the imminent outbreak of Civil War Two, assuming the Marxist Democrat SCUM, and their Deep State child raping elite, aren’t thrown in jail to await summary execution for their attempted overthrow of both Trump and the 2016 elections. In order to make things clear I will just point out that what has been called the “Deep State,” which is the armed wing of the Global Pedophile Elite, as pimped by Epstein, has for the last two plus years engaged in systematic TREASON in their various attempts to “get” Trump. And make no mistake about it, they are not going to stop, because they can’t, which is why the CIA came up with brazen TREASON in the “whistle blower” report. In my previous post I pointed out the lies, the various assorted BS involved in the Marxist Democrats beginning the “official” impeachment process in the US House. In case any of you think I am making this CIA stuff up, please go to this link.

Intel community SECRETLY LOOSENED whistleblower rules, JUST before Ukraine accusations!

Soooo this is a little kinda suspicious. According to the Federalist, the intelligence community loosened the standards for whistleblowers just before the Ukraine claims dropped.

Between May 2018 and August 2019, the intelligence community secretly eliminated a requirement that whistleblowers provide direct, first-hand knowledge of alleged wrongdoings. This raises questions about the intelligence community’s behavior regarding the August submission of a whistleblower complaint against President Donald Trump. The new complaint document no longer requires potential whistleblowers who wish to have their concerns expedited to Congress to have direct, first-hand knowledge of the alleged wrongdoing that they are reporting.

My comments resume below.

All of that formal stuff, ie the vote to begin the “impeachment investigation,” is also TREASON and subject to arrest and hard jail time. However, given the open perjury on display in the “hearings,” the Marxist Democrats we are looking at the political version of a bar brawl. Further, now that the CIA has been caught engaged in Sedition, which is advocating, and engaging in actions to overthrow the elected US Government, ie Trump, the grenades and K-Bar knifes need to come out. The CIA has engaged in TREASON and is guilty of multiple FELONIES. Granted, a whole lot of Marxist Democrats are right in there in the TREASON department with the CIA, but it is the CIA in the target zone now. Besides being engaged in the whole Russian election garbage, along with a bunch of charges against Trump, like having Russian escorts urinate on him, well you get the idea of the hate directed towards him.

The CIA used active duty CIA people to create the perception Trump was involved in bullying the Ukrainians, and also the CIA covered up the Biden Crime Family and their total corruption related to energy development, with both Dad and his coke snorting offspring, At any rate, the CIA also modified the whistle blower form, and did a whole lot of other stuff designed, in conjunction with the whore, fake news media, and the increasingly lunatic Marxist Democrats, to lead to the impeachment of President Trump. The fact that Biden engaged in a truly staggering amount of corruption, which I guess doesn’t bother the CIA, the DOJ, or that lump of an FBI Director Wray, isn’t too surprising to me.

If Trump doesn’t IMMEDIATELY, AND I MEAN OVER THE NEXT 90 DAYS, BEGIN TREASON TRIALS FOR SENIOR CIA OFFICIALS HE IS ROAD KILL. Trump’s role as CIC, ie Commander in Chief, allows him to fire anybody in the CIA he wants to. I wouldn’t hold back, President Trump. I would begin a truly brutal purge of every single TRAITOR in the CIA, the FBI, and the DOJ.

It has taken far too long, but it is finally, after nearly 3 years of abuse from the “never Trumpers,” pulled the wool from our eyes in terms of how evil our enemies truly are. It is up to Trump to defend himself. It is up to us to defend ourselves. If Trump doesn’t have the cajones to order the IMMEDIATE ARREST FOR TREASON OF ALL SENIOR CIA OFFICIALS THEN YOU CAN KISS AMERICA GOOD BYE. I also have no personal problems with summary executions for senior CIA officials either. Treason is a death penalty offense after all.

The CIA employees who set this whole Ukrainian thing up, right down to altering the whistle blower form so it would be easier to get into the fake news media, and allow the TRAITOR DEMOCRATS to have their stab Trump in the back moment. Of course, all the RINOS, like that CRETIN ROMNEY jumped on the TRAITOR bandwagon. Unless the CIA officials do the perp walk, and start wearing orange jump suits, there will be no hope for the USA. It was the Roman Cicero who pointed out that a society can outlast its clowns and fools, but not its traitors. Trump will deal with this CIA Treason, or else he will not only be murdered, but will deserve to be. After all, if Trump, and all of us, don’t get, by this time, just how brutal, vicious and evil our opponents are, if you don’t get/understand, blog reader, that “they” intend to KILL YOU AND YOUR FAMILY, AND DESTROY EVERYTHING GOOD, AND TRUE AND JUST IN AMERICA, well then just sit back, watch your World Wide Wrestling match, and wait Marxist Death Squads to hunt you down. We are now dealing with a CIA supported Communist Revolution, and since that is the case, and since the revolution is led by Epstein’s child raping elite, we owe them NOTHING.



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