The NeoCons Prep for Middle East War 9-20-2019

I knew when Trump fired Bolton the blowback would be brutal, and so it has. Trump, whose instincts are usually pretty good on America playing Global Rent a Cop, has now taken a step over the Rubicon that will have profound impacts on the USA for some time into the future. Despite George Washington’s famous “Avoid foreign entanglements,” the American Empire now has military forces deployed into 138 nations, including several, like when we had a Special Forces soldier killed in some African country nobody in Congress knew we had troops in.  So much for “citizen’s soldiers.” Suffice it to say, once US troops are in Saudi Arabia, they will not be leaving anytime soon. The simple reason is it will be an open ended combat deployment and the “threat,” will never, repeat never, cease, unless we engage and destroy Iran. Of course, to take out Iran, you need to take out both Russia and China. The Neo cons wanted their war, and despite Trump’s best efforts they will get it. The stench of being in close cahoots with a seventh century, Muslim fundamentalist, fascist state, apparently doesn’t bother Imperial America at this point. The Legions are going, and that is all there is to it, gang.

The Link is here.

JUST IN: Pentagon to Deploy Troops to Saudi Arabia After Drone Attacks on Oil Sites

President Trump on Friday approved the deployment of US forces to Saudi Arabia after last weekend’s drone attacks on the oil sites.

“The president has approved the deployment of U.S. forces which will be defensive in nature and primarily focused on air and missile defense,” Defense Secretary Mark Esper said at a presser on Friday.

It is unclear how many troops will be sent.

“As the President has made clear the United States does not seek conflict with Iran. That said we have many other military options available should they be necessary,” Mr. Esper said.

More from Defense Secretary Mark Esper:


  1. On the Neckar River, near Nelligan Barracks, Stuttgart Germany.. 1973.. I remember it well, when you’re 19 and you have a great chance of not seeing Christmas it kinda sticks with you.. rousted from bed one bleak morning, drawing weapons and live rounds, then taking to our wartime field site somewhere in the south of Germany.. Nixon seemed determined to help Israel get us Nukified. I’ve been waiting for the next act from this insane governments ploy on Dancing With Nuclear China/Russia game. Thank goodness the criminal GHWB and his lackey Clinton crime regime helped level the playing field for those Eastern Powers. Great lovers of all things good and white Christian men I’m pretty sure they are gonna love getting here and raping the last of our un-irradiated natural resources, carting off our women, enslaving and having fun with who may still be standing and then laughing at us while they piss on our graves and play Mahjong and drink Vodka with their Russian allies while watching DVD versions of Red Dawn (with subtitles of course), either release. Strap it on folks, this changes soon…


    1. Yeah, when I got to Germany on December 13, 1973, I was told they combat deployed into the German forest, including live nuke warheads when the Russians threatened to drop an airborne division into Jerusalem if Moshe Dayan wiped out the Egyptian Army they had encircled in the Sinai. I have to say I have the same type of feeling I had back then. If it doesn’t light up by Christmas I will be amazed. Might even go by Halloween too.


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