War in the Middle East? 9-17-2019

The West, and Trump have few options available to them without essentially destroying the Western Economy.

One: The “West,” ups their game in Yemen, takes the Iranian proxy forces, the Shia Houthi tribe, and kicks some serious Houthi butt. The problem is the USA/NATO would have to commit, honest to GOD, GROUND COMBAT TROOPS, since our “allies,” the Saudi Arabian Military couldn’t, as one of my drill instructors put it, “Fight their way out of a rubber.” Ouch.

Two: The West, NATO, Saudi Arabia the USA can pound the CRAPOLA of Iranian missile bases, naval bases, oil refineries etc. The problem is you go to a HOT WAR INSTANTLY. Iran, closes the Strait of Hormuz, unleashes its global sleeper cells, etc.

Three: You go the Gulf War One route, with a UN mandate yada yada yada The problem is Iran then seals the Strait of Hormuz and CHINA FREAKS OUT AND STARTS KICKING SOME SERIOUS US ASS.

The bottom line here, is there are no good options, here, and not even any mediocre options, except pounding the living F$%%^^ out of Yemen, which will again lead to Iran closing the Straits of Hormuz.

The powers that be will at least try to keep things tamped down till the Christmas retail season is finished. 2020 is going to be a wild ride for sure.

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