Ohio Pedophiles Taken Down 9-14-2019

The one thing I find truly fascinating about the Deep State is the feeble efforts they make, from time to time, to give the illusion of a functional legal and political system. Obviously, in the post Epstein America, the level of corruption is beyond description. Still, we are dealing with multiple elements in the Deep State, with various agendas, multiple operational abilities and assets, along with differing cultural values. Indeed, some elements of the American Deep State actually are making a credible effort to “out” the Globalist Child Raping and Elite Pedophile Groups managed by Epstein, and others are trying to protect them. This is why you have one Pedophile Group waltzing into a maximum security Federal Prison, “assisting” Epstein to “committ suicide,” and then waltz out past the sleeping guards. And now we have yet another Deep State group that just vaporized over 100 child raping, sexual deviants, and assorted scum, under the full wrath of Iris Dei. I have to say perhaps some elements of the globalist Deep State have been reading Doomer Doug, come to the conclusion I am serious when I talk about Iris Dei, ie the Wrath of God, and decided to throw some small fry in Ohio onto the altar and look like the powers that be care. Again, they don’t and if you don’t get anything out of all my posts here understand that the USA is now fully, completely and totally led by a child raping, globalist, Pedophile elite. Trump isn’t a part of it, and elements of, even some in the FBI, and DOJ, are fighting it, here and there. However, the evil is everywhere now, and the context of my life, your life, and “life as we know it here in the USA in 2019, is that of what a nation that rejects the spirit and suffers the consequences of doing that. You will seek but not find wisdom since you rejected it. Any of my blog readers who think Trump is going to “save us,” need to understand the only legally sanctioned death penalty in the New Testament is where Jesus said, “It would be better for a child abuser to have a 1,000 pound millstone tied around their neck and then be thrown into the ocean.” And that is the true context of EVERYTHING that is now happening in the USA today. We will not be saved, and instead will pay, pound for pound, inch for inch for how we treat our children. Do with that what you want, but understand the Holy Spirit no longer protects the USA, and it is this FACT that shows why we are in effect a punching bag for our enemies and why they have been given full ability to beat the living #%%% out of us. So, prepare yourself for true evil, from our domestic sources, like the 10 Marxist morons, or Iran, which, like Assyria and Babylon was chosen to bully ancient Israel, has been given a free hand to F#%^^^ with the USA endlessly, and with full immunity. Yep, when America rejects Wisdom, and Wisdom then rejects America, you end up with M-13 Gang members running around CONUS butchering people, for the simple reason we are BLIND here in CONUS.


104 arrested in massive central Ohio trafficking, online child sex sting



COLUMBUS, Ohio – More than 100 people have been arrested in a massive human trafficking and internet sex sting.

Among those charged – a medical doctor and a church youth director.

The operation focused on three central Ohio counties: Franklin, Fairfield, and Delaware.


My Comments are below.

The general rule is sex with a child 12 or under is considered child abuse, pedophile, etc. Children, teenagers, between 13 and 17 are considered to be child abuse if the sex is between a person who is five years difference in age, say a 21 year old boy have sex with his 16 year old girlfriend. The Roman Catholic priests come into the child abuse category because they are 40 years old when they have sex with a 15 year old altar boy. Finally, the possession of Child Porn, ie pictures, videos etc of children under the age of 18 having sex done to them, or doing it to adults, or other children is an absolute felony in all 50 current US states.

It sounds like these sex perverts were nailed for contacting children, all of them either under 13, or 19, and then trying to set up a physical meeting, for the purpose of engaging in various sex acts with a minor. And yeah, they are going down HARD, just like they should. Personally, the legal doctrine here in the USA is evolving towards a life sentence given to ANYBODY who engages in, tries to engage in, or makes any effort to do so, contact, etc any child 13 or younger. I think Nevada does that, and it should, in my opinion, be made a Federal law.

This particular case also confirms, for the umpteenth time, that you can never delete anything from the Internet, nor, are you ever “anonymous,” nor, can “they” fail to track down everything you EVER POSTED ONLINE EVER.

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