Epstein: The Gift that just keeps giving 9-11-2019

Here on 9-11, which is not only the date “some people” flew planes into the World Trade Center, but also the date the Ottoman Empire stormed the gates of Vienna, Austria in 1683, we should remember that Militant Islam hates us, our rulers are elite pedophiles who are bringing down IRIS DEI on all of us, and in a word, it is all downhill from here.

However, it still seems to me that our pedophile elite took down Epstein because he not only liked 16 year old girls, but, as the link below shows, he really liked 11 year old girls too.  And we wonder why disaster after disaster is being unleashed upon America, when our ruling elite are sex perverts, scum, liars, cheats, frauds and I’m being nice too!

Clearly, the CNBC source is full of Marxist Drivel, smears Trump and goes light on Bubba and his vile witch Hillary, but the fact it is even being reported tells me the “elite,” is now seriously freaking out, having bought off the DOJ, FBI and NSA, with some leakage. Barr’s ranting and raving aside, he isn’t going to list the real big boys and girls Epstein played with,


Girls who appeared to be 11 to 12 seen with Jeffrey Epstein getting off his plane in 2018 as authorities eyed his travel abroad

Key Points
  • An air traffic controller saw financier Jeffrey Epstein getting off his private plane in the U.S. Virgin Islands with girls who appeared to be 11 to 12 years old in 2018.
  • A registered sex offender with a known penchant for young girls, Epstein committed suicide in a federal jail in August while awaiting trial on child sex trafficking charges.
  • Epstein was a former friend of President Donald Trump and former President Bill Clinton.


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