Epstein road kill, and all hell about to break out. 8-11-2019

First, the convicted pedophile did not “hang himself.” Epstein is another in a long line of “assisted suicides,” ie CAN YOU SAY ARKANCIDE? Bill Clinton is NAMED ON THE FLIGHT LISTS AS A PEDOPHILE WHO ROUTINELY RAPED 14 YEAR OLD GIRLS. And now Epstein is dead, in the second suicide attempt. We are told that the prison authorities violated internal monitoring procedures, well DUH. We are told the DOJ has begun an investigation into Epstein’s death; again, WELL DUH. I mean I told you all that Epstein was a DEAD MAN WALKING THE SECOND HE WAS PUT IN PRISON. Well, gang, this brazen murder is too big to cover up, and the tidal wave of pedophile related fecal material is now beyond the Deep State’s ability to manage it. The links, the first to the Epstein story, and the second to the surge in buying of guns, are below.


Gun Sales Surge After Mass Shootings, Trump Gun Control Promise

“People are realizing that even a trip to Walmart isn’t safe these days.”

n the wake of the shootings in Dayton and El Paso, and ahead of potential gun control legislation being enacted by President Trump, firearms sales have surged, as Americans look to protect themselves.

The Washington Examiner reports that gun shops are seeing an uptick in business, particularly from first time buyers.

“While we have seen a measured rise in sale of certain tactical rifles and accessories this week, most customers are looking for concealed carry handguns,” said Justin Anderson, Marketing Director of Hyatt Guns in Charlotte, N.C.

“Just this week we have fielded hundreds of calls from people that have never purchased a gun before. Our concealed carry training classes are filling up quickly.” Anderson added.

“People are realizing that even a trip to Walmart isn’t safe these days and they want to be able to protect themselves.” he continued.

“Remember that nothing stops a lunatic bent on carnage better than a law abiding citizen with a gun. I continue to urge people to get a gun, get trained with that gun, and carry, always,” he added.

FBI Figures show another jump in purchases and background checks, with the National Instant Criminal Background Check System showing that 2019 is likely to be the second biggest year since 2016, when sales soared in anticipation of Hillary Clinton winning the election.


Jeffrey Epstein’s guards ‘did NOT check his cell according to procedure’ the night he hanged himself – as pictures show his body being wheeled into hospital amid outrage he has escaped justice

  • Jeffrey Epstein was found hanged in his prison cell at Metropolitan Correctional Center on Saturday morning 
  • Source has claimed guards at the jail did not follow procedure and check inmates every 30 minutes overnight
  • Epstein, 66, was briefly hospitalized on July 24 after being found semi-conscious on the floor of his jail cell
  • He had been removed from suicide watch by the time of his death, which has sparked widespread anger
  • AG Will Barr has ordered both the FBI and the Inspector General to open investigations into death
  • Suicide comes 24 hours after court documents were unsealed implicating powerful men in sex scandals

Guards at Jeffrey Epstein’s Manhattan jail did not follow procedure and check on prisoners every 30 minutes the night the pedophile took his own life, a source has revealed.

The former financier, 66, was found hanging in his prison cell shortly before 7am and was rushed to nearby New York Presbyterian-Lower Manhattan hospital where he was pronounced dead.

A photo has emerged of the pedophile’s body being wheeled into hospital on a gurney.

The source told the news agency that two jail guards at the Metropolitan Correctional Center are required to make separate checks on all prisoners every 30 minutes, but that procedure was not followed overnight.

In addition, every 15 minutes guards are required to make another check on prisoners who are on suicide watch.

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