God Bless POTUS Trump! He is going after the pedophiles. 7-14-2019

I have my issues with our POTUS Trump. He can be annoying, but he is putting conservative judges on the Federal Bench, pounding the Marxist Democrats into mush, and, most importantly, taking names, and kicking ass, of the pedophile elite. The thing is, it is personal with Donald Trump. He is, above all else, a man who loves adult women, granted he can come over as a 17 year old punk, rating women in a boy’s locker room. Still, the man truly loves women, and he respects family values, even if he doesn’t apply them very well. In that, he is like General Patton, praying for God to change the “godamn weather.” Trump is what he is, and what he is, in his better moments, the kind that make you forget when he is acting like a 17 year old boy, is a man who is completely offended at the very idea of a man abusing a woman, much less a child or teenager. Trump gets the link between the elite pedo rings, and he is going after them, because he understands that this the moral thing to do, and because he understands it will take down the whole rotten bunch of them: The Clinton Crime Cabal, George Soros, the Jewish Nazi War Criminal, the whore news media, the Facebook fascists, and the rest of the antifa thugs as well. It is a Gordian Knot, gang and if you cut the pedo ring all of it comes undone and the entire sleazy USA comes pouring out, much like the pus when you pop a zit. And yeah, isn’t that a great picture to have in your mind. !

Pray for our Potus, now engaged with the forces of evil on high, and pray you survive the ongoing judgment now being unleashed here in CONUS.

Again, if you don’t think the USA is under IresDei, then just watch the daily headlines roll over you. The USA is being overwhelmed, hammered down by disaster after disaster. The latest is that Sodom on the Hudson, Manhattan, New York City, is now blacked out. It is game over for the USA.

Pedostein, a term I like, is going to collapse this rotten corpse called the USA. 7-13-2019

The increasingly frantic attempts by the powers that be, what I called the pedophile elite, are sensing their end. The facts coming out related to what Epstein truly is, and what this vile man has done, will not be covered up. It is inevitable for the simple reason the people have had enough. It is also a fact that these type of events come in cycles, and devastate any attempts to cover them up. We have not only the Epstein Scandal blowing wide open, but the Toronto, Canada pedophile server farm, with a staggering 60,000 perverts downloading literally millions of files, data, and child abuse pictures. Now that Trump is POTUS, he has unleashed his personal revulsion, and make no mistake here, Trump has known about the elite pedophile rings for decades now. The thing about Trump is he waits, stalks, and then pounces with lethal impact.

Back in the 1980’s, I was a security officer up here in the Portland, Oregon Zoo. One evening I was walking by the African Lion “exhibit,” and had the method of judgment confirmed for me. The lion exhibit had a three by three foot water pool there that the lions would use to cool off from time to time. As I walked by, a duck flew in, landed in the pool, and splashed around. I watched as this lion jumped about four feet, into the pool, with mouth wide open, and that was the end of the duck. I heard one snap of the lion’s jaws, one squawk from the duck, and one feather floating in the air. Now, that has stayed with me for decades for the simple reason America’s judgment will be just as fast, and just as brutal. It will be one snap of the jaw and it will be all over. At any rate, I see a direct connection between the floods wiping out the Midwest corn season, and the floods now hitting New Orleans. Again, for those dunces out there who don’t get it, just look at the facts here. It takes a flooding river, highest in 90 years, a Cat One Hurricane and its storm surge, and finally it takes massive rain. Add all three together and you end up with the disaster now unfolding in New Orleans. Sorry, but that is simply not normal, any more than all the spring rain was normal, or the earthquake swarms in California are normal. I look at all that, and I look at the rampant evil, yeah that is the word, and I see the connection. The links are below, including the ongoing Ebola epidemic that just keeps going and going.


“Massive Loss Of Life”: 3,500 Deaths As Simultaneous Ebola & Measles Outbreaks Hit Congo

Ires Dei: The first phase begins 7-12-2019

I think the Epstein “scandal,” will be the most devastating, political one in American history. I think this will be due the nature of the scandal, essentially the rape and abuse of children and teenagers, even if you don’t go down the road of Satanism, human sacrifice and all the other stuff, the “conspiracy theories, that don’t sound so crazy anymore. The evil at the core of the USA is beyond my comprehension, possibly beyond understanding, and when you look at what is going on here in Conus, then the word judgment comes to my mind. Think what you want, but any society that has now made the rape and abuse of children and 14 year old girls and boys a part of elite behavior should expect real time consequences.

I said the effects of the “Epstein Scandal,” would be lethal, and so the first KIA is Trump’s feckless Labor Secretary. Acosta made the sweet heart deal with Epstein, ie the one that let him skate on decades of jail time for less than one year. Good Riddance, you pedophile enabler scum, Acosta. Whether Acosta goes to jail or not, remains to be seen. The link is below.


Labor Secretary Acosta Resigning Amid Epstein Deal Blowback

Alexander Acosta said on Friday that he will be resigning from his post as Secretary of the Department of Labor as blowback from a 2008 plea deal he made with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Esptein intensifies.


Alexander Acosta said on Friday that he will be resigning from his post as Secretary of the Department of Labor as blowback from a 2008 plea deal he made with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Esptein intensifies.

President Trump announced Acosta’s departure as the two appeared on the White House lawn on Friday morning, just ahead of Trump’s campaign trips to Wisconsin and Ohio.

“I hate to see this happen,” Trump said, adding that he did not ask Acosta to leave the Cabinet. “This was him, not me,” Trump said.

Acosta said he didn’t want his handling of the Epstein case to distract from his work as Labor Secretary. “My point here today is we have an amazing economy and the focus needs to be on the economy job creation,” Acosta said.

He added that his departure would be effective in seven days.

Acosta became a prime target of Democrats after the arrest of wealthy financier Epstein on charges sex trafficking and conspiracy during the early 2000s based on new evidence. In 2008, Acosta was serving as U.S. attorney in Miami and he oversaw what turned out to be a sweetheart non-prosecution agreement for Epstein, who avoided federal charges, pleaded guilty to state charges and served just 13 months in jail.

Epstein, 66, reached the deal to “secretly end a federal sex abuse investigation involving at least 40 teenage girls that could have landed him behind bars for life. He instead pleaded guilty to state charges, spent 13 months in jail, paid settlements to victims and is a registered sex offender,” the Associated Press reported.

In the, “yeah we got our elite raping 14 year old girls and boys,” but that won’t have any impact out in the real world, we see Barry flooding New Orleans. The link is below. I would say a flood high on the river since 1927, some 90 years ago, would count, but that is just me.


Tropical Storm Barry floods New Orleans as Mississippi River is set to rise to highest level in more than 90 years and mandatory evacuations are ordered for at least 10,000 people as Gulf Coast braces for ‘dangerous’ hurricane conditions

  • Storm in Gulf of Mexico has officially become Tropical Storm Barry, and is expected to become hurricane
  • The storm dumped as much as eight inches of rain in three hours over parts of New Orleans on Wednesday  
  • Major flooding and potential storm surge prompted Louisiana Gov Bel Edwards to declare state of emergency
  • New Orleans’ historic French Quarter was also significantly flooded by the storm along Royal Street
  • The Mississippi River is forecast to crest at highest level since 1927 this weekend – more than 90 years
  • Mandatory evacuation issued 6am Thursday for as many as 10,000 people in Plaquemines Parish in Louisiana
  • Storm is set to deposit between 10 to 15 inches of rain on Gulf Coast from west Texas, through Louisiana coast
  • New Orleans has been hit by devastating storms before, including 2005’s Hurricane Katrina which killed 1,833

Bill Clinton going down part two 7-9-2019

Yep, the rock is being kicked over, and all the squirmy things are being exposed. The link is below


HUGE!… Pilot Logs Reveal ALMOST EVERY TIME Bill Clinton Flew on Epstein’s Lolita Express — UNDERAGE GIRLS WERE ON THE PLANE! (VIDEO)

Investigative reporter Conchita Sarnoff, the author of “Trafficking” on the Jeffrey Epstein case, joined Shannon Bream on Monday night to discuss the Jeffrey Epstein’s arrest.

During their discussion Sarnoff told Shannon Bream that Bill Clinton flew on the Lolita Express 27 times.

Then she dropped this BOMB!…

Sarnoff said that ALMOST EVERY TIME that Clinton was on the plane via the pilot logs there were underage girls on the plane.

Conchita said Clinton refused her request for an interview.

Conchita Sarnoff: I know from the pilot logs. And these were pilot logs that were written by different pilots at different times, that Clinton went, he was a guest of Epstein 27 times… Many times Clinton had his Secret Service with him and many he did not. Almost every time Clinton’s name is on the pilot log, there are underage girls.

Epstein and Clinton going down hard 7-8-2019

I think the dam of fecal material is now breaking wide open. Epstein has just been indicted on multiple, felon child abuse charges. After that, we will see Bill Clinton, and Prince Andrew indicted. And after that, the Deep State will be faced with the fact Epstein’s indictment relates to dozens of rape cases, with girls as young as 14. Oh yeah, gang this is the kind of thing that will take this perverted, rotten to the core US political system and expose it for all to see. The link is below.


BREAKING: Jeffrey Epstein Indictment UNSEALED — Accused of Sexual Exploitation of Dozens of Young Girls, Some as Young as 14

Prosecutors unsealed an indictment against billionaire financier Jeffrey Epstein on Monday.  The court accuses Epstein  sexually abusing dozens of young girls for years at one of the biggest mansions in Manhattan, paying them hundreds of dollars in cash for each encounter and hundreds more if they could recruit other victims.

As Zero Hedge noted, this is separate from last week’s order by the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals that documents in a defamation lawsuit against Epstein be made public, which may contain the names of high-level individuals.


Bloomberg reported:

A two-count indictment describing sex acts with girls as young as 14 was unsealed early Monday in federal court in Manhattan just hours after federal agents used a crowbar to enter Epstein’s townhouse. The charges of sex trafficking and conspiracy carry a minimum of 10 years in prison if he’s convicted. He is expected to make an appearance later on Monday and seek to be released on bail.

Mike Cernovich posted the indictment.

Pedophiles Exposed in Epstein Case 7-7-2019

What is hidden in the basement will be shouted from the rooftop, and what is hidden in a basket will be exposed. We are told the evil known as child abuse and molestation will have devastating results for those who engage in them. We are seeing this with the release of the Epstein files. The links are below.


REMINDER: Bill Clinton Took ‘At Least’ 26 Flights on Epstein’s Lolita Express and Ditched Secret Service

REMINDER: Bill Clinton Took ‘At Least’ 26 Flights on Epstein’s Lolita Express and Ditched Secret Service

Bill Clinton and Jeffrey Epstein

Florida billionaire Jeffrey Epstein was arrested on Saturday in New York for sex trafficking of minors, reported The Daily Beast.

NBC NEWS: Four sources with direct knowledge of the matter say that Jeffrey Epstein was taken into custody today in New York after arriving from an overseas flight.

He faces federal sex trafficking charges.

Reporter Yashar Ali believes there may be a second defendant in the Epstein case.


Prosecutor in 2019 Epstein Case Is Maurene Comey, Daughter of Fired FBI Director James Comey — Who Participated in 2017 Pussy Hat March

The response to Mayor Wheeler’s domestic terrorism has now begun in Portland, Oregon 7-3-2019

It didn’t take long for a bomb threat to be called in to Portland’s city hall. Nope, the Marxist terrorists now running both Oregon and Portland should have understood this. They should have understood that their brazen attempts to impose a Marxist Dictatorship in Oregon and Portland would lead to direct action response. At any rate, those who live by the sword will die by the sword. Antifa, and the entire political system that supports their domestic terrorism, should have figured that out, based on history of what happens to a society that slides into chaos and the law of the jungle.


BREAKING: Bomb Threat Closes Portland City Hall

Portland City hall was evacuated on Tuesday afternoon due to bomb threats.

This comes days after Antifa terrorists assaulted conservative jornalist Andy Ngo in the streets of Portland.

The Portland Police Bureau released this official statement:

On Tuesday, July 2, 2019, at 12:15 p.m., the Portland Police Bureau’s Central Precinct responded to a bomb threat call at City Hall, located at 1221 Southwest 4th Avenue. City Hall has been closed and is being evacuated due to an abundance of caution. The Portland Police Bureau is investigating the matter to determine the credibility of the threat. Information will be released as it becomes available. Please avoid the area while investigators look into the circumstances.

The Law of the Jungle 7-2-2019

The thin veneer of civilization is peeling away one layer at a time here in the USA. The thing the Marxists can’t seem to understand is Hitler was elected. They don’t seem to realize it was both the chaos of the Weimar Republic, along with the economic collapse called the Great Depression that created the conditions for fascism to thrive. As such, the blood is now on them when the citizens of the USA decide they have had enough and elect a dictator as POTUS. I find the fact they think Trump is that dictator to be a sign of their increasing dementia. If the rule of law collapses, then you get the law of the jungle. And when people conclude the current fading system can’t deal with the ongoing chaos they will elect people who will deal with Antifa, using, as Steely Dan put it: “When the dawn patrol tells you to move the second time, they will do it with a shotgun.”

The link below indicates the rule of law is now officially dead up here in the Marxist Republic of Portland, Oregon. As such, the hammer is going to come down eventually. I am saying that either the current system deals with the ongoing political violence, or the armed militia will. And when the armed militia does, it will lead to civil war two, and civil war two will lead to an elected dictator who will crush the chaos and impose a full dictatorship. And all of that is on the left in my view since they are creating the conditions for dictatorship.


HE LIED! Portland Police Release Statement – Claim Mayor Wheeler Gave Police Stand Down Order During Violent Protests

On Saturday afternoon Quillette gay Asian journalist Andy Ngo was beaten and robbed by several Antifa attackers at a Portland protest march.

Ngo was later hospitalized Saturday night with a brain bleed following the brutal Antifa attack as he covered dueling left-right demonstrations in Portland, Oregon, Ngo’s attorney Harmeet K. Dhillon said.

Harmeet Dhillon later accused Mayor Ted Wheeler of calling on police to stand down.

Syria boils over yet again 7-1-2019

I was in the US  Army back in October of 1973 when the Yom Kippur war kicked off. It was a lot closer to open warfare between the USA and Russia than many thought at the time. It is a fact that Syrian armored units penetrated the Golan Heights and came close to pouring into Northern Israel. They did not, and I got another several decades to live. The link below tells me that grace period may be up. The link is below.


A shocking night for Syria – Analysis

Airstrikes and active air defense across Damascus into the mountains near Lebanon and near Homs 160 km to the north awoke Syrians after midnight in the first hours of Monday.

By Seth J. Frantzman

July 1, 2019 09:26

Airstrikes and active air defenses across Damascus into the mountains near Lebanon and near Homs 160 km. to the North woke up Syrians after midnight in the first hours of Monday. It was the largest series of airstrikes many had seen in months or years, according to social media accounts tweeting from Syria or in touch with people on the ground.

Houses were damaged, soldiers and civilians were reported injured and killed. Explosions rocked areas around Damascus, primarily to the West and into the mountains.

Syrian state media SANA says people were injured and homes in Sahnaya – near Damascus – were damaged. But this is only one location, and as the full picture emerges, Syria’s regime and its allies in Tehran and Moscow will take notice. Over the years, Syria has accused Israel of numerous airstrikes and former chief of staff Gadi Eisenkot has said that more than 1,000 were carried out. However, the larger picture is that the Syrian government must wonder what the message is.