China is going critical mass 7-29-2019

While all of this stuff is going on here in CONUS, the judgments of God expressed in the tidal wave of natural disasters, and the ongoing social anarchy in all of our major urban cesspools, as well as the savage political atmosphere, it seems that China is now also going down hard. It is the judgment of history that totalitarian dictatorships, which is what China, not Taiwan, truly is, eventually reach the point where what I will call, “The Grand Deal,” crashes and burns. The “deal” the communist barbarians ruling China, after Mao died in 1976, was to trade political fascism for economic growth and a rising standard of living. In all honesty, the communist barbarian rulers of China kept that deal from 1980 to 2017 or so. The savage repression of 1989 was only possible due to the rising economic growth that kept the millions of the newly enriched middle class from joining the political dissidents in the streets. The ongoing chaos in Hong Kong is version two of this, only I view it in the context of the economic collapse of the “China deal,” as well as the historical freedom in Hong Kong, versus the communist barbarian part of China.

The Communist barbarians, under their new Emperor for life, are trying to now fully impose political fascism on a Hong Kong that has been relatively free for decades now, and they are attempting to do so in the context of the failure of the “deal,” and the ongoing collapse of China’s economy. Further, our dictator for life is now openly using Triad criminal thugs to attack citizens engaged in peaceful demonstrations. So, here is what is going to happen now.

First, the students and young people in Hong Kong have no reason at all to back off, much less down, against the fascist police state the Emperor for life is now imposing nationwide. The nature and extent of the fascism now being imposed on all of China’s citizen’s guarantees total chaos and anarchy. The next thing is China’s economy, which has been used to “buy off” the people so they don’t notice how brutal the communist barbarian government truly is, is now collapsing. A long list of reasons for this include Trump’s trade barrier and the end of the Great Western Betrayal of China’s people so Wal Mart, ie China mart, can import vast amounts of cheap Chinese crap. The deal the Western elites made with the Communist Barbarians was to have them buy up our debt, export a tidal wave of crap to us, and gut our middle class to the benefit of the Deep State. When you throw in some Chinese inmates being chopped up for body parts to sell, you realize just how truly corrupt the ENTIRE GLOBAL SYSTEM NOW IS.

The first link below tells me the economic con job for China is now over. It seems, and didn’t we see the total failure of the various rating agencies back in 2008, China’s version of Fitch, Moody and other companies that rate the credit worthiness of assorted Chinese companies and banks, have been, to put it bluntly, NOT TELLING THE REAL TRUTH OF THE STATUS OF UP TO ONE THIRD, YES ONE THIRD, OF ALL CHINESE COMPANIES AND BANKS. You see gang, this is what I call the shotgun suppository in economic terms. The Chinese people are not fools and realize exactly what kind of human trash they have leading them. Further, they have made the deal, assuming they can bail out in time. Sheesh, ain’t I heard that “market timing,” fecal material for decades now.

China’s Second Largest Auditor Accused Of Fabricating Data, Has IPOs Halted

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